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WSOP: Jack Ury - the oldest participant in WSOP 2009

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Posted on 08 July 2009 by "K".

Jack Ury is 96 years of age and the oldest participant in WSOP 2009. This is the third time he takes part in the World Series of Poker and he has been playing poker since 1953. Jack Ury was probably the most appriciated participant  the day he took part as he received standing ovations many times.

Jack Ury was born in Indiana, USA, 96 years ago. He started playing poker 1953 and has since then loved the game. WSOP 2009 is the third WSOP he takes part in and he really knows how to play poker even though he cant see or hear so well any more. When Jack Ury knocked out a player with a higher full house (three 7's & two 6's vs three 6's & two 7's) the crowd went crazy and started clapping their hands. But unfortuntaly, he was knocked out later on in the tournament. But after that he was knocked out of the tournament, he received standing ovantions from everyone he passed as he left the casino in his wheelchair.


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11 comments on "WSOP: Jack Ury - the oldest participant in WSOP 2009"

 Fakiry08/07/2009 18:52:06 GMT
Poker is not just standing at the table waiting for the best time to trick the oponents, its a comuinity, and acts like this show that very well. Congratulations to Jack Ury for showing the world a 96 year old person is not just waiting for time to pass and it can have great times still!
 Nitscho08/07/2009 18:53:19 GMT
That is really creepy. 96 and playin poker on tournaments.... can't believe that he is still standing, and thinking !
 Tchungpo08/07/2009 18:58:22 GMT
Really impressive !! and he is sponsorised by full tilt, nice choice XD

Must be strange to play a heads up vs such a player !!

Only one word : respect !
 Jodoli08/07/2009 20:22:15 GMT
WOW!!! Ninety six years old! It is amazing. 96 years old and in a wheelchair. You really have to love the game to go to the WSOP! It is no surprise that he received a standing ovation. I think he deseeved.
 Davoodoo09/07/2009 16:39:31 GMT
im all in ...

whaaat ?

IM ALL IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Gottfriedx09/07/2009 16:51:42 GMT
Haha @above

Well, some can only dream of being 96 years old.
Respect +1
 z3louco210/07/2009 02:31:52 GMT
I wanna reach 96 and still be able to do big stuff like WSOP
 george12424610/07/2009 04:06:25 GMT
LOL i agree z3louco2 I pray that when Im in my late ninetys that I am able to play poker or even get around without a walker for that matter.
 spanishman10/07/2009 15:21:05 GMT
wow i wanna be the same as him ,, playing poker still with 96 ,, that must be crazy !!! such old ,, many in his age doesn't know anything and he plays sooo professionally !!!
conngratulations to him =)
 holapoker11/07/2009 10:00:04 GMT
is incredible 95 years and always concentrated, forms some to play poker, but I believe that c' is the last time which will take part, respect
 fochizza11/07/2009 16:07:37 GMT
I don't think my heart would be able to cope with the stresses on that age!

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