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BREAKING NEWS: PokerStars Pro Shot During Home Invasion!

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Posted on 03 December 2012 by "T".

Denmark's biggest poker star Theo Jorgensen was last night shot in the legs by three masked men who forced their way into his home in Greve. reports that he's hospitalised but not in danger of his life after the bloody drama that occured in his family home in front of his wife.

According to sources of the newspaper, Theo Jørgensen handed over the money he had at home (DKK 35,000 - about €4,690). The English-speaking robber wasn't convinced by the amount he recieved as he believed that the succesful gambler would have had more money at home than that.

It still hasn't been confirmed if the robbers shot Jorgensen just to punish him or/and to give them more money. Jorgensen's wife called the police, who searched the house and its surrounding areas with dogs. However, no one has been arrested so far. The perpetrators are described as:

A. Male - about 170-180 centimeters tall. average built. Wearing a dark jacket and gray pants and light shoes. Bar on the white bag / pouch.

B. Male - about 170-180 centimeters tall. average built.. Wearing a gray hooded jacket and dark pants.

C. Male - about 170-180 centimeters tall. average built.. Wearing a gray jacket, light / gray pants and white shoes. 


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11 comments on "BREAKING NEWS: PokerStars Pro Shot During Home Invasion!"

 bullettooth103/12/2012 10:48:18 GMT
oh man! that poor family.
i hope they catch whoever did this. there truly is some horrible people in this world.
 Doarulle03/12/2012 11:29:15 GMT
WTF, why always pleople will kill for some pappers called money? really don't understand that kind of people, i hope they will be catches and he will be good, next time i hope he secure his house Big Smile
 saras1303/12/2012 12:01:02 GMT
wow, publicity sucks! What did they expect ,him to have his pokerstars balance in his pockets? genius robbers..
 nipitiri303/12/2012 13:08:23 GMT
still not bad days work almoust 5 k .. but better go rob those politicians they sure have more cash jk
 Fakiry03/12/2012 13:18:13 GMT
It will not be easy to catch them, but netter is to know that Theo Jorgensen is safe now. However, things will be different for him from now on, security is something he will have to take care about when he leaves the hospital.
 Impak00703/12/2012 17:54:16 GMT
Never thought, could it happen is Denmark or in other Scandinavia states. I think, it is dark side of poker same as sunglasses. I wish to Theo Jorgensen fast reconvalestation as fast as it could be. Good is , he and his family was not wounded more, or killed, and they are same nowů.
 Gun2her03/12/2012 19:13:18 GMT
I read the news only so I could get my daily dose of bad feelings. Reading about idiots and evil people always makes me think why more people can´t be like me.
 RoninHarper03/12/2012 22:36:58 GMT
ok i really find this to be a very sad commentary on people. The human race hopefully will one day evolve to the point where everyone will always be safe in there own homes.
Invading someones home is the lowest form of crime in my opinion.
Shotting someone for not having more money lying about is truly stupid. I personally know several multi millionaires and they never ever carry cash. If they do have money on them it is never more then a tank of gas worth and a little more for a coffee and sandwich.

People really need to learn to live and let live. I hope he makes a full recovery fast.

Ronin Harper
 redline13204/12/2012 08:20:06 GMT
Русские здесь есть?
 patnedy11/12/2012 11:58:06 GMT
This is a example how this world is function and how the media attention really can case many problems if you rich and famos.
My best regards 2 the family.
 vic7514/12/2012 02:11:46 GMT
16 year old gets shot and murdered for 80 bucks in the states for 80 bucks cmon and while he was working

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