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Ladies poker event won by a man

Tags: Abraham Kortotki, Borgata, ladies event, ladies poker tournament.
Posted on 22 September 2009 by "T".

Two weekends ago a 65-year old man named Abraham Kortotki won a No Limit Texas Hold'em event for women at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ. Kortotki and several other men were able to enter the tournament for women thanks to a legal loophole involving discrimination laws. Of course this made many of the female participants very upset as they thought a "ladies no limit event" only should be for females. Probably the most upset of all the women that took part in the tournament was the second place finisher, Nicole Rowe.

Nicole Rowe thought that the tournament organizers openly dismayed by the outcome as they confirmed that Kortotki's win is legitimate. And when she asked Kortotki to split the first prize, she got her request rejected by Kortotki as he claimed to have entered the tournament with the law on his side just like the other male participants had. However, he promised to donate some of the $20,982 cash prize he won to a breast cancer charity - a condition that Rowe has been diagnosed with. Kortotki, probably made this good will gesture just to cool down the feminist flames a bit? Who knows? However, one thing is for sure, and that is that Kortotki's win of a poker tournament for women has brought many questions to life. For example: What exactly is the purpose with a "ladies tournament"?

Do you think its discriminating to organize poker tournaments only for women?


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43 comments on "Ladies poker event won by a man"

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» Ladies poker event won by a man

 GeneYuss22/09/2009 20:05:45 GMT
I think there should be a woman's title and a men's title. In any sport they don't mix the men and woman's titles together.

What was the loophole, were men allowed to play in the tournament?
 xxxbchxxx22/09/2009 22:03:29 GMT
thats brillliant hahaha woman have it all there own way sometimes and this just go's to show men are on top in every thing....hahahahahahaha
 Lutenatik22/09/2009 22:08:52 GMT
Posted by dunotra:
If a man can win a womans 800m race why carn't a man win a lady's only poker game Big Smile

LOL nice1 xD
 MuradMurad22/09/2009 22:22:43 GMT
Hahaha clever snitches, but ofcourse at the same time its deep unethiclly, Tbecause the arrangement is only for women, thats why its named event for women, but but but, at the same time we have also seen females at the tables in big events as WOP

Hahaha clever snitches, but ofcourse at the same time its deep unethiclly, Tbecause the arrangement is only for women, thats why its named event for women, but but but, at the same time we have also seen females at the tables in big events as WOP
 Plexo22/09/2009 23:34:54 GMT
Posted by batukas:
i agree with those who say that 'female only' tourneys are stupid, poker is mind game, it's not basketball or football or physical sport where men are better

I totally agree with you guys.
Even more, this kind of turnament become stupider when a man wins it.
 nebu23/09/2009 09:49:30 GMT
i dont think its discriminating and these old bstrds shouldnt play there.. on the wsop ladies event are no guy either! try to enter there with the law on your side!
 JKLB88823/09/2009 10:39:46 GMT
I think Women poker tournaments are perfectly ok. Many women are more comfortable learning the game in this environment. It would be really cool if women were treated as the equals we are in poker but i know of few women who have not had a traumatic time playing in mixed events at one stage or another in their poker playing lifetimes. This guys is a sad but true fact. In a live event i've even heard where one poor woman had a guy spit in her face after he lost to her.I think i've been called every name imaginable whilst playing and then there's the way the men play against women. I'm sure you'll all get on your high horses about it and bleat about if we can't take the heat,etc but really facts are facts guys and you can't change them by denying them.

As for the many female pros who don't support the womens events ask yourselves why that is? Being singled out as a female who plays female events won't work wonders for their Pro status, and the money isn't comparable. I for one think both reasons are a cop out. Annie Duke played womens events on her way up and now she scoffs at the idea which kinda sucks. She could do so much as an ambassador for other women but one thing i notice about this self opinionated woman is she really cares about herself way to much - i therefore certainly wouldn't choose her as such an ambassador.No denying she's a damned good player but a damned good person??? Jennifer Harman would be a better choice but there are so many good female players today it's a shame they don't just stand up for being female and support up and coming female talent. Again though this might single them out for ridicule in their chosen profession.

As for this man winning a Womens Tourney. What an obnoxious little prat. The organisors should have done something to make it more feminine like i don't know get the women to wear their bras on top or have tampon earrings, anything really that would make men less inclined to want to play. Its a measure of a mans personality when he takes it upon himself to go out of his way to force entry in to an event where he's not welcome because he has the right. What an ass.Typical of a man to force himself upon women who have no desire for his presence. Wonder if he'd turn up to a gay mans poker tournament?Assuming he isn't a gay man that is?The fact that he won? Big Deal. Did he win because he was a man? Unlikely. I'm sure many of the women went easy on him feeling sorry for the poor fragile ego'd soul.And why if women are so notoriously bad at poker would good male players want to play them? I would not want to play guys who played poorly.

