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World Team Poker

Tags: phil hellmuth, world tour poker, wsop, wtp.
Posted on 07 August 2009 by "T".

Two days ago, World Team Poker, celebrated its launch at Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles. According to the director of communications of World Team Poker, Gideon Cross, this will be the world's first professional poker sports league. Although the structure for this league still isn't ready, Gideon Cross, said that there will be 32 teams of 5 players supporting each country. Each team will get a captain who's chosen by WTP. The captain will then get to choose his 4 teammates. For example, the 11 eleven-time WSOP bracelet winner, Phil Hellmuth (picture), will be the captain for Team USA. Still no date is set for WTP, but most probably it will start off with the first event in Las Vegas in November this year.

Who do you think will get to be the captain for your country? And which 4 players do you think he would choose?

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17 comments for "World Team Poker"

 PokerJosh07/08/2009 12:28:44 GMT
According to this articel there are some team leaders allready choosen.
For Example my team (Team Germany) will be represented by Dan heimiller ^^
 fochizza07/08/2009 12:51:08 GMT
Looks like an interesting format.
 Whiskerer07/08/2009 16:37:02 GMT
My guess would be: Ivey, Brunson, Cunningham and as for number 4 I have no idea.

Anyone know when the action might start? I've run out of interesting poker shows.
 SuperNoob07/08/2009 17:53:21 GMT
Its surely gonna be fun, all big players playing for their country
 EimsbushKing07/08/2009 18:12:26 GMT
maybe : robert varkonyi,jamie gold,jerry yang and of course john robert bellande Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

lets make it 5 : jennifer tilly
 dianakyra07/08/2009 22:40:29 GMT
without me no team spirit
 socrrram07/08/2009 22:51:56 GMT
go go Portugal!!!
 hackeru07/08/2009 23:37:43 GMT
it looks fine
 Whiskerer07/08/2009 23:59:47 GMT
Obviously Barry Greenstein for number 4, but then again if Helmuth picks the players he might just bring his family along, after all if you have Helmuth what else would you need Tongue
 xixi08/08/2009 02:18:52 GMT
doyle brunson cant be out in the usa team i think
 uberdonk708/08/2009 02:46:41 GMT
i think my team would consist of ivey, dwan, minieri. Dwans awesome! 86 baby(H) Spade Heart
 Whiskerer08/08/2009 09:53:46 GMT
To be honest I highly doubt Dwan has any chance of making it on the team, no because of his game but since I don't think Helmuth likes well any of the internet made poker pros. When it comes down to it, I think he was a poor choice of team leader for the american team, he has too much of a ego for it. I'm really suprised Doyle wasn't made the team captain for USA.
 sabat0n10/08/2009 13:47:56 GMT
So captain f my team should be Marcin Goral Horecki but the rest i dont kow Smile Poland dont have to many great poker players.
 Assad9110/08/2009 14:34:42 GMT
NOrWAY Worship
 Fakiry10/08/2009 16:15:07 GMT
I believe Nuno Coelho, aka Zumy, is goign to be invited to be Team Portugal's captain, but i dont know if he can accept, once he is also a lawyer and he continues to exercise his professional activity. He is one of the best playing in Portugal and he have a very particular way to play, that he defines this way:
- "play the oponents, not the cards"
Nice, hein?
 IdiocracyLT11/08/2009 05:17:59 GMT
Thats nice! But I think there will no Lithuanians.. Sad
 Fisto11/08/2009 09:52:35 GMT
No russian team. That's sad.

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