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High Stakes: Viktor Blom takes a break from poker

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Posted on 09 June 2011 by "T".

After a few bad months of poker, the PokerStars Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom finally managed to win about $60,000 in May and eliminated some of his 2011 losses. It looked like he had found a good balance in his game and that he would continue to win. But unfortunately the poker gods had other plans for the young Swede.

June has been a disaster month for Viktor Blom, and last week he ended up being the biggest loser online with a minus of $212,783. In total, he has now lost $108,000 in June.

Now he will take a break from poker. However, it doesn't seem like the bad results in the reason he's going on holiday. This is what Viktor Blom wrote on his twitter the other day.

"Time for vacation! Really looking forward. Will try not to lose my passport or mobile"

Viktor Blom doesn't reveal where he's going to spend his vacation. And we will have to wait and see for how long he will be gone from the poker tables. Personally, I don't think it will take more than a week before his back in action.


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7 comments on "High Stakes: Viktor Blom takes a break from poker"

 kinogomes09/06/2011 10:11:46 GMT
Talking about the beginners mistakes, look like Blom still makes most of them heheheehe. Iam tired of his no control to mamange the game when he is up big.

Sad but true.
 Fakiry09/06/2011 12:51:43 GMT
If we all think we deserve vacations, what to say about this guys who won lots of money for them and for their sponsors? Of course they deserve them, and its not for having some last bad days at the job that things should be different. We all do mistakes at work, so do poker players. Go on Blom, enjoy and come back with enough strength to pass through all this negative energy around you!
 SuperNoob09/06/2011 15:12:29 GMT
surprised that viktor decided to not participate in wsop and instead settle form a holiday. indeed hes not a tournament player but missing out on biggest poker event doesnt make sense when all of the big pros gonna be there ( except ivey of course Tongue )
 crazyhorse9909/06/2011 15:50:38 GMT
Shit he's fucking broke and PS's is sick of his crap they aren't going to keep supporting him plus he owes back taxes to the Swede Goverment that's why he is in London. It might be the end of the maniac Swede. For a young kid that had 7 million dollars at one time this is pathetic.
 Macubaas10/06/2011 05:05:51 GMT
crazyhorse99, at one moment while he was playing rui cao on pokerstars he run out of money and needed to take a break in order to upload more funds into his account, well or simply called Pokerstars for another 100k lol
I agree with you that Pokerstars must be tired of him just from a professional point of view since he simply can't learn the bankroll management rules, and thats killing him, BUT and it's a big BUT Pokerstars didn't simply sponsored him for his play, mostly for his image, as you see the poker media coverage is huge about him, and on every article POkerstars is also mentioned, plus you need to take in mind that many pro signed up on Pokerstars just to play him, players like Ilari Sahamies and even red full tilt pros, like Andreas Skerjoy Torgbergsen, Rui Cao, Ingenious89, or that guy from Switzerland, RonnyR.
The idea is that he even loses a lot on the tables, he still makes a lot of money for Pokerstars Blink
 scaramoes11/06/2011 12:51:55 GMT
so far i now him ,i think that he about six months holliday takes,he is born to be a poker player.
 xxxYUMIxxx12/06/2011 08:40:10 GMT
i heard from many that WSOP has juicy cash games...maybe that's where his vacation is.

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