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Jamie Gold To Sell His 2006 WSOP Gold Bracelet

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Posted on 24 May 2013 by "T".

Jamie Gold, 43, won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2006 and took home an incredible $12 million! The 2006 Main Event was played during the height of poker's popularity and Gold outlasted 8,722 other players (the biggest main event in WSOP history). A few days ago, The Heritage Auctions wrote that Jamie Gold's gold bracelet from the epic win will be up for grabs at an auction in Rosemont, Illinois, August 1-2, 2013. 

The bracelet is described on the site as having "259 stones including over seven carats of diamonds and 120 grams of white and yellow gold. Rubies are inset to create the red of the heart and diamond suits, while a sapphire represents the spade and three black diamonds the clubs."

Neither Gold nor Heritage Auctions have commented on why the bracelet is for sale, but many believe it's another of Gold's ideas to raise money for charity.


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16 comments on "Jamie Gold To Sell His 2006 WSOP Gold Bracelet"

 lukasb24/05/2013 18:55:08 GMT
It is a nice piece of jewelry but it has more value to a poker player than a collector imo. Than again i would never buy a bracelet myself... would prefer to earn one the hard way.
All in all its a nice gesture from Jamie if he's trying to raise money for charity... maybe he'll put it to sale and then doing the highest bid himself so he wont lose it. that's what i would do.
 speed15525/05/2013 17:08:23 GMT
can't see it myself, he aint won shit since and i reckon he's flogging it cos he's broke, not what you'd call a poker player to be honest, can you imagine selling something that any poker player would almost die for.
yang lost his to the feds didnt he another loser
 Greenmohave25/05/2013 17:39:36 GMT
To sale something that should only be able to be earned isn't right. If he is broke after winning 12 million then what a shame because the bracelet isn't going to take him far if 12 million didn't. Good Luck, but what a waste!
 teddybears7326/05/2013 00:02:04 GMT
he's probably skint,i mean has he actually won anything since that victory ?
if he has then i've not read about it anywhere,and why anyone would want to buy someone else's
trophy (unless it's for charity) is beyond me.
so maybe that is the reason,charity that is.
 demodawggy26/05/2013 17:20:02 GMT
Would be a real shame to sell the bracelet because you've wrecklessly blown millions of dollars...

So many folks who become instantly wealthy soon wind up living in a cardboard box under a bridge... I guess they just get overwhelmed with all the cash...

I have an idea he's doing it for charity,...which should bring more money in the end Thumbs Up
 xxxperv26/05/2013 20:42:27 GMT
..... yeah the guy who won 12 million is a complete looser - said the guy who has never even won a freeroll LOL
 Macubaas26/05/2013 20:57:12 GMT
I personally would never consider buying such a wsop bracelet...

I mean the idea behind it is that is personal and i do not think it should worth more than it's value as jewelery. At least i hope the money will go to a good cause.
 RomanArt77701/06/2013 00:55:06 GMT
I shall never sell my WSOP bracelets.
 alakazoo01/06/2013 05:57:20 GMT
I really wounder if that's really to sell for some charity or is the guy going break? hahaha anyway... who would by a poker bracelet and why. I realy don't sse myself sell such a souvenir if I ever manage to win one as I really don't see myself buying someone else bracelet if I would be rich enough
 marqis01/06/2013 06:45:52 GMT
Posted by xxxperv:
..... yeah the guy who won 12 million is a complete looser - said the guy who has never even won a freeroll LOL

Big Smile

Actually, I would consider someone that won, and then lost $12 million, the bigger loser by far...
 Mysik8601/06/2013 07:01:04 GMT
I think we judge him too fast. If he give reason of selling this bracelet, then we may say something about him:

- if he won $12 millions and now he's broke - he's the biggest loser in the world
- if he put this for charity and he want to make nice cash from this auctions - he's one of the great human in the world

So - please calm Smile
 speed15501/06/2013 12:43:43 GMT
if i remember rightly didnt he get staked for the main event and was forced to give half the 12 million over, wasnt the entire 12 million held by the tournament organisers due to the dispute and wasnt shared out for months
 yout8502/06/2013 17:17:46 GMT
I could find out all the info with a quick google search... but I dislike Jamie Gold - so don't wanna force him up the "Google Hit List" Smile I'll go from memory -

He was staked into the WSOP ME by an old pro (I forget who). The deal was that half of all winnings went straight to the staker. By the time the tourney came round, he owed over $2m to a combination of other stakers. Upon winning $12m, he handed $8m over immediately. Before leaving Vegas, he'd lost a further estimated $1.2m.

Over the next 2 years, he appeared on high stakes televised games, testing his (lol) "skills" against some of the best around. I saw him trying to talk Doyle Brunson out of hands, and time after time shipped his money to him. After a couple of years, he was nowhere to be seen in the biggest games around, and rumour had it he was back begging for a stake.

I refuse to have any respect for this guy. He is not a good poker player, and never will be. And that isn't jealousy talking. It's the stone cold truth.

As for selling his bracelet -- I wouldn't wanna own it. One of Stu Ungar's bracelets? maybe. One of Doyle's? Hellmuth's? sure, that'd be cool. But Jamie Golds? No thank you.
 Goldcox05/06/2013 22:30:17 GMT
The guy is awesome he owns a management/production company. Gold's clients have included Jimmy Fallon and Lucy Liu. Gold has also participated in numerous poker tournaments that have been designed primarily to benefit charitable causes. Allowing himself to be auctioned off, making special appearances, or by purchasing buy-ins, Gold has been involved with a wide variety of causes, including WSOP “Ante Up For Africa”,[25] Annie Duke's charity poker tournament,[26] and a few others.[27][28][29] He has also mentioned in several recent interviews his plans to create a charity poker tournament to benefit people affected with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Diss the guy all you want but what have you all done to help people...PEACE
 damosk08/06/2013 09:57:12 GMT
Its a big step to sell anything that has value, especially if its his only one, but whats better? a bit of bling or a chance to helop save people who are far worse off?

If course the bling wins every time!

Nah not really! But it really is a tough deision to do some good fior others!
 TigerAxL08/06/2013 15:28:59 GMT
he can do wathever he wants >>hes prize ,his work .If its for a good purpose good 4 him Thumbs Up
but if it was me in his place i ve rather gave 1kk(12) then the bracelet ,how can i sell my thropy ,i just can t & i m not even materialistic

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