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Jamie Gold Joins Poker Icons

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Posted on 12 May 2009 by "M".

2006 WSOP Main Event winner Jamie Gold is joining the poker agency Poker Icons. Poker Icons is the fastest growing poker agency and they have hooked up players like Johhny Lodden and Johan Storakers with some nice deals in the past.

Jamie Gold said, "I am very glad to be a part of the Poker Icons team. Their international presence and poker expertise will make this a perfect fit for me. I am very much looking forward to working with them".

Jamie Gold was earlier a sponsored player at the Merge Gaming poker room ACED but after a falling out with the management there he is now looking for a new sponsor through Poker Icons.

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13 comments on "Jamie Gold Joins Poker Icons"

 MANUEDO12/05/2009 14:29:37 GMT
And of course he will be sponsorized soon.
Any way he choosed a big poker room so he will hace more chances to shwo his game
 doomdy12/05/2009 14:53:05 GMT
Didnt know Poker Icons sponsors donks Confused
 Fakiry12/05/2009 15:19:29 GMT
Poker Icons is starting to get really strong in terms of team. Jamie Gold is another top player joining the agency, and i think we are going to start to see more Poker Icon symbols on Poker Tv from now on.
 quadsLT12/05/2009 20:58:14 GMT
Sponsored Jamie Gold? Holy
 Bunny2512/05/2009 21:01:23 GMT
ok,it`s a good deal for jamie,but he isn`t a good player! 2006 he had more luck then all other in the main event!!!!
 GeneYuss13/05/2009 14:21:08 GMT
Bodog dropped Jamie after they sponsored him in 2006 too...I guess 3 is the lucky charm lol.
 shokaku13/05/2009 14:31:04 GMT
Posted by doomdy:
Didnt know Poker Icons sponsors donks Confused

How do you judge a former world champion???? Blink

If he got a good deal he can spew money again on the next season of HSP. Smile
 dlkiv13/05/2009 14:53:10 GMT
Posted by doomdy:
Didnt know Poker Icons sponsors donks Confused

lol I agree, sometimes peeps win by pure luck and he is one of them. IMO not solid at all.
 Jodoli13/05/2009 15:01:35 GMT
Lol he is the living proof that in poker miracles can happen! He won the World Series of Poker?! How can this be possible. He is one of the worst players I ever seen playing in the tv. It is funny how bad he is! lol
 GeneYuss13/05/2009 15:18:04 GMT
Maybe he's not on the same level as the pros but he doesn't play much poker.
 ifp13/05/2009 15:43:05 GMT
Hmm....I have heard that this guy ain't exactly patrik antonius. Big Smile
Oh well...
 Jodoli13/05/2009 19:19:00 GMT
If you want to laugh with this player see some episodes of high stakes poker! He proves there he is really a bad player! And he talks to much he is very easy to read. Even in the final table we can see by his talk the hands he had. He is very easy to read!
 GeneYuss15/05/2009 11:34:13 GMT
Jodoli, Didn't Jamie talk his way to victory in 2006 WSOP? I don't know, maybe I have to go watch some HSP.

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