Poker is a mind game it doesn't take any stamina to pick up cards but women playing against men can take a thick skin and some women can't cope with the nastiness they have to put up with.As men you don't have to contend with that so you really have no idea, either that or you're part of the problem.Its not the cards women worry about be sure of that.

I can't wait for the response to this comment. Knock yourselves out guys. See if there is ONE man amongst you who will be in support of the women viewpoint here PLEASE i have money on the outcome - lots of money.

As for the pathetic men amongst you that think women can't play/shouldn't play please join the Railbirds and come play in our tourneys it'll be a pleasure seeing you knocked out time and again by one of our many fantastic female players but don't expect any support from the men with your chauvinistic attitudes they know how good we are.

And please those of you who are good guys don't be offended this is by no means a go at ALL men. I play as part of a team with some fantastic guys and i've met hundreds of good guys at the tables. As is often the case it's a few that give the good ones a bad rep.
 Eeben23/09/2009 10:55:41 GMT
Posted by dlkiv:
I think its bull shit to have events organised for women only yes. if an event was for 'men only" dont ya think the howling would start?

They do same thing in denmark in the nightclubs. Women can come in for free and then get a free drink and the men has to pay. It's just bullshit
 globen23/09/2009 11:31:53 GMT
Lovely and very nice. No such tournament should be aloud. All how have the money regardless to sex should have the chance to enter. Try to make a only man tournament and see the pappers Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 awood8823/09/2009 12:32:09 GMT
I don't think there's anything wrong with a women's only tournament. It's not that much different from playing in a student tourney like I've done. I don't think that because we are students only, the standard is lower. Far from it. The standard at the local casino where everyone can join is much lower. The reasons are social and economic. It's a much higher buy in at the casino and they take a fee rather than add money.

If women want to play themselves they will have different reasons maybe individual reasons but it's really up to them and we should respect that wish. about men having their own tourney, i have no facts to back this up but wouldn't that be kind of pointless as thats like banning less than twenty percent of poker players from playing.

@JKLB888 I agree with some of your points but you seem to have so much anger on the issue and i think you were a little harsh. maybe you should of stated that your only referring to the minority earlier on. Women face aggression and pigish chauvinism in life. I don't see what is has to with poker. Anyone who is acting in such a manner during or after a game would get some equally bad treatment from us decent players and would not be seen again. you shouldn't feel pressurised into women's only tourneys. but you're right that pros should give them more encouragement and women who want to enter them should be free to do so without men spoiling it.
 JKLB88823/09/2009 12:42:50 GMT
Oh i can see what an intellectual reasoned debate this is. Your very informed well thought out opinions are to coin a phrase you seem to comprehend fairly well "BULLSHIT".. What a bunch of clueless numpties you are. Are there any educated folk on this site or is it just for neanderthal bozos with ner a brain cell or original thought amongst you? I pray your poker skills are better for your own sakes - on the basis that i doubt it PLEASE come to Railbirds i want your money.
Why do they let women in nightclubs free and give them a free drink? You moron to trap planks like you in to going. Jeez are you really this stupid?
No such tournament should be ALOUD - get a dictionary or attend school more often.
 dlkiv23/09/2009 13:05:24 GMT
JKL8888 Yes there are many 'educated folk " on thi site. I am one of them, and seem to be the only consistant female poster on here. I feel compelled to answer you as you are doing exactly what most of these posts have intended to do. You are lashing out. I play many live games, as I live a 20 minute drive away from a large casino.and yes, some males have been harrassing and bad "sports" after losing, but on the other hand I have seen many women doing the same and calling it "fixed" for the men etc.... i must also add that I consistantly place in the money with more than 5 first places as well.

I do not play in "woman only" tournys . I prefer to play with my skill and I love the challange. If I beat a man, means nothing to me, same as beating another female. When male/female get out of line or "loose it" it does not faze me.

