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Isildur1 is still going strong

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Posted on 01 December 2009 by "T".

Isildur1 (a.k.a. The Unknown Swede) is still doing very well at Full Tilt's highest stakes, and it seems like he is here to stay unlike the other unknown Swede, Martonas. Last Saturday, Isildur1 took on Patrik Antonius and Tom "durrrr" Dwan and emptied both their accounts and ended up around $2,5 million plus. However, he lost a lot of those winnings to Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies in Omaha just a few moments later. It only took "Ziigmund" about 600 hands to take $1,5 million from the unknown Swede. Even though Isildur1 lost so much to Ziigmund", he was still $1 million dollars plus for the day.

Many people that have been following Isildur1 at Full Tilt poker can't understand why he's playing against Ziigmund when he's winning big against almost all other players? The answer for this question might be that the unknown Swede is looking for revenge and want to win back the money he has lost, or it might have something to do with pride? 

Tony G vs Isildur1
The most "interesting" heads-up match Isildur1 has played in the past few days has to be the one against Tony G. The Omaha heads-up game only lasted for 20 hands, then Tony G realized that he's playing in a lower division than Isildur1 and that he's not prepared for the swings at these high stakes.

"I jumped in the 300/600 on Full Tilt and lost about 30k or so and did not feel good about playing so I am out of those games but I wanted to try it to see how it feels and have played a few hands over the last five days but it is of no value for me right now; maybe another time"; Tony G wrote in his blog after the game against Isildur1.


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10 comments on "Isildur1 is still going strong"

 jevo01/12/2009 13:10:35 GMT

he played 14 hands vs Isildur1 and couldn't take the heat.

Strange little man...
 shokaku01/12/2009 13:22:17 GMT
Going strong?

I would not judge losing over two millions against Ziigmund and Antonius today as "going strong". As long as he can't take Dwans money, he will bleed his chips against the other regulars.
 ih8usukouts01/12/2009 13:31:05 GMT
Isildur1 (a.k.a. The Unknown Swede) ????

Tony G seems to know what he is up against and dare not to even try and attempt to tread water with this guy. I'll make a thread with some input on Ilildur1 to see if BRM members agree to some input Tony G has about him.
 potripgirl01/12/2009 13:32:09 GMT
Jep todays session was horrible....

I hope he got enough money from playing at SvenskaSpell and IPoker, and won´t be broke soon ...
 LaBaiz01/12/2009 18:32:57 GMT
wow, Isildur1 is like a famous poker player now, but yet still noone can 100% surely say who he is. Maybe some time later we'll find out.
 jonzinganja01/12/2009 18:48:17 GMT
Viktor Blom is his name , heh .
 brianto01/12/2009 18:55:48 GMT
joe cada's swedish cousin
 MANUEDO01/12/2009 20:31:24 GMT
I heard his real name is Viktor Blom.
And who's Viktor Blom ?
Sorry ofr ignorance but I never heard anything of him.
 ZmxPowah02/12/2009 07:12:12 GMT
I would like to ask someone who observe that guy.
From the start he lost rlly much but he won much either is he on plus? And if yes how much?
 SuperNoob04/12/2009 18:37:26 GMT
Posted by MANUEDO
I heard his real name is Viktor Blom.
And who's Viktor Blom ?
Sorry ofr ignorance but I never heard anything of him.

he's a famous player from ipoker network famous for his winnings on plo

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