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Jamie Gold's Bracelet Sold For $65,725!

Tags: 2006 wsop main event, auction, bracelet, jamie gold, The Heritage Auctions.
Posted on 15 August 2013 by "T".

In case you missed it: Jamie Gold's 2006 WSOP Main Event gold bracelet was sold (after 9 different bids) earlier this month for an incredible $65,725 at an auction in Rosemont, Illinois. According to The Heritage Auctions, the organisation that sold the piece, the bracelet has 259 stones including over seven carats of diamonds and 12 grams of white and yellow gold.

Jamie Gold said in an interview earlier this summer that he didn't sell the bracelet because he wanted to. Apparently it was due to a legal issue which he couldn't talk about, but he claimed that he wouldn't get anything if the bracelet was sold.

So, who bought the bracelet? Well, we might never get to known that as the buyer wanted to remain anonymous. However, Noah Fleisher, the Director of Public Relations for Heritage Auctions, revealed that the person is a fan of the game. Any guesses? 


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19 comments on "Jamie Gold''s Bracelet Sold For $65,725!"

 paulparadiis15/08/2013 15:54:55 GMT
If I were to buy someones bracelet (which I would never do, because it`s just stupid) it would definitely not be Jamie Gold`s bracelet.
 Phisix15/08/2013 15:58:26 GMT
A waste of money if you ask me. I would prefer just to try and win won myself if I had the chance. Most probably a rich kid.
 ELDONKOII15/08/2013 16:17:23 GMT
it wouldnt feel the same as winning it for yourself and to tell truth a little bit fake, i couldnt wear it at the table and say i brought it off ebay so to speak lol poor little ritch kid got himself a souvenier to show off
 Fishtopia215/08/2013 16:41:46 GMT
First of all...why would anyone even sell their bracelet??? And buying one is even more rediculous and I must agree with would never ever be Jamie Gold's bracelet lol!!! Maybe it was bought to remelt the gold and get out the stones and diamonds to use for some other jewelry Smile
Maybe it was done on purpose to make that win disappear lol
 vic7515/08/2013 16:55:21 GMT
Must be broke how much did he win Dollar Dollar a lot it is stupid I agree its yours keep it
 roeish315/08/2013 17:09:24 GMT
I don't understand what legal issues could make you sell something you earned and that you don't get anything if it's sold. Could be divorce, or a stupid bet he made (we've seen a few lately). If he could solve it by paying someone, he would probably do, unless he's broke and then the reason he sold it is practically for money and not because of legal issues
 Heskor15/08/2013 17:14:03 GMT
Well maybe he got broke and thats why he had to sell, or just for the pub plain simple.

Anyway would not buy one and dont think why people would want to buy one instead of earning it!
 roeish315/08/2013 17:38:00 GMT
Posted by Heskor:
Well maybe he got broke and thats why he had to sell, or just for the pub plain simple.

Anyway would not buy one and dont think why people would want to buy one instead of earning it!

I wouldn't buy one either. But my resources are limited. If it was a stupid bet, then maybe the guy he did the bet with bought it. Or just someone with too much money. If this amount would be to me just as it was free then I could by one just of boredom
 Greenmohave15/08/2013 22:13:47 GMT
I'm thinking it was his father so he could give it back to Jamie after all of his legal disputes are settled. Just a wild guess unless his father isn't alive. If that's the case I'll bet a fellow player has made a deal with him to where it can be bought back.
 demodawggy15/08/2013 22:48:16 GMT
I don't know if someone would buy it so much for the reason that it was Jamie Gold's bracelet,....but maybe rather for the reason that it's a WSOP bracelet instead. It's not everyday someone could get one of those...especially if you have no interest in playing poker, but just like nice jewelly...

Personally,....I'm not one for jewellery. Don't like wearing rings or anything....with the exception of a gold ear stud I wore for decades when I was younger...

A wedding ring is one thing, can't really escape that,...but bling for bling's thanks... Smile
 TigerAxL15/08/2013 23:58:33 GMT
i won t sell my trophy if it where to be first ,but for Jamie i think is not a problem Bet he get much more from sponsors/year
 takingdrugs16/08/2013 08:27:08 GMT
Don't the wsop value the ME bracelets at 500,000 lol
Would it of been worth more broken down and stones sold separately I don't know.
Sounds like it was sold to pay off debts origianlly I heard he was gonna sell it for charity. I'm not one for jewellery myself but if I won a wsop bracelet I would probably wear it a lot a defiantly while playing live poker, just so when someone calls you a lucky fish or whatever you could cough and roll up your sleeve, I bit smug I know but I right well earned

Haha eastgate's sold for twice as much bet JG is gutted

Haha eastgate's sold for twice as much bet JG is gutted
 cucho31617/08/2013 00:15:26 GMT
this is just stupid. why did he sell it? why he didn't receive anything for it? what's this 'legal issue' that are talking about? what's really woth that bracelet??

if you want one, try to earn it the right way, otherwise... it's just stupid imo.
greetings to all!
 ayaraled05/09/2013 23:49:03 GMT
why sell something that is money can ever buy the bracelet that you won in a very big field of poker players...
 noonlion09/09/2013 12:53:09 GMT
Smelt it!

Take the stones out and smelt it into a dealer button featuring a donkey.
 doubletop77721/11/2013 14:57:33 GMT
Very strange that he sold it and it seems that it went for very little money. I would have thought he could have got a lot more for this but perhaps he needed a quick sale and took a cut price for it
 Tony_MON7ANA17/01/2015 19:34:16 GMT
How pathetic is that?
 Skpmorita18/01/2015 18:11:47 GMT
Jamie Gold is the most hated WSOP ME bracelet
and i can see why
i just don't find him that good of player
he is annoying and disrespectful
i mean how you win millions of dollars but then you lose all of it just like that
and he sold it only for 65 K even though it is a piece of history and the most valuable trophy in poker , because the winner is Jamie Gold
i bet any world poker winner would get much more for his bracelet
 klash2319/01/2015 13:34:22 GMT
Strange that this thread has been re-opened after so long but it did make me wonder what Jamie Gold had been doing for the last few years and if you look at his results he has been playing lately and in May '12 played a $75 buy in and then nothing for a couple of years but then won 43k only a couple of months ago.Saying that isn't he more of a cash game player?

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