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High Stakes: Ilari Sahamies in a very bad mood

Tags: bad mood, full tilt poker, Ilari Sahamies, tilt.
Posted on 23 September 2009 by "T".

Last week one could read on Ilari Sahamies blog that things are not going his way at the moment. For example he complained a lot about himself being unlucky, but also that he played very bad. All this because he lost 1.4 million dollars (400k of them coin flips) in two hours against Phil Ivey. After this huge loss he wrote the following in the poker chat about his scheduled trip to London to play EPT and WSOPE.

"Ziigmund: no london"
"Ziigmund: jumping from balkony"
"Phil Ivey: lol"

However, according to what he wrote in his blog, it seems like he's still planning on going to London.

"I hate that fcking poker still and havent had good feeling playing that bullshit game like in 4 months....Whatever...Im going to fcking London next week where I play fcking EWSOP,fcking EPT and F Cesar cup and those fcki"

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18 comments on "High Stakes: Ilari Sahamies in a very bad mood"

 shokaku23/09/2009 16:36:14 GMT
A song to lift Ziigys spirit. Blink
 Calmplay23/09/2009 16:45:30 GMT
He should take a break from playing high stakes like Gus did, and get back to the right mood to crush Ivey or not? Smile we'll see if he'll do well in London... if not I also recommend him to jump from the balcony Big Smile
 Btownd8723/09/2009 23:49:07 GMT
Oh no! Only a few hundred thousand left!
No problemo.
 GeneYuss24/09/2009 17:32:02 GMT
haha. Ziigmund is funny Smile
 rednatic24/09/2009 19:17:04 GMT
the thing is even if your a good player why go against the world's best player ? its just a negative ev thing to do and i don't see how can u expect to win money in the long run playing against phil ivey ! guys a god
 Davoodoo24/09/2009 20:54:22 GMT
I bet that when ziigmund wa a very little kid he was probably that kind that laid on the floor in the supermarket whining and crying for not getting a expensive toy ...
 mattel25/09/2009 10:06:33 GMT
He will prob win the WSOPE now............. i heard Phil hellmuth is makin that caesar entrance again - muppet.....
 PokerJosh25/09/2009 10:43:17 GMT
a lot of fks up there xD
 Plexo26/09/2009 00:36:14 GMT
I fell like him right now, with the differnce I only have lost a couples of dollars
 SuperNoob26/09/2009 14:27:53 GMT
poker has its ups and downs, don't think anyone can survive long on highstakes who can't take the downswings. btw have to agree 1.4 mil in 2 hrs is too much of a loss
 joulukinkku26/09/2009 20:05:03 GMT
HHHHAHHAHAHHAHAHH NiCe Ziigmund! He does really have got some bad days Smile Im from Finland and this was some funny shit Thumbs Up
Way to go Sahamies = sawman Cool
 Fakiry27/09/2009 20:13:55 GMT
Coinflip? This pro guys come to a point in their lifes that just dont know what to do to get some thrill trying something different... loosing $400K playing coinflip is just too much, its something above my imagination, and i have already seen people loosing much doing crazy stuff... Sahamies should take some vacation, enjoying some of his winnings with "not-playing" moments, relax...
 Frozenik30/09/2009 00:54:50 GMT
I would like to have an opportunity to lost that big money Big Smile But for now my bankroll = 0 USD Big Smile Anyway it cannot make me angry Smile
 xxxbchxxx30/09/2009 19:17:50 GMT
wow he sounds really pissed off..
He needs to chill a bit .l sounds to me as thou hes not used to having his arse handed to him on a plate.. you have to be a good looser as well as a good winner.
 koontz101/10/2009 14:59:34 GMT
I love how he constantly asks durrrr and others for loans of cash on the public chat + slates a lot of top players all the time.
 mglaude21/10/2009 04:15:12 GMT
'jumping from balkony'

 boomboom8221/10/2009 16:48:10 GMT
well he cahsed didnt he 73k not much tho 2 him

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