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Aussie Millions: Day 2 - Two Girls in the lead!

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Posted on 22 January 2009 by "T".

The last few years more and more girls have realized what an amazing and enjoyable game poker really is. A few of them has been really successful and turned into pros. One of them is Annette Obrestad from Norway who has already won millions of dollars even though she is just 20 years old. Now she's on the second place in Aussie Millions with 454,800 chips. And on the first place we find another girl, Annica Ivert from Sweden who has dominated Day 2 and now has 555,900 chips.

320 players were still in the tournament as Day 2 started. Top 10 players from Day 1 a, b and c were.


Day 1 a Day 1 b Day 1 c
Christopher Chronis 175,375  Brett Daphne 120,250  Ben Charlton 161,000
 Patrik Antonius 139,750  Josh Malone 112,400  Luis Pampliega 143,600
 Noah Schwartz 138,275  Sam Vakili 106,300  Jani Mikkola 109,050
 Derek Cheung 132,800  Michael Toreniec 101,525  John Paul Kelly 104,500
 James Obst 122,075  Ali Ghezelbash 92,575  Tom Rafferty 95,000
 Elliot Smith 107,650  Erol Aygon 92,100  Mike Manttan 92,000
 Warwick Mirzikinian 103,575  Josh Onas 89,700  Michael Binger 86,000
 Jarred Solomon 101,775  Ivan Demidov 81,925  Bodo Sbrezesny 83,000
 Danny Andrews 98,825  Annica Ivert 81,575  Richard Ashby 83,000
Sorel Mizzi 95,575  Michael 'Timex' McDonald 80,675  Mark Phillips 81,850


What no one probably had expected was that 2 girls and an unknown player named David Docherty would dominate Day 2 of Aussie Millions. David had less than 10,000 chips when Day 2 started and turned it into 362,000 chips. Annica Ivert from Sweden brought 81,575 chips with her from Day 1b and had been playing very well so far in the tournament. She continued to play great poker during Day 2 and is now the chip leader. Annette Obrestad is a well known poker pro from Norway that has been winning a WSOP Bracelet and also been considered to be one of the best online multi-table tournament players in the world. Annette had around 45,000 chips when Day 2 started. Then she put in the second gear and turned her 45k into 454.000. Other notable pros that still are in tournament, Patrik Antonius (335,900), Noah Schwartz (255,000), Sorel Mizzi (190,000), Joe Cabret (117,000), Scotty Nguyen (54,000) and Joe Hachem (39,000)

Still in the tournament are now only 58 players with the chance of winning the first prize of AUD 2,000,000.

Annica Ivert 555,900 (picture)
Annette Obrestad 454,800
Rajkumar Ramakrishnan 388,200
David Docherty 362,000
Stewart Scott 348,000
Karl Bullock 347,900
Patrik Antonius 335,900
Michael Tureniec 332,000
John Paul Kelly 321,600
Will Zemljaric 308,000
Nhan Le 300,000
Antonis Kambouroglou 266,000
Noah Schwartz 255,000
Brett Daphne 252,000
Christopher Chronis 241,000
John Overbeek 220,000
Clonie Gowen 214,500
Christian Heich 210,000
Tino Lechich 195,300
Sorel Mizzi 190,000
Zach Gruneberg 188,500
Peter Rho 188,200
Harris Pavlou 185,000
Jarred Solomon 182,000
Antonio Casale 180,000
Martin Comer 180,000
Stefan Mattsson 178,000
Sam Capra 170,000
John Dalessandri 168,600
Ali Ghezelbash 168,000
Grant Levy 165,000
Steve Sung 156,200
Kelly Kim 155,000
Raymond Rahme 140,000
David Kruger 130,000
Richard Ashby 120,000
Joe Cabret 117,000
Hoi Cheung 109,000
Barny Boatman 105,000
Eric Stiglets 100,000
Tom Rafferty 100,000
Tom Pongrass 97,000
Michael McDonald 93,000
Dean McIver 90,000
Luke Abolins 90,000
Sam Khoueis 90,000
Manny Stavropoulos 84,000
Nali Kaselias 76,000
Jonathan Plens 64,000
Joel Dodds 62,000
Sam Vakili 62,000
Andrew Chen 58,000
Scotty Nguyen 54,000
David Sanis 52,000
Joe Hachem 45,000
Luis Pampliega 39,000
Matthew Vengrin 30,000
Daren Yoon 24,000

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11 comments on "Aussie Millions: Day 2 - Two Girls in the lead!"

 guille22xt22/01/2009 17:45:57 GMT
I alredy knew this, pretty amazing huh! Its nice how this girls can dominate a poker table, and i believe its harder to read them...
You are not just focused on poker if you know what i mean Tongue
 B1gfoot22/01/2009 17:53:10 GMT
Has any one ever known were they stood with a woman?
Thats what makes them so good, they can bleed without being cut and burry a stiff without a shovel. What chance does a man have.
Congrats girls, i can see anette taking this one.
 doomdy23/01/2009 09:30:26 GMT
Annica Ivert in the lead.
She is definitly not a poker babe Big Smile


Edit: Btw BRM again extremely slow 20/30sec to load a page Sad
 GeneYuss23/01/2009 11:06:31 GMT
She reminds me of a cartoon character from Wallace and Gromit

She reminds me of a cartoon character from Wallace and Gromit
 Calmplay23/01/2009 11:11:31 GMT
Posted by GeneYuss:
She reminds me of a cartoon character from Wallace and Gromit

She reminds me of a cartoon character from Wallace and Gromit

Lol agree too Smile Thumbs Up
 MrCasino200923/01/2009 11:19:25 GMT
guille22xt - sorry you are so WROOOONG
she´s so ugly yikes
 Calmplay23/01/2009 11:27:06 GMT
Posted by MrCasino2009:
guille22xt - sorry you are so WROOOONG
she's so ugly yikes

Lol okay, a bit harsh but I still agree there Smile Thumbs Up
 kokocz24/01/2009 20:54:22 GMT
OMG Smile Smile
 Calmplay24/01/2009 21:16:41 GMT
Omg for sure but unfortunately none of them made the final six = no woman win for 2009 Main Event of the Aussie ... Sad Thumbs Down
 shokaku24/01/2009 22:15:53 GMT
Posted by Calmplay:
Omg for sure but unfortunately none of them made the final six = no woman win for 2009 Main Event of the Aussie ... Sad Thumbs Down

So we have to play the final table without eye-candy. Blink
 Jaskosss25/01/2009 03:29:05 GMT
annette must be the most unliked woman in the pokerworld, why you ask? we dont know, we cant explain

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