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BankrollMob player won $12k WSOP package at Party Poker

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Posted on 04 May 2009 by "K".

Yesterday at Party Poker we held our "BankrollMob WSOP Final" tournament where one player would win a $12k package for the 2009 WSOP Main Event.

A total of 45 players qualified for the Final through 3 weekly satellites. The Final winner would take home a $12,000 WSOP Package, 2nd and 3rd place would share the $500 added prizepool.

The lucky winner, "Xikku", 23 year old guy from Portugal, has been a BankrollMob member for less than 1 Month, hopefully he's enjoying so far...

Here's a short video that shows how the last few hands played went down. You might want click the "HQ" button and view the video in High Quality.

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45 comments on "BankrollMob player won $12k WSOP package at Party Poker"

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» BankrollMob player won $12k WSOP package at Party Poker

 B1gfoot05/05/2009 19:37:09 GMT
Congrates, yep you need a bit of luck in them tourns, someone has to suck out at some stage.
Dont sell it, a oppertunity that you might never get again.
Gl Thumbs Up
 CelicaGT06/05/2009 06:22:01 GMT
wow, good show. good show. gotta love the AA eh. good luck in the WSOP if you do plan to go.
 ADACTA06/05/2009 07:28:52 GMT
Anyway congratulations to this nice winning.
Im wishing you the best.

Now think very well about it to keep or to sell this package.
 doomdy06/05/2009 08:17:05 GMT
Congrats mate Smile

If i win this i wud go Smile
 Fakiry06/05/2009 14:32:53 GMT
Congratulations Xiku!!! Sorry, but i have got to write something in portuguese to my "buddy": Parabens man!!! Quando é que a gente se encontra para jogar um poker juntos? Temos de combinar!!! Xiku did well at that final table, he deserves everything!
 TrashManPT06/05/2009 19:07:02 GMT
À granda Xiku. Abraço grande e boa sorte em Vegas. Dá cabo deles Worship Worship Worship
 SpeedMix07/05/2009 03:03:29 GMT
Well done Xikku

Boa sote lá em Vegas

by the way Portugal ROCKS Big Smile
 TheMalteser07/05/2009 09:50:43 GMT
yep. i have the honour of saying u got lucky against me. i had AQ and then came the 8 on the turn. hehe. well goodluck then. i hope you go.

but can u sell it since its a sponsor?

 thpe94ad07/05/2009 10:55:10 GMT
Pocket aces, he he
 Xiku07/05/2009 17:26:44 GMT
Today I've been informed by Party Poker that the 12K package is actually only 11K actually due to a "small error"... lol I'd love to know How anyone does that kind of "small error".... Big Smile

So, anyone from Brm wants to explain how 2000$ spending money turns out to be just 1000$?... Considering the plane ticket will cost above 1000, It's really not a small error :/ K? T? loll weiird
 Xiku08/05/2009 20:33:01 GMT
Anyone !?!? loll Brm doesn't read its own forum? loll
 doomdy08/05/2009 21:10:07 GMT
Hmmmm strange...
12K is 12K NOT 11K!!

I think somebody has to explain sometin here!!
 Xiku12/05/2009 19:37:43 GMT
Brm rullz Smile they took care of the "small error " Cool
 TheMalteser02/06/2009 02:40:44 GMT
great. so u going xikku??
 tormulainen02/06/2009 10:03:26 GMT
great xiku!!! nice going and ofcourse you need luck in poker Smile but i hope you do well in wsop and i hope you will be second Smile i think patrik antonius can win this year. if i would know about this tournament i would do anything to get in to that tournament
 kobe8902/06/2009 11:25:33 GMT
Yeah I'm enjoying it alright Big Smile
 Tchungpo02/06/2009 12:17:17 GMT
 HisMaj02/06/2009 12:22:11 GMT
Good luck man and well deserved Smile

people can say all they want but at the end of the day you were at that final table because you played well enough to get there.

Luck is always needed to win any torni regardless of what anyone says, even the Pro's need luck to win.

ENJOY! mate because if your a poker player isn't this what we all aspire to be able to do!
 Xiku07/06/2009 00:50:49 GMT
Thanks ! Yeah I'm going, hope I can at least double up! lol Big SmileD
Meanwhile I'll enjoy as much as I can Las Vegas Blink
 doomdy07/06/2009 09:06:14 GMT
Goodluck Thumbs Up
When ur coming back?
Make a new thread and post ur story please, we want to hear Smile
 miclaxton07/06/2009 09:30:56 GMT
I am so excited to sign up for this. See all you boys at the final table! I might accidentally beat you.
 wireke07/06/2009 10:36:10 GMT
Goodluck dude! WSOP is always nice to attend
 nietopereek07/06/2009 14:48:37 GMT
gratz and goodluck man!
 Xiku07/06/2009 14:57:44 GMT
Posted by miclaxton:
I am so excited to sign up for this. See all you boys at the final table! I might accidentally beat you.

If we met at the final table it would be the end of the world loll but we can dream hehe Big Smile
Hope to meet brm people there too Worship

Posted by doomdy:
Goodluck Thumbs Up
When ur coming back?
Make a new thread and post ur story please, we want to hear Smile

Don't know what will happen, If I go out early, I'll probably be there for a week, either that or I'll stay till I bust Smile
 mazas06/11/2009 09:36:56 GMT
Amazing luck 4 this player and clever play in final Worship

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