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WPT Borgata - Final table: Greatest comeback ever?

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Posted on 25 September 2009 by "T".

WPT Borgata attracted a huge starting field this year. Not so many notable poker players, but the tournament turned out great even though the most stars decided to play WSOPE in London instead. Of the huge starting field it came to be the 6 players below who made it to the final table.

Olivier Busquet - 10,350,000
Yanick Brodeur - 5,780,000
Ivan Mamuzic - 5,655,000
Jeremy Brown - 5,480,000
Keith Crowder - 2,750,000
Kenny Nguyen - 600,000

Olivier Busquet, from New York, had a big chip lead as the final table started. It was a very well deserved chip lead, and to be honest it seemed like nothing could stop him from grabbing the first prize of $925,514. But the way to the win of WPT Borgata wasn't all that easy for the American.

Olivier almost instantly eliminated short-stacked Kenny Nguyen. At this time he had almost twice as many chips as the other remaining players. Then everything took a big turn in the tournament. Jeremy Brown suddenly had a great run and took down almost every single pot. He eliminated the next 3 players and now it looked like he would take home the first prize instead of Olivier.

Greatest comeback in the history of WPT?
Things were not looking good for Oliver as he and Jeremy Brown were playing heads-up. But somehow, Oliver, manage to come back from a 20-to-1 chip disadvantage and win the whole tournament. This is for sure one of the greatest comebacks in the history of WPT.


Final table results:
1 Olivier Busquet - $925,514
2 Jeremy Brown - $453,519
3 Ivan Mamuzic - $251,955
4 Yanick Brodeur - $216,681
5 Keith Crowder - $188,126
6 Kenny Nguyen - $156,212


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18 comments on "WPT Borgata - Final table: Greatest comeback ever?"

 Btownd8725/09/2009 19:06:02 GMT
Wow. That takes incredible precision-decision making.
And more luck then a Leprechaun.
 Plexo25/09/2009 20:48:48 GMT
20-1 disadvantage! Oh my god. Can't imagine what Brown felt after lost the advantage and the torunament at the end. I mean $450K are a big difference.
 Calmplay25/09/2009 21:48:01 GMT
Yes, indeed greatest comeback in WPT history!!! Then comes the heads up match for the World Championship between Hansen and Chiu Worship
 nebu26/09/2009 09:11:02 GMT
lucker Smile
 SuperNoob26/09/2009 14:51:58 GMT
lol brown must have felt like an idiot after losing with such a large chip advantage, but sometimes u keep on getting unlucky and there's nothing u can do
 najs26/09/2009 21:29:01 GMT
almost 1M, that's amazing !
 xxxbchxxx27/09/2009 13:24:15 GMT
Cool thats some defasit 20/1
I wonder if the first double up was as sweet as the last?
I'm hoping i can find it somewhere on the web.
 mattel27/09/2009 14:14:13 GMT
Man he musta been lucky eh - but i dunno if he deserved it after losing such a chip lead - will have to watch it if i can....
 GeneYuss28/09/2009 23:30:25 GMT
I seen Olivier Busquet 's headsup sharkscope, good player, won like $1.2mill in 28k sngs but he must have been lucky to come back from 20-1 deficit.
 Frozenik30/09/2009 00:52:12 GMT
This comeback shows that you should never give up Smile There is always a chance to win! Either if you think you can't do anything else.
 mrnugger30/09/2009 06:13:52 GMT
this must have being terrible moments for Jeremy Brown seeing the stack of Oliver groing and groing and noth being able to stop his run !!!
 Raggamann02/10/2009 19:13:15 GMT
20-1 chiplead is sick. i would like to know the blinds at this point.
but i have to say, i have seen a comeback that was more lucky.
in my first live tournament i made to the heads-up and after a long time i won a huge pot and my opponent had less than one big blind left, while i had around 30bb. he won everyhand from that point on. all preflop all-ins. i think it were 6 hands and i had the better starting hands 4 times and coinflips the other two. that was really sick.
 antonio2103/10/2009 15:33:21 GMT
chp luck¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
 joulukinkku03/10/2009 20:01:22 GMT
OMG that must be some kinda luck he got in his sleeves. That is the greatest comeback ever I think!!!! NEVER GIVE UP if you got short stack!<3
 Jorgen04/10/2009 19:03:15 GMT
Busquet was chip leader so i guess...eard winning...
 Fakiry07/10/2009 12:36:17 GMT
Twenty to one disadvantage... Who reads only this can come to think the chip leader on the heads up was a big donk, which is absolutely not true, considering the huge starting field of the beggining of the tourney that he had to pass. Even though we have to say Olivier Busquet must have been playing a powerful poker at the heads up, to come up with such a victory!
 iamaaron5911/05/2012 16:25:23 GMT
Jeremy Brown is an idiot, a drunk idiot. He basically gave the tournament away. It was the most disgusting display of horrible poker ever, but entertaining as hell. If anybody wants to watch it here is the link:


he gets SMASHED and just donks off EVERYTHING. it is friggin hilarious.

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