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High Stakes: Gus Hansen is last week's biggest winner ($679k)

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Posted on 18 October 2010 by "T".

Is Gus Hansen's losing streak finally over!? Well, that's what many think after seeing him do extremely well last week at Full Tilt's nosebleed tables. It was a new Gus Hansen we got to see, a Gus Hansen who did few mistakes and never went on tilt. Gus couldn't complain about any bad beats either. The poker gods simply were on his side (for once) and there were never any doubts whatsoever that he would become anything else than the biggest winner online.

It will be interesting to see if Gus Hansen can keep up the good game this week as well. He needs to win big almost every week from now if he wants to win back all the millions of dollars he has lost over the past few year. Well, nothing is impossible in the poker world.

TOP 5 winners and losers of last week:

Gus Hansen, $678 904
Arbianight, $274 699
Urindanger, $205 580
David Oppenheim, $173 981
theASHMAN103, $172 265

Ziigmund, -$690 412
DrugsOrMe, -$534 474
bixiu, -$161 346
DIN_FRU, -$148 694
OMGClayAiken, -$121 112


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11 comments on "High Stakes: Gus Hansen is last week''s biggest winner ($679k)"

 MANUEDO18/10/2010 17:53:03 GMT
How many lifes will I need to earn an amount like this ? For sure someone is going worst than me, Ziigmund f.e.: - $ 690.000 ..........
 AbuDhabi18/10/2010 21:11:31 GMT
unbeliavable Smile Gus is on the another site Big Smile He got respect after WSOPE and now he is owning the world Big Smile
 astra418/10/2010 21:33:03 GMT
well, how bad or good player you are you ant only lose. even bad players get cards so they an win sometimes. he lost very much for a period now so of course he will win back a little. hope him good luck cause he lost a fortune for a period now.
 Sapoazul18/10/2010 23:30:18 GMT
Congratulations to partner Gus, but we see everyday on the tables bad players winning of good players... with a lot of good cards and some lucky on your raises you can make this... hard is lost a lot of millions like him last years.. Lol..
 Merfis19/10/2010 05:59:52 GMT
Well, congratulations for Gus Hansen.
Maybe he improved his game, who knows..
 mazas19/10/2010 08:08:39 GMT
some lucky week for gus hope it not be the last + weekend for him and he will goes up from black loosing weeks
 SuperNoob19/10/2010 12:58:01 GMT
there were never any doubts whatsoever that he would become anything else than the biggest winner online.

just look at his past record and u'll never doubt the opposite, lmao
but lets hope this is not just one of his usual swings
 DaMessiah66619/10/2010 14:23:48 GMT
Indeed that fact are news! Is Gus Hansen winning?? My god, poker is changing!! It means that maybe my time has come ...
 AbuDhabi20/10/2010 22:39:59 GMT
Long time I havent seen an article named "Gus lost *** *** dollars against ****** ******. So I hope for him, he is still lucky. And I say lucky, because I really dont think he has a skill to be profitable between the best CG players in the world in the long run...
 dule-vu21/10/2010 00:29:29 GMT
he lost so much money in past couple months,millions,so this isnt big money for him and he need a quite time to back that money!like I said before,from all money that he lost in past,he could give something to people that really need for living and not just tilt in game and lose millions!
 Andzins9927/10/2010 01:50:02 GMT
This gay is crazy !! or crazy cheater Big Smile Big Smile or one of top 10 lucky gays in the world !!

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