You are reacting the way they want you too, and you took the bait. I hope you don't fall into that catagory when you play.
 JKLB88823/09/2009 13:23:39 GMT
awood88. No anger here maybe just trying to make a point strongly as people seem to be having a knee jerk response rather than thinking about it. Why do women want women only events? Because they don't like men? Think think think. Also so many quick to jump on the side of "its Bullshit" and the reasoning for such a response is farcical.What does aggression & piggish chauvinism have to do with poker???? You are JOKING right? I accept it's difficult for a man to comprehend just how difficult it can be for women in poker but to dismiss the notion that that is the case when you have no experience of it is just crazy. Get this straight i am a strong woman of average poker playing ability, i also fear no man BUT i have had some horrendous experiences in the game by my own standards but i have heard stories from other women that shock even me. And the way men play against women is different too. For a woman starting out it can be unnerving to say the least. Personally i use any mans rubbish play directed at me because i'm a woman to relieve him of his chips but it's a hard lesson. Why then can women just not play there own games. Most men here are slagging off women as players so why the hell not let them go play on their own then you guys can have the perfect donkfests on your own. I tell you this much i'd rather play a bunch of guys than a bunch of women only and i know plenty of women who feel that way - women only games are tough. And a token guy in a womens tourney? They would all feel sorry for him whilst slaughtering each other.LOL

As for pointing out that i don't mean all men at the end and not at the beginning?? Semantics. I don't see why i should have to put it at all but being the considerate woman i am i didn't want to upset any "nice" guys. Theres nobody worrying about upsetting the women by their thoughtless comments so why should i even bother. And really any "nice" guys with a brain cell in their heads shouldn't be in the least offended by anything i said because they'd know i don't mean them simply by what i'm talking about surely? Either you are a decent guy respectful of women at all times including at the poker table or you're not if you fall in to the former category what i say in my first and second comments is not something that would offend you.

Now i'm feeling frustrated i'm going to find some men to beat at poker and make myself feel much much better Tongue
 dlkiv23/09/2009 14:01:38 GMT
[QUOTE]Posted by JKLB888:
awood88. No anger here maybe just trying to make a point strongly as people seem to be having a knee jerk response rather than thinking about it.

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

I say again that you are proving the point of "womens" reaction Confused
I play the game and i dont give a rats ass who it is against. Women, men or as dunotra pointed out can be both at same time Tongue
All kidding aside JKL8888 I hope that you play the game the same with all and that your responses here are not reflective of your attitude when playing. As i stated above, I play plenty of live and one of the worst sore losers was a woman with me. She was at least 15 years younger than me, thought the world owed her somthing because as she said " I am a female poker player in a mans world" and then went on to state that she would make all the males at the tables sorry for not taking her seriously!! Well I beat her. I played on her state of mind and after her lose she then called me a "f'ing cunt" and threw her water bottle at me. Confused Lucky for me I move fast. Big Smile I then went on to take second in that tourny.

I could really care less what peoples opinions are of female players, or my playing for that matter. I have no need to stick up for "womens rights' as you do.

I play the game and do it fairly well. Action speaks an talk is bullshit.
 JKLB88823/09/2009 14:15:34 GMT
dlkiv lol. Nice to meet you. I could care less whether i play man,woman,bot or real donkey either. For me it's about the game. As for taking the bait? What bait? You see unanswered these people will continue to think talking about women like this is ok. I could ignore them but i'm here with time to spare so why not do a little defending of my gender. I don't consider a thing i said to be said in anger but i'm strong in my opinion and i'm not shy about saying what i think but that is far far far away from angry. Please don't confuse eloquence and forthrightness with anger particularly in relation to myself.Its a common error but an error nonetheless.

Not playing in women only tourneys is your CHOICE isn't it nice to have one? Unlike yourself or myself some women are just not comfortable playing in mixed games. With enough time and the right environment where they can gain confidence such as a women only game hopefully they can join you or i one day. If they don't where is the harm? Your support for these women would not be a bad thing. I run a game for battered women - women only of course. Do you think we should put men in this game just because? I also run 2 home games one female only,one mixed. There is only laughter and chatter in the women's games, the mixed games? Well it's just a balancing act hoping when someone gets donked they don't get angry and set of some aggro. I like both games equally for different reasons.

And finally yes i've known women get a little heated at games too.It just makes me laugh as its a real levelling of the sexes. I have gone on tilt from time to time. I'm not much bothered by it usually its a momentary thing and can help you just get over the bad game and move on. The category i fall in to when i play is get on with it and have some fun hopefully. I truly love the game so there isn't much that fazes me i can watch a game go by with crazy plays all in fests donk fests, verbal nastiness bad beats going on the whole shebang and just sit back laugh and or admire whichever's appropriate so don't go worrying about me. I'm running pretty hot myself at the moment so it's all good.

