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PokerStars: Johnny Lodden becomes a PokerStars Pro

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Posted on 27 March 2009 by "T".

Earlier this week PokerStars signed the 24 year old Norwegian poker pro Johnny Lodden. This means that Johnny Lodden will travel all over the world and play in the most prestige full tournaments in the name of PokerStars, and hopefully make some cashes.
Since Johnny Lodden's break through back in 2004 he has been playing on the highest limits online and in the biggest live tournaments. Since 2004 he has won over half a million dollars in tournaments, and most probably even more in cash games. As Lodden signs with PokerStars he writes history and puts Norway on the map as he's the first poker pro from Norway to get signed by PokerStars.

This pro contract with PokerStars couldn't occur at a better time than now for Johnny Lodden since the Norwegian poker championship will be played this weekend in Nottingham. After that Lodden will travel to EPT in San Remo, and then off to Monte Carlo for the EPT Season 5 finale.


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9 comments for "PokerStars: Johnny Lodden becomes a PokerStars Pro"

 MANUEDO27/03/2009 16:40:59 GMT
Another scandinavian PRO.
As you know I admire all pro also because I know I won't ever be like them.
Good luck for next tournaments
 Outcast27/03/2009 19:10:39 GMT
When I see that people achieve by 24 years, I feel the old loser.
 arthurcastro27/03/2009 20:05:14 GMT
Scandinavian players sometimes be crazy players... but Johnny is a very smart players.
 lomax27/03/2009 22:32:49 GMT
i don't agree with arthurcastro because i think that scandinavian players are great player and is not easy play aganist them.
 M3turbo27/03/2009 23:17:11 GMT
Grats to Lodden he deserves it, he has had some bumps on his way.

Scandinavian players are crazy but known to be very mathmatical players.
 Flyfreeforever28/03/2009 12:19:42 GMT
I'd like to remind people that every single player is different, haha, it doesn't matter where they are from, they are not all the same...
 7zeljko729/03/2009 17:04:27 GMT
good for him...
 M3turbo29/03/2009 17:07:21 GMT
Posted by Flyfreeforever:
I'd like to remind people that every single player is different, haha, it doesn't matter where they are from, they are not all the same...

So all Scandinavian players doesn't play exactly the same Confused ?
 VegasZien30/03/2009 16:56:05 GMT
what is his online username?

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