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RummyRoyal must be Drunk: $2000 on St. Patrick’s

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Posted on 14 March 2009 by "K".

The guys at RummyRoyal – the place that gives you a $5 no deposit bonus and had already hosted two $100 BankrollMob private freerolls, have had too much to drink and are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th with a $2000 guarantee tournament with a pathetically low buy-in of only $11. And guess how convenient they made it for you – the game is Kalooki 51, same game you had in those 2 freerolls (more to come soon!).
So put the bonus whoring aside for a minute, and show your skills with this generous 2K prize. For an $11 buy-in only, you gotta be drunk not to play…
Tournament in the lobby is "St. Paddys $2000 (G)"
For those who need a quick lesson, here’s a flash tutorial: Kalooki 51

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18 comments on "RummyRoyal must be Drunk: $2000 on St. Patrick’s"

 RUMMYROYAL15/03/2009 08:15:42 GMT

Too much alcohol...

After gaining some experience with the two freerolls, picking up the $5 no deposit bonus and more, show us some lovin' and come play the $2000 guaranteed!

The more of you to register, the bigger the prize will be and the lower the buy-in at the private guaranteed tournament we're planning for you soon Blink Dollar Dollar Dollar
 Davoodoo15/03/2009 11:04:44 GMT
If i win the mob draw today im going to deposit 11 $ and play the tournament !
 KG197515/03/2009 12:15:01 GMT
Can someone please tell me why I can't lay cards down in this game? Like if I have 4 of a kind or a meld (?) it wont let me drop them - why is this?

If the game was clearer ( I have watched the instruction clips on the site, but it simply shows you how to drop them, not when you are allowed) I might play it more.
 RUMMYROYAL15/03/2009 12:45:13 GMT
KG1975 - notice that we have 5 different games in the lobby. You are looking for the game "Rummy" (and not Kalooki 51, where u need to have at least value of 51 in your hand in order to meld). When you play Rummy, you can meld whenever you want once you have 3-4 of a kind or a meld.

Please let me know if this was helpful, good luck Smile
 alwaysafish15/03/2009 19:25:28 GMT
lol, $11 for a 2k grtd is "expensive" in comparision to pokerstars and ipoker etc.
 Calmplay16/03/2009 08:15:15 GMT
Yeah for sure they're drunk, $11 is too big for us mobsters trying to build bankrolls, we always respect the bankroll management strategy, maybe when you'll lower it in the near future. If not good luck to all playing it Cool
 Cranberry16/03/2009 08:32:49 GMT
Oh wow! It's times like these I wish all poker sites had a mac version Sad Not that I have 11$ over there or something Big Smile
 umarplus16/03/2009 18:08:09 GMT
i just wish i would be better with rummy. somehow i have not yet figured out how to really win in this game. but its fun! no doubt!

its a tempting offer, but i cannot see myself betting 10 $ on my rummy skills yet. Blink
 KG197516/03/2009 23:03:20 GMT
That's what I meant, it was rummy I was playing but the software wouldn't allow me drop cards when I had 4 or 3 of a kind. Was it a glitch? the other player at the table was able to drop there's but no matter what I tried it wouldn't let me Sad it happened in 2 games I should have won as they caught up after I couldn't lay down.
 RUMMYROYAL17/03/2009 07:26:21 GMT
KG1975 - what kind of game were you playing? please see my post on this wall from a couple of days ago, and let me know if it answers your question.
 KG197517/03/2009 10:12:07 GMT
That's what I was replying to.

I got it sorted eventually, must've been my connection, the cards just weren't responding to my clicks on the site. I've deposited a tenner, but have almost lost it as quick, tough game, seems every time I'm just getting there the opponent lays down all their cards in one go! Sad Big Smile

 RUMMYROYAL17/03/2009 11:31:44 GMT
Give it a few more games, and soon you will be that opponent laying the cards in one go Smile
 mikez038417/03/2009 14:26:26 GMT
$11 ?? LoL, LoL, it is just too expensive dude, I think many site will give more instead of depositing $11
 insane311117/03/2009 14:40:21 GMT
11$ is much for a buyin....
isn't it?
 Moehaunter17/03/2009 17:01:39 GMT
hahaha Blink
 XbeckX3217/03/2009 17:05:22 GMT
never----------------------------- Aww crap!
 Administrator17/03/2009 17:12:15 GMT
Posted by XbeckX32:
never----------------------------- Aww crap!

never ....what? Confused
 KG197517/03/2009 20:34:39 GMT
If I was more competent with the game I'd not mind $11 entry if it was a small firled, but as it's new to most of us it's a risk. If we can't even beat one opponent Big Smile what hope have we? I have managed to win 2 beginner $1 games, yay! but lost any $3+ games I attempted, savaged by experience, It is definitely not just luck, you need to stay alert throughout the game and you certainly couldn't go sitting out here and there lik you can in Hold em mtts.

*small field I meant to say there, dunno wtf happened my fingers lol.

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