Well done you for being one of the only consistent female contributors here Thumbs Up. I'm not surprised there aren't many though it's hardly women friendly. Its a shame there aren't more women in poker who stand up for there gender. By which i don't mean playing in women only tourneys (though supporting them whilst not choosing to play in them would be a help) but by presenting women in a positive and equal light. Assimilation is not they key to women's progress in poker or life in general. We are different but equal and that is something some people need to comprehend. They got the brawns we got the brains is what i tell my kids and nieces - a positive female image is not something to be ashamed of. And neither do i hate men - i quite like most of them.I fact i love alot of them Blink . What i'm talking about is balance and fairness. Positively supporting women who aren't quite as strong as others and being proud.To do this is my choice it's not about being baited or angry but it's not about being apathetic either. You do things your way and i'll very happily keep on doing things my way.

Take care my friend,and may the flop continue in it's kindness to you. Big Smile

Hey GeneYuss really kool that i play with my husbands money. Mua ha ha ha to male poverty. Big Smile
 dlkiv23/09/2009 14:35:25 GMT
JKL8888 I am the only consistant female poster here. This site is very friendly to me and it is not because I am female. As for it being a shame that I dont stand up for my "gender" I dont need too. I do not go in to a game with the attitude of being the only woman there and proving a point. i go in to win, as me.

By your posts being what they are, angry and trying so very hard to convince all of equality, IMO you show that you are not equal. I am a very positve female with no need for silly games. I wish you well but this is a redundant topic that has been beat to death on here. Being that you are a new poster you would not know that.

This is my last post in this topic as I have no desire for debates on the sexes. I know who I am and i do not need to stand on a roof and scream it nor do I feel the need to ram the equality topic down peoples throats.

good luck to you. Smile
 nebu23/09/2009 14:46:39 GMT
on the other hand, women wanted to be treated as equal or am i wrong? so they shouldnt complain when they are treated as equal!! they just got what they asked for!
 JKLB88823/09/2009 15:12:33 GMT
Hiya again dlkiv. Neither do i. I am simply responding to a post.I don't go in to a game saying hi i'm a girl go easy on me i go in i play - simple as. This is not about me it's about a woman's right to play in a woman's only game (you know the post with the question) - although it would seems she doesn't have that right. I don't have a point to prove either as a woman or as a poker player,or as a poster.

Trying too hard to convince people of equality is infinitely preferable to not trying at all.And i'm not here trying for personal gain.This posting gets me diddly squat. As for the "new poster here" jibe - well new here maybe - a topic covered in a 1000 forums by 1000's of people so the place is not the issue. That you think your being an "old" poster makes you any better than a new poster is possibly about as "silly" as it gets if you want to talk about silly games. How positively childish.

A redundant topic? Enough said from you i think. I can see why you fit in here so well. I bet the boys love a girl like you.A "positive" female. I'm glad you know who you are,and thank christ you don't scream it from the roof tops cos it'd probably be "ME, I ,ME, I,ME, I!!!!" Why respond in the first place? You had nothing positive to add. It surely was a waste of time. Or were you hoping you being an "old" poster would have me bowing to your infinite wisdom. Shame there's no barfing smiley.

Ramming down people throats. Funny how a discussion can appear that way to some folk.But then if you're used to hanging around here a post that consists of more than 2 paragraphs possibly does look that way and especially when it consists of words with more than 2 syllables.

Continued luck in your game.May the felt continue to be kinder than you are.
 SuperNoob25/09/2009 23:08:13 GMT
lol it was funny.
think might stop these "ladies tournament" in future. don't see any point in this ladies only games and think most of the ladies will agree too
 joulukinkku27/09/2009 09:28:30 GMT
Way to go Kortotki! 65-year old man winning the womans only tournament Hhahahhah! Big Smile

And these "womans only" tournament are so stupid that I can´t think why are these ongoing. In couple of poker sites I have allready seen these kind of tourneys also; stupid as hell!

Long liv the correspondence Worship
 B1gfoot27/09/2009 09:38:36 GMT
I don't see how they have the time to play, you know with all that washing, ironing, hoovering, shopping etc to do then there is makeup, hair, choice of shoes, clothes accessories etc, surely that eats up ALL their time. Also how do they afford the BI, we should cut back on their allowance, that's for food and beer woman.
Hi JKLB888 Big Smile
 B1gfoot11/10/2009 17:28:07 GMT
Come off it green9fox, C&P least you made a very little effort to hide what your doing..
 riversucks120/11/2009 04:10:25 GMT
just have toureys dont need man only or women only its poker
 Mast3rKush20/11/2009 05:32:01 GMT
haha that's hilarious. Dunno why somebody would be so eager as to quote the law on such a trivial matter. Just play any other tourney & let the women do their thing on this one & all for a prize of $20G haha... i think he just thought that the women probably are easier prey... even though i've seen some really good female players around the way with some really good reading skills.

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