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What Poker Pros Make of the Coronavirus

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Posted on 11 March 2020 by "T".

Daniel Negreanu - one of many poker pros who has shared his opinion on the Coronavirus

Whether we classify the latest coronavirus as a pandemic, it still is a serious issue. Within just two months, the virus known as COVID-19 has spread across several continents. When something is described as pandemic, it means continuous transmission of the disease, all at the same time in multiple different geographical regions. Pandemic does not refer to a virus' deadly characteristic but rather its transmissibility and geographical reach.

What we really have now is a pandemic of fear. The entire world's media focus is on the coronavirus, resulting to a growing fear of going outdoors and prompting others to panic buy everyday grocery items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, pasta, milk, bread, canned goods and other staples.

For now, despite the amassing fear brought about by the novel coronavirus, it appears the poker community isn't too concerned. In fact, many poker rooms in Las Vegas are open amidst the coronavirus scare.

Taking precautionary measures
In Las Vegas, America's poker hub, still remain busy. Many players aren't even wearing face masks. However, some notable players are making some lifestyle changes, albeit temporary, as a precautionary measure for what many health experts strongly believe will soon become a huge health crisis in the USA.

Shaun Deeb tweeted he decided to have his kids stop going to school in the meantime.

Phil Galfond said a little preparation and precaution won't cost much.

Bill Perkins lately has been actively tweeting and re-tweeting posts about the virus.

Aria, one of the top poker rooms in Las Vegas, said they will begin washing chips more thoroughly, as a way to lower the odds of staff and customers spreading the coronavirus.

Buffets in Vegas Shut Down
Not only is Las Vegas the poker capital of America, but it is also the buffet capital, with many of the delicious and most expensive buffets in the nation all gathered within one city. While it's a great experience to feast your heart out in such buffets, it can become a worst nightmare for your respiratory (and overall) health in the event you get infected by someone who unknowingly has the coronavirus and is also eating at the same buffet.

So, as a precautionary measure for this foreseen scenario, MGM Resorts has temporarily closed its seven properties: Aria, Bellagio, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, and MGM Grand.

However, Wynn is still keeping its buffet doors open, but customers will not be allowed to scoop their own food. For now, a staff member will be the only one doing the scooping.

Not too concerned
On the other side, there are those who aren't too concerned at all.

Mike Matusow is getting ready for some poker action at Bay 101 Casino in California and still plans to go despite others trying to convince him not to play due to the virus.

Daniel Negreanu casually wrote "I'm not afraid of it killing me personally at all."

Not everyone agrees with him though, as others criticized him for the fact he recently flew in some friends from China for a poker home game.


2020 WSOP vs Coronavirus
With the coronavirus still continuing to spread, the poker world is keeping its fingers crossed in the hopes the 2020 WSOP will not be moved or cancelled. Earlier this month, poker pros even came up with a prop bet on the 2020 WSOP likely getting cancelled due to the coronavirus.

The WSOP organizers say they have no intention of cancelling the event, but clarified they will continue to monitor the outbreak and may make changes if needed.

Vice President of Corporate Communication for the WSOP Seth Palansky said, "We've been monitoring the situation and will continue to lean on the experts in this field for guidance. At this time, all our events and schedules remain intact and are planned to go on without interruption. We would be prepared to expand measures to ensure the safety of our guests and employees, again leaning on the experts."



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36 comments on "What Poker Pros Make of the Coronavirus"

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» What Poker Pros Make of the Coronavirus

