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Biggest winners and losers this year

Tags: Di Urindanger Dang, Gus Hansen, Hac trex313 Dang, Patrik Antonius, Tom Durrrr Dwan.
Posted on 16 April 2009 by "T".

Some players have had a great start this year, some not so good start. But then there are also players like Gus Hansen that have lost a lot of money in just a few weeks, but still is up over $1.5 million dollars. Another notable player is Tom "Durrrr" Dwan that had a great 2008 and a not so good 2009 with a small minus of $500,000. But if he loses his own challenge against Patrik Antonius it will cost him another $1.5 million.

Gus Hansen is someone you won't find on the lower limits, no matter how good or bad he's doing. Gus had a great start this year with winnings over $3 million dollars, but this month he has already lost $1,6 millions. Even though this big loss he's still up $1.5 million dollars this year. That's how big the swings can be for the best high stakes players in the world. Patrik Antonius, the Finnish poker pro, is doing very well at the moment and is up $4 million dollars this year. Another player that is doing well at the moment is Mark Vos from South Africa. He's up $1.8 million this year.

One of the biggest losers this year and the biggest winners this year happens to be brothers. Di "Urindanger" Dang has lost over $1.8 million this year, but luckily for him is that his brother Hac "trex313" Dang has won over $2.6 million this year. Let's just hope that Hac will help his brother out if his losing streak continues.

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16 comments on "Biggest winners and losers this year"

 w00zy16/04/2009 20:06:35 GMT
if the Dang brothers share their bankroll the variance would be less... i wish i had a brother that played poker with me
 MANUEDO17/04/2009 15:05:21 GMT
Damn, I don't have brothers.....
Are you sure they share winning and losses ?
When I see these winnings I go crazy
 ArpSoft17/04/2009 16:29:24 GMT
I can only dream about that kind of money Smile
 gRaNdao019/04/2009 00:53:05 GMT
I agree w00zy, if we had a backup brother it would be sweet Smile
 keram20/04/2009 07:38:40 GMT
I have a sister... not maybe a poker pro, but will attract attention of other players at the table haha Smile
 Vinyull20/04/2009 11:16:32 GMT
Oooooooooo, my biggest win - 24 dollars. Dream - 1000000
 thpe94ad20/04/2009 11:46:03 GMT
They look so calm and collected when they bet 2-300K at a time. How do they do that?
 pokersztar20/04/2009 12:31:14 GMT
Hello. My biggest pot was in cash game 46 $ what I won with A Club J Club in my hand and the board was 2 Club 7 Club J Heart A Diamond 10 Club My enemy had 2 Spade 2 Heart
My biggest pot was in cash game 26 $ what I lost with A Spade A Diamond in my hand and the board was Q Club 9 Heart 6 Spade 2 Diamond K Spade My enemy had K Club K Diamond
 GeneYuss22/04/2009 06:09:31 GMT
I heard Gus lost 1.2mill in one day..Has anyone every watched Gus Hansen TV website? Everytime I go there it doesn't work.
 Merkkari23/04/2009 02:47:33 GMT
Gus is the biggest fish @ high stakes
 Rebostatus23/04/2009 03:47:13 GMT
alot of money,It would be nice to win so much one day.
 shokaku23/04/2009 06:14:39 GMT
Posted by Merkkari:
Gus is the biggest fish @ high stakes

Guy is. But it looks as he has stopped playing. (At least online)

Gus style is superswingy.
 Merkkari23/04/2009 13:53:44 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Posted by Merkkari:
Gus is the biggest fish @ high stakes

Guy is. But it looks as he has stopped playing. (At least online)

Gus style is superswingy.

Yes Guy used to be the biggest fish but he hasnt played in like 6 months. All the high stakes regulars say Gus is the fish and the reason the games are going.
 CunteN23/04/2009 14:00:48 GMT
I feel bad for Gus, i really like him as a player.

 Soumik23/04/2009 22:02:05 GMT
I thing when Gus hansen is very good Tournament player but in High stakes (full tilt etc.) he is very bad in this year... Sharks waiting to his table a few hours for stack him Smile
(sorry for english)
 DrTre121327/04/2009 00:29:47 GMT
I agree Gus is fishy and super swingy. But because of these massive swings, he is still up 1.5 mill! Swings like that would likely give me a heart attack! haha. But these guys are so used to it and have such huge bankrolls, it likely doesn't faze them so much :O Gus probably makes up for a lot of the lost money in corporate sponsorships, advertising appearances, etc. It's pretty rediculous how much companies pay out to well-known pro's to use their names and faces to promote their stuff Tongue

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