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WSOP Event #4: Steve Sung grabs the 1st prize of $771,106

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Posted on 04 June 2009 by "T".

It came to be a tough battle when Steve Sung and Panayote Vilandos played heads-up on the final table. Steve had 10 million chips and Panayote 8 million chips. But everything came to a sudden end after that Steve picked up KK and got his money in against Panayote's pocket 8's.

Event #4 in World Series of Poker attracted a huge starting field of 6012 players, and with that it's the second biggest starting field ever after the WSOP Main Event. Steve Sung and Panayote Vilandos came to be the two last men standing in the tournament after surviving the enormous starting field. Both of them had huge stacks and it seemed like the battle for the first prize of $771,106 could last for many, many hours. But everything suddenly came to an end when two exhausted poker players picked up these hands.

Steve Sung KSpadeKHeart
Panayote Vilandos 8Spade8Club

Steve bets 500,000, Panayote then raise to 1,7 million. Steve goes all-in and Panayote calls straight away.

The board ran out AHeart7Diamond2Heart6Diamond7Club

Steve Sung took home the pot and the tournaments with 2 pairs (kings and 7's) against Panayote Vilandos lower 2 pairs (8's and 7's).

Final table results:
1 Steve Sung $771 106
2 Panayote Vilandos $473 283
3 James Matz III $313 826
4 Larry Sidebotham $227 254
5 Nathan Mullen $175 851
6 Dan Heimille $145 009
7 Jeff Oakes $126 613
8 Phong Huynh $117 414
9 Danny Fuhs $114 168


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4 comments on "WSOP Event #4: Steve Sung grabs the 1st prize of $771,106"

 Tekkes04/06/2009 16:33:15 GMT
Steve Sung played it very well, he was most agressive all trough the final table. At first it looked like he made a bad choice by doing that when he got shortstacked from over 3 million to only 870k. After that he was on a roll winning every hand he raised. While raising about 20% of hands preflop. It was only when the table was reduced to 3 players that he lost some important hands making his 4-to-1 lead on the other a bit smaller.
Watched most of it live at the internet stream, was nice to watch.
 Calmplay04/06/2009 17:58:25 GMT
A well deserved win, Steve always play some good NL Hold'em in live big MTTs but always unlucky when he reached final tables. Believe me Steve is gonna win more in the future Thumbs Up congrats...
 doomdy05/06/2009 09:16:56 GMT
Watched it a littl bit at live stream
Great play, very nice guy btw, very relaxed.

 Fakiry05/06/2009 16:22:33 GMT
OK, we are talking about a 6.000 player WSOP tournament where the chances of geting a place in the final table are like 1 to 6.000 but, after getting there, ensuring a good money reward, one got to have cold blood in order to achieve the best result possible. (Who am i to criticize pros?) I think Vilandos trusted too much in the power of his 88's in the end. Steve's the first to bet, and the first going all in, so, he is beting everything he achieved in his two cards. He passed the same difficulties Vilandos had to get there, and he is available to put everything he won in that hand. Perhaps Vilandos thought he wouldn't get a better hand than that and a wouldn't have a better chance than that to try and win the tournament. If so he did well, if not...

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