 CALICUL15/03/2020 21:38:26 GMT
I am better informed than you are, my friend. The televisions lie a lot and freezes the waters. We are systematically lied to by the governors. Coronavirus is true but the lies about him are too many. On tv and on the Internet there are many manipulations. Avian flu, swine, mad cow disease etc ... Only miseries to introduce their meat with toxins and chemicals and chemicals. Now with this virus is another scam even if corona is real. You will see.
 maragatero15/03/2020 23:57:20 GMT
Well CALICUL, let´s go on parts. I´m agree that the goverments lie in several opportunities. Some of them are for your own (evil) interest, and other times they couln´t say the truth, and it´s reasonable to don´t create public panic. But the cience don´t lie. You can´t deny the reason and the cientistic method, or you return to the dark age. Please, be careful!
 CALICUL16/03/2020 22:37:16 GMT
I have no problem with any scientific method if she tells the truth or is too close. I have a sad feeling of hatred when they lie. This coronavius is a less-than-normal flu but they lie to us. I don't know what purpose they have but the variants can be many.
 maragatero17/03/2020 01:00:11 GMT
But, what are you saying about liers? Where is the lie? In the number of case, in the percentage of death, in the exponential king of contagion growth? As I said, I´m agree about the lies of the goverments, like a rutine practice. But I don´t understand what you think about this pandemia. It´s not like a normal flu. It have a bigest percentage of death and a terrible capacity of grow!
 CALICUL18/03/2020 00:13:06 GMT
Many people die from the flu in every year. It was the same now, but instead of passing through the cause of death a normal flu, they write coronavirus. That's how they received order from politicians. You will see this because the truth it cannot be hidden.
 MarkWest18/03/2020 08:14:21 GMT
Calicul I don't understand your point when you say that many people die from flu in every year ,
yes I know that many people die from flu every year , don't know what's situation in Romania at the moment but all over the world have now this virus and it's not just flu.
Every year have flu but it never made this kind of situation to many countries.
Those numbers don't lie and those numbers tell us only cases what confirmed.

 Mober18/03/2020 18:50:08 GMT
I like what it has been written on this article, that it is basically a pandemic of fear.
Well if the measures arent serious then there will be no way to control it after
some point without a vaccine.
People are making such comments when they are out of the dance as we say here. Smile
But when the issue impacts them directly.... then it is another story Smile
 CALICUL19/03/2020 00:30:25 GMT
They lie with other things... and these cases of Coronavirus are not so many. unless it is true that the virus has been spread with drones. In my country, newspapers say: there are 246 cases with zero deaths and in Italy a romanian died. Some newspapers shout that it is serious and it scares people and the president says: is no cause for panic. Someone has a huge interest in lying.
 maragatero19/03/2020 02:41:50 GMT
CALICUL, my friend, you are really wrong. I don´t understand if you really, really, think this crazy things or you take it with some irony to generate a good flow of conversation between us... The crown virus is not a common flu, and the big difference is that its growth is exponential, and the number of cases that require intensive therapy overwhelms the capabilities of any health system. Also, no one knows how to deal with it successfully (and for the flu there are already vaccines!)
 MarkWest19/03/2020 10:22:33 GMT
Calicul , Our news says that today 8 a clock morning Romania had 260 cases with anyone died , just had news that Germany found in one day 2800 cases etc. for me those numbers tell that there is something serious and it can't be only flu , it's something new and it takes time to found way to handle it.
Our news also say that those numbers tell only confirmed cases so those numbers can be bigger than they say in news.

