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Australian Government Blacklisting Poker Sites

Tags: Australia, Gambling Ban.
Posted on 20 March 2009 by "M".

According to the site Wikileaks there is a list of blacklisted sites that has been compiled by the Australian Government. Wikileaks is a website that is working on unveiling scandals within the different governments of the world.

The list consists of around 2000 internet websites and most of the blacklisted sites are related to child pornography. The list is used by certified companies that create filters in order to censor the internet. But on this list you will also find a number of well established poker sites which is strange as they have nothing to do with pornography.

Here are some of the poker sites mentioned in the list:


The Australian government have confirmed that the list does exist but they are denying that the list published at WikiLeaks is the real deal.

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5 comments on "Australian Government Blacklisting Poker Sites"

 B1gfoot23/03/2009 17:02:46 GMT
Anouther great idea by govenment..
We know that since the intrenet came to life that the likes of pedos are alot eaiser to moitor, so now they want to close these doors so they can ignor that it is going on??
They also say that the leak is not the right list but are saying it will encorage ppl to hut out these sites and have a look, so what are they saying the sites are safe or not?? should be on the list or not??
Just stick to fleacing the public, turning a blind eye to higher corruption, funding unjust wars, protecting those with money and power, etc etc..
They are all the same, fkn corrupt whores and beasts...with not 1 ounce of commen scence between them all.
 Marhew7824/03/2009 13:51:34 GMT
I think the Aussie Government has seen how much we spend on poker sites and wants to shut us down. Whenever I turn on the football its bet on Tab sports or sign up to luxbet or centrebet.
Why do they let these advertisements be shown all the time but want to ban us from playing poker. You can lose you money alot quicker betting on horses and football. They made the silly rule that Aussies can't play on Aussie based poker sites so this sends all our $ overseas they should just let us play on Aussie based sites and keep all the money here
 boyndahood24/03/2009 14:56:31 GMT
in my country i see commercials about some rooms from the list, how does it come, somewhere they are whilling us to play, but somewhere they don' t want it... i hope my country won' t ban most of the pokerroms Big Smile
 Outcast26/03/2009 17:18:34 GMT
In my opinion, a cheap way to lift popularity for a site. The list, most likely, has no relation to the real.
 Blank27/03/2009 09:05:48 GMT
i dont get it

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