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Phil and Lucietta Ivey divorce

Tags: full tilt poker, Lucietta ivey, phil ivey, tiger woods of poker.
Posted on 31 December 2009 by "T".

Its not only Tiger Woods who have problems with his relationship at the moment, but also Phil "Tiger Woods of Poker" Ivey who's leaving his wife, Lucietta. According to an american news site, Phil Ivey handed in the divorce papers on 22nd December and then he got his divorce request approved already on the 29th December. At the moment details on this divorce are very few and it might remain so as Phil Ivey and his ex-wife probably didn't have the same kind of problem as Tiger and Elin Woods.

Do you hope that american media will write much more about this divorce, or do you think that they should leave Phil Ivey alone and write about his poker instead? 

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37 comments on "Phil and Lucietta Ivey divorce"

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» Phil and Lucietta Ivey divorce

 SuperNoob01/01/2010 03:15:30 GMT
i think phil ivey's private life should be kept private.
hope this doesn't affect his poker life or he doesn't lose much money to his wife
 mrperfect01/01/2010 10:56:15 GMT
Wasnt he the Tiger Woods of poker? Who knows what dirty secrets are behind this accouncemnt. He lives is Las Vegas and thats where tiger had few womwn too...
 LaBaiz01/01/2010 12:23:42 GMT
the video is great, but i just hope that this divorce has no relevance to why tiger woods got divorced. I just hope media will stay out of this.
 dlkiv01/01/2010 15:07:15 GMT
Posted by ZmxPowah:
It's always sad to hear about things like that... but like people say poker and married don't like each other.
Girls don't like when man sit in front of computer even if he gain cash from it to be honest.

UHHH hello Big Smile I must be the oddest woman that lives Blink
 MANUEDO01/01/2010 17:02:32 GMT
It's always sad when a couple blows up Sad So I don't feel like to joke about this news.
Hope they have better opportunity in the future
 stup5402/01/2010 10:03:10 GMT
I don't care
 BhStaljin02/01/2010 10:35:37 GMT
well marriage in a rich people never works,this was suppose to happen anyway,that was just matter of time,and he will find another in no time
 B1gfoot02/01/2010 11:32:08 GMT

OK it wont post vid...
 Fakiry02/01/2010 16:22:42 GMT
Some things are hard to maintain. There are many professional carreers which are more exposed to this social problem, like being an artist, a sportsman, or even fire fighters and journalist, who need to be ready to enter in action for 24/7. This like this create some insustainability in the couple. Perhap things can be better in the future.
 dozn0102/01/2010 19:04:38 GMT
is phil ivey wife good looking..... hmmmmm
i smell a new poll coming up........
 ih8usukouts02/01/2010 19:34:57 GMT
Posted by GeneYuss:

It's funny that Full Tilt and Phil Ivey made this commercial not too long before

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 xxxbchxxx02/01/2010 19:54:58 GMT
No odds to any one who dont know then really just leave then alone and they'll do what they need to do.
Dont compaire them to anyone else you dont know them any more than i do and guess what ...I dont...
Its a divorce , end of story
It might settle him a bit and he'll raise his game in 2010.
 Wargtass04/01/2010 13:18:01 GMT
Ivey already gets the pussy he needs I'm sure. Or maybe not, he and Antonious feels like a gay couple sometimes ... hmm.
 fcumred05/01/2010 07:58:54 GMT
Being married to a poker pro is most probably hard to do.

The amount of time he must spend away from home, or sat glued to his PC must be unreal, and for the likes of Ivey even a trip to the store must come with media attention and the usual gluttony of hangers on wanting tips or their photo taken with him.

One thing is for sure. When it comes to the furniture and pets she wont be playing HU for ownership of the sofa or Tibbles the kitten..
 pmgignac05/01/2010 15:26:55 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
No need for it to be a big public affair, same goes for Tiger, they are sport satrs and should be only in the news for what they do in thier field, the did not do it for fame.
The only PPL IMO who should be in the papers for such things are those who enter the likes of reality TV programs or sell thier lives etc to mags/papers for $? they are fair game.
But bit of advice PI, lose all your money to a well trusted friend, then win it back after the settlement.

Its like a reality show no body serious should want to listen to crap like this...
so they would not be ...crap media Thumbs Down
but b1gfoot's got a nice Big Smile
 H3ndr1x05/01/2010 15:43:51 GMT
loool nice couple face reaction Smile
 IslandJack06/01/2010 00:45:02 GMT
Great commercial... LOL Big Smile
 martita1518/01/2010 19:34:01 GMT
public affair always improves good on popularity... Big Smile
 GabeKaplan21/01/2010 22:26:09 GMT
To much time with cards instead of family
 DAGOR31/01/2010 21:27:14 GMT
Hello everybody!
Not always easy marriage. He can there be lots of good or bad reason to that
See you soon for new posts! Smile
 oliver08229831/01/2010 21:32:42 GMT
where's the media ppl!, this is the greatest player of all time(in terms of winnings) and yet nobody knows why his divorcing his wife...
 dule-vu31/01/2010 22:33:18 GMT
now when he is on top of earnings in poker,wife go away!maybe she get scared of such huge money Big Smile and run away!or just want half of his money and find another man Tongue
 Hajinnho31/01/2010 23:40:11 GMT
so now he can marry me and teach me some poker Cool
 cartoonhero01/02/2010 08:45:24 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:

OK it wont post vid...

OMFG. Where can I buy that polka dot tuxedo,I want it Thumbs Up
 karstenkloss01/02/2010 09:02:20 GMT
Ok, split pot! But who cares. Phil Ivey is on the first place in all-time poker-winnings, so he should be able to give his ex-wife a small tip of a few millions. Damn, why i'm a man and why i can't be his ex-wife. A few millions of Dollars would be good for my bankroll! Evil

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