 dule-vu19/03/2020 11:26:07 GMT
markwest dont know why anybody bother to explain something every day,when you see that this doesnt work and that he cant get it!you just waste your time!situation isnt normal in whole europe and in some countries,like in serbia,you cant be on streets after 20:00 CET,so this explain everything!
 CALICUL20/03/2020 02:15:59 GMT
The same thing i read and i can tell you that: Between January 1, 2020 and March 10 was 3310 coronavirus deaths all over the planet and 85,925 who died because of seasonal flu, and this virus scares you? which is 26 times less dangerous than a flu? I told you it's a manipulation. The source when i read is Worldometer.
 maragatero20/03/2020 02:31:54 GMT
In my country was sharing a document done by a prestigious scientist, who analized the information of all the cases that occurred in the world and their evolution. He warns that the cases reported today are the ones that tested positive for a check, but the cases not yet controlled amount to 400 times more. So, unfortunately, the worst thing did not come yet to the countries that today have few cases
 MarkWest20/03/2020 14:12:42 GMT
Yep dule-vu , tired of this write about virus , it's biggest news all around the world now and touch
life of all people , this news comes everywhere you go... hope it's quickly finish... and life can be normal... Have a nice weekend...
 maragatero21/03/2020 03:35:24 GMT
CALICUL you are not doing well the accounts. Newly on January 26 the illness declared itself in Wuhan, China. Today it is extended to almost the whole world and adds great more deaths that, regrettably, are going to keep on growing exponentially. But, as I said already in another thread, it is impossible to reason with you if you think that everything is a lie. Only I wish you to have no problems. I am very scared and, since you see, cannot stop speaking about this!
 CALICUL21/03/2020 10:24:25 GMT
I do not agree with you because i have seen the official figures in all world and until yesterday, March 20, in the territory of Romania, 308 cases of people infected with COVID - 19 ( coronavirus ) were confirmed. Of the 308 people confirmed positively, 31 were declared healed and discharged. So far we have no dead in my country, but the seasonal flu died between 50-100 people this winter.
 MarkWest21/03/2020 11:52:38 GMT
Those numbers change all the time and when update there still be/can be much cases what no found nobody knows correct number of cases.
For you seasonal flu is more serious than this virus , ok it's how you think.
Keep yourself safe from both of those.
 dule-vu21/03/2020 12:04:13 GMT
ofcourse that normal flu have much bigger number of death people and you can see in every country,so as in italy,but nobody talk about that because we have flu for so many years!in most of cases people who die are over 70 or its as on normal flu!
but with this corona,we dont know many things,thats why people are scared and you dont know how to threat this corona and what to take to prevent!
 Mober21/03/2020 19:32:00 GMT
I believe you are mistaken about the normal flu.
It depends for which country you are talking about.
Cause i really doubt that italy has that many deaths from normal flu each year.
And from what the xperts are talking, we are still at the beginning.
So we have no idea what may happen in the near future if the measures of trying
to control the spread fail.
 CALICUL22/03/2020 11:44:22 GMT
Yes, you are right. Nobody knows correct number of cases but they wrote coronavirus for death of many persons when the reality is completely different. The great manipulation of the world is in great shape and peoples are very scared. Those who can realize the lie, they are calm.
 TigerAxL22/03/2020 18:09:29 GMT
Is not laughable to say that vast majority of people doesn t know what pandemic really means as in my country they still go outside and even worst ,old people go in grupe to church .
By the time authorities take action is already to late . I really hope it will end till sommer but for that to even happen we must use our head better .
 CALICUL23/03/2020 11:54:49 GMT
What needs to be understood is simple. In your country ( same as mine ) politicians walk down the street without a mask ( many of them ). and we are lied because to the system. People they panic or believe in this virus. Same thing here with an professional poker player.
 Mober23/03/2020 19:17:33 GMT
I just wonder if you saw Xi wearing a mask or not in his appearances all this time.
And lets say that this is all a hoax, or an exaggeration.
Do you really believe that all the politicians and im talking about the low position ones,
all over the planet are well aware of it, thats why they are not wearing masks ? Smile
 CALICUL24/03/2020 14:58:27 GMT
Politicians from Hungary came and walked in Romania without masks. Their manipulation can be proven with many things. Now the emergency situation has been established and starting tomorrow, we will no longer be able to walk day or night on the streets. Something is happening almost at the planetary level and governments do not tell us the truth, but they did this thing with COVID 19, to make their hidden plans a success.
 antonis32124/03/2020 20:18:44 GMT
This craziness when is it going to end ??? . I hope they find the cure asap and end this nightmare . Sports events are postponed , Olympics is postponed , poker events are being cancelled (if they are not being played online instead ) , our everyday life has changed .

In Greece the Workers needto take a document from their boss and have it with them when they go or leave from their job . For other cases we have to fill a document or send an sms everytime if we have/want to get out , refering the reason for this exit from your house . There are 6 codes for 6 reasons to go out (pharmacy, supermarket, people need of our help , christening/funeral , bank , atlhetic activity max two people or walk for your animal ) If policemen caught you without the response sms from the gov agency or without the document and your identity paper , there's fine (150 euros) , the same fine for everyone......................... . Ocourse if you are wealthy or rich 150 euros is nothing , you can go wherever you want and dgaf , what can I say ..

Now it's 22:00 . Now I want to go for a walk , there's only the code 6 for athletic activity , no code for walk alone , only walk with your pet/dog Big SmileLOL I don't have a dog Big SmileLOL . So I have to send the sms with the ''6'' code . I always go for walk with jean , but jean is not for athletic activity Big SmileLOL , so today I will wear tracksuit trousers Big Smile We have many mad cops in my neighborhood patrolling with bikes at night Big Smile LOL

Maybe I will buy a dog one of these days .... Big SmileLOL ( ridiculous .......... )


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