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durrrr challenge: Tom Dwan's lead is getting bigger

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Posted on 23 December 2009 by "T".

Yesterday, it was finally time for another durrrr challenge session between Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Patrik Antonius. Lots of people rushed to their computers as 2 of the worlds best were about to play some real high stakes poker at Full Tilt. None of these people/spectators can have been disappointed with the action field game they got to watch.

During 7 hours, Dwan and Antonius played almost 2000 hands. And as usual when Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius play against each other -the swings were enormous. Many times during this session, Patrik Antonius was in the lead and seemed to have everything under control, but Tom Dwan managed to fight back and make some great plays and also overtake the lead. After that the session was over, Tom Dwan had won another $225k from Antonius. This means that after almost 30,000 hands, Tom Dwan is in the lead with almost $940,000.


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19 comments on "durrrr challenge: Tom Dwan''s lead is getting bigger"

 Tchungpo23/12/2009 11:59:04 GMT
Haha, Dwan is really one of the best... hard for Antonius to beat him. 30 K hands, Dwan is still best, thats nice !
Hope they will bring yet some more actions
 shokaku23/12/2009 12:11:29 GMT
Looks a bit like this one is decided. Still 20k hands to play, but a million is a lot money to win back. But Antonius can afford to lose this one.
 AA-Daelt-AA23/12/2009 13:08:48 GMT
saw that result on HSDB, i think patrick antonius still have his chances to come back, the swings are huge every sessions and 1M$ is not that hard to get back considering dwan won over 220k$ in only 2000 hands.
 racpxt23/12/2009 13:37:17 GMT
A little less than a million advantage? That's nothing. The challenge is just half way to the end, so anyone can win. Didn't Antonius won a pot big enough against Isildur to cover almost two times the disadvantage he has? It can happen something like that on durrrr challenge and give him the lead, or a similar pot can be won by durrrr and there I would agree with an almost game over.
 Davoodoo23/12/2009 14:31:48 GMT

I simply know Antonius will win this one because the good will always win in the end Big Smile
 Fakiry23/12/2009 15:45:05 GMT
Who would say this would happen, hein? Just a couple of months ago, Patrick was leading big and no one would give the minimum chance to durrrr, although both are extremely good and experienced players. Now things just got upside down, and Antonius is the one who needs to do something not to loose too much. What will still happen? We just have to wait and see.
 LaBaiz23/12/2009 18:20:28 GMT
Still my favorite is Patrik Antonious, but seems to me like he will not make it through this challenge.
 haarten8724/12/2009 00:03:54 GMT
durrrrr whats up with the name?
 XenOsky24/12/2009 02:00:53 GMT
Durrrr play at cash games is near to perfection
 dozn0124/12/2009 07:55:22 GMT
dwan who ?????
 Aggro66624/12/2009 17:24:42 GMT
durrr ? perfection? best ? luckbox nothing else, the view action I followed won the big pots with suckouts on river
 agusbazza24/12/2009 23:07:19 GMT
luckbow or not, i think durr will win at end
 Mazur25/12/2009 03:42:10 GMT
He is really lucky man to win 940 thousand! I do not even imagine the sum like this!
 ZmxPowah25/12/2009 08:50:18 GMT
Do you think they want to promote that Dwan is not a crap player (loosing to isildur back then all the time , didn't do anything nice from the time he join FTP) so they will show , a "nice fight" between them in the end but Dwan will win i think....

It will be staged , if not Dwan will loose.
 teteban26/12/2009 03:40:17 GMT
I'd have liked to see him lose the challenge by a landslide, but unfortunately I don't think Antonius ca reverse the situation. How Antonius got to lose so much against a crazy player like Dwan is beyond me
 SuperNoob26/12/2009 09:53:28 GMT
there's still a lot of hands to go, dwan has a big lead but the way they play the swings are too big and this lead might not prove enough in the end.
 robbs26/12/2009 23:41:18 GMT
durrr is a fkin callstation-luckbox.
 xxxbchxxx28/12/2009 07:14:35 GMT
Cool he has quite a bit of a lead going into the home straight.
I think he can keep the pressure on and bring this baby home. I think he is the better player and time after time it keeps showing this. Almost $1million up with 30,000 hands played, thats good going actually thats fooking fantastic i'd say.
 leroi2130/12/2009 02:01:27 GMT
durrr is back baby i cant wait to see wath he gonna do in 2010

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