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Best possible start of the new year for Gus Hansen

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Posted on 19 January 2010 by "T".

Gus Hansen had a really thought time last year. In total he lost about $5.5 million dollars. 2010, however, has started in the best possible way for the Dane. Even though there are almost another 2 weeks to go of January, he has already won about $800,000! Thanks to this great achievement, he's now the player who has won the most this year. If Gus continue playing this good, it's very possible that he gets back on track and makes up for money he lost last year.

Tom Dwan keeps on losing
Not all high stakes players have had as good start of the new year as Gus Hansen. Tom "durrrr" Dwan is one of them. Dwan has lost $365,000 so far and it seems like he needs to take a break and look over his own game before he can become a winning player again.

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11 comments on "Best possible start of the new year for Gus Hansen"

 ZmxPowah19/01/2010 20:59:59 GMT
Nice going , when i hear about the post week after new year i was thinking for what people make post after a week , but it's looks like he don't stop with winning.
Quite nice... 800k always something lol
 B1gfoot19/01/2010 22:46:08 GMT
I hope it continues, want to see more of Gus at HS, seams kinda dead ATM.
 dozn0120/01/2010 02:19:25 GMT
poor old tom dwan , he"l come back
 mazas20/01/2010 10:05:32 GMT
Gus Hansen growing up very fast good luck u man
"durrrr" Dwan shows his really poor game and then he start his in the end of 2009 he dont stop in 2010 did he have good working brains ?
he can loose all in some off the middle in this 2010 Smile
good luck all and be happy Smile
 DaneMitic20/01/2010 10:24:09 GMT
tom tom is running hot again, at least from what i ve seen the last 90mins or so, i think he won like 150k-200k...
and gus lost a bit over 100k to david oppenheim.. dunno which of these guys is a bigger calling station, cant remember when i saw such a loose play the last time..
best hand was where gus went allin with AQ high and david won with AK high.. lol Agree (it was at razz or stud, or however its called....)
 SuperNoob20/01/2010 14:50:10 GMT
he's started well to makeup for his losses last year, but it'll take some time before he can win it all back.
too bad durrrr has again started losing, hope he'll bounce back soon
 Doomsday_vic20/01/2010 15:10:31 GMT
Thats so sick playing with so much money at a time. But its part of the game i guess.. someones gotta lose. These guys are losing cars and houses of equal value like its nothing. I don't think i can take a 100k loss like that
 Fakiry20/01/2010 15:38:29 GMT
Nice start of 2010 for Gus. If he continues this way, not only he will manage to get back what he lost, as he will win big. Lets use maths:
If 15 days = $800K , so 1 month = $1,600K and 1 year = $19,200K
Can Gus achieve this mark?
 paulparadiis20/01/2010 16:36:23 GMT
I don't like Gus too much, i think his play is...weird...he'll go down soon again..
 pmgignac20/01/2010 17:34:55 GMT
I knew you would get back on your feets and kick-a** again way to go Gus
 Tchungpo21/01/2010 08:51:38 GMT
THE GREAT DANE is back in the game !
i hope he will continue in this way ! we missed him in tournaments

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