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Phil Ivey shall try to appeal Borgata casino $10M lawsuit ruling

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Posted on 24 January 2017 by "T".

It seems like the legal battle is never over for poker pro Phil Ivey. The most recent news about Phil Ivey and his case against the Borgata casino is that Ivey was ordered to give back to the casino what he and his companion had won worth $10.1 million, as compensation for breaching the casino contract. This order was brought out regarding Ivey's edge sorting case as reported in late December 2016.

According to, Phil Ivey's legal team has asked a federal judge to the list judgment in favor of Atlantic City-based Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa as a final one so that he can duly appeal it in a circuit court.

"So Ivey wants to get to the Third Circuit - the same one that voted 2-1, 2-1 again, and then 9-3 in favor of the sports leagues in the New Jersey sports betting case, which is almost unprecedented as a lack of unanimity - as soon as possible. To do that, he needs that Final Judgment.

And he doesn't want to have to put $10M or anything close sitting effectively in escrow, either, while the wheels of justice grind along.

One complication that Ivey's attorneys had to note was "the remaining claims existing between [Borgata] and defendant Gemaco, Inc." That's the playing card manufacturer that produced cards that as far as anyone can tell, were perfectly symmetrical to everyone but Sun (that includes Borgata officials and state regulators).

Ivey doesn't want to wait that situation to get in the way.

Ivey wants the Final Judgment "notwithstanding" those claims - or dismissal of those claims pursuant to a Federal Rule of Civil Procedure regarding "Judgment on Multiple Claims or Involving Multiple Parties."

In due course, if he manages to get back to the Third Circuit, then he can keep his money out of escrow. His legal team suggests that the only issue would be the claims between Gemaco (the playing card manufacturer) and Borgata casino. That is why Ivey would need the final judgment to exclude those claims, as stated above.

For more motions, deadlines are this week. The motion hearing is scheduled on February 21.



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13 comments on "Phil Ivey shall try to appeal Borgata casino $10M lawsuit ruling"

 bowie198424/01/2017 14:06:35 GMT
Seems to me that he already spent millions just to keep the retainer for his legal defense team, a long and troubled situation like this is a dream come true to every firm and their hourly rates could go skyrocketing if they win a couple cases like this...
 Gerimantas24/01/2017 14:45:16 GMT
This looks like a very complex situation, I do not really understand everything I read here, but one thing I can say that this americam law system looks really hard, and everything takes so much time, actually its similar in my country- we have many situations where case tkae years and years to be solved
 pajalnick24/01/2017 20:07:31 GMT
and I think that he's a big lad !! went against the system, and it is of course very happy ... I always thought that his winnings should he stay ... the casino itself to blame for the error and is now trying to take away the money ... I'm on the side of the player
 Robbo199025/01/2017 05:55:36 GMT
why doesnt he play for the casino, play at the tables to win them back what he owes. a couple hands in Macau and he will have more than enough even
 dule-vu25/01/2017 12:51:05 GMT
who know what he will get from this,maybe he will spend that 10 $ million on lawyers and then he will be on same,maybe he just want to be satisfied and to take victory over them,no matter on money!if he can beat system,then go for it!
 Mober25/01/2017 21:50:37 GMT
Is it the money he is after in the first place, or to some how clear his name from all this story.
Too many years now chasing something, that you have already lost and probably will lose
And in the process of course he is losing money. Lawyers dont come cheap Smile
 doubletop77726/01/2017 08:52:20 GMT
In my opinion, Phil Ivey should definitely be appealing this decision and i think that he has a very fair chance of it being overturned. I really hope that he wins his appeal and gets his money
 dule-vu26/01/2017 14:15:03 GMT
I am always on side of player or any man who is against goverment or casino!so if he is right and he didnt do anything wrong,dont give them money back and fight for it!but law in usa is stronge,so dont think that he will win this!
 IndianAce111/02/2017 04:18:02 GMT
this is crap. these are casinos that make billions or millions they cannot come up with a perfect deck? by not having a perfect deck, they are 1. giving players a chance to edge sort. and 2. using it against them if they happen to win. scam. It just shows just how much Casinos are greedy and sore losers,
instead of making this a marketing tool and improving their system,they cry like babies..
 Mober11/02/2017 21:56:17 GMT
I dont think it is the casino that does the crying here.
Since they ordered ivey to give the money back, probably he is the one Smile
The rest of the casino world must have got a lesson out of it.
Doesnt cost for them changing a deck of cards every time and it can save them the trouble and
 bowie198412/02/2017 18:48:39 GMT
Posted by IndianAce1:
this is crap. these are casinos that make billions or millions they cannot come up with a perfect deck?

They do not even need perfect decks they just need to change them more frequently...
 Mober12/02/2017 22:22:03 GMT
I have seen a couple of times in casino's, baccarat, with some high bets there.
In every game, the players were folding the cards, and i mean literally folding the cards,
once or twice, or even tearing the cards apart.
So in every single game, they were using a brand new deck of cards Smile
Thats a way to do it Smile
 bowie198413/02/2017 20:23:27 GMT
Posted by Mober:
So in every single game, they were using a brand new deck of cards Smile
Thats a way to do it Smile

I wanna have a plastic card factory right outside in the desert near Vegas. Would be a goddamn goldmine.

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