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PokerStars donates money to Haiti

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Posted on 20 January 2010 by "T".

Lots of people all over the world have been very helpful the past week by giving money to the people in Haiti. And as always, when it comes to giving a helping hand to people that really needs it - lots of poker players around the globe have once again showed how big hearts they have. Take PokerStars for example. They started a Haiti fund almost straight away and promised to match the amount their players were willing to donate. So far, almost $480,000 has been donated (11 days to go before the fund is closed).

Well, let's take another great example on how helpful poker players (casino & bingo players as well) can be. Not long ago, kraemer, one of our mob members, came up with the great idea that mob members should be able to donate their mob points for Haiti. Of course, we couldn't say no to such a great idea. We have collected nothing less than $1,012 so far - with 2 days to go! I must say that it's great working for a site with so many users who are willing to donate their hard-earned mob points. A big thanks to all of you!

CLICK HERE to go and donate some of your Mob Points now. Your support will be appreciated!

We close for donations on Friday 22nd, 2010, where after we will send it all to any of the approved charities by Google crisis response.


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13 comments on "PokerStars donates money to Haiti"

 Joe_Average20/01/2010 13:17:22 GMT
It is good to see that people still care about others that need help badly, and fast!
Lets hope lots more donations come in before Friday, and that the money will be spent wisely.
 teteban20/01/2010 14:44:27 GMT
This is a nice move from pokerstars PR...and they don't even need to do so as they are already so big a kudos for PS! Hope more sites will follow suit
 SuperNoob20/01/2010 15:10:25 GMT
nice work done by Pokerstars to help haiti victims.
Thumbs Upto BRM and all the BRM members who donated for this.
there is still time left, so jump in with ur donations who haven't

 Fakiry20/01/2010 15:31:02 GMT
We always hear about schemes at times like this for some to get rich with the willingness of others who really want to help those who need. I am glad to hear that Pokerstars is helping, just like BRM is, because this is also a way to show the world online poker is not a scheme to cheat players. Good job, lets help more!
 pokerface1520/01/2010 16:34:33 GMT
Thanks for globalization and its lots of social networks, gambling networks, etc. One can reach lots of people very fast and ask them for help.
 Tchungpo20/01/2010 17:28:02 GMT
Yeah, all of this is very nice !
Keep it up pokerstars
keep it up bankrollmob
keep it up mobsters !!
 pmgignac20/01/2010 18:00:29 GMT
nice work pokerstsar its cool to see so much people mobilizing to get help for those who need it
gave a 100 mob points(sorry did not had much more)but if every mobster give at least a big dollar like me ...
it will be a big stack in the end so go go go not much time left
 jessthehuman20/01/2010 18:08:11 GMT
good one PS
I'll be donation all my mob points also, tomorrow.
 Chartoule20/01/2010 18:56:30 GMT

Good work. Congrats for Pokerstars and all his users (me too Smile ). The world of poker is proud of all the kind of donations that every site is doing.

Bye and aces for all!!
 dozn0120/01/2010 19:06:24 GMT
its not just poker stars which is doing this,
most of the gambling world or people with money are donating,

anyway nice1 jokerstars i mean................ pokerstars Tongue
 xxxbchxxx20/01/2010 22:18:29 GMT
its great to see the poker community coming together and supporting such a cause.
Lets face it there is so much money generated by poker and poker sites its silly.
But to see said poker sites and affiliates supporting these unfortunate victims is encouraging.
 BhStaljin20/01/2010 22:38:08 GMT
well it is good to see pokerstars is doing that,but it is not only them,all poker community is doing that,well almost all,and it is great to see that we still care for each other and that the money is not the only thing that we care about,that we still have a hearth in us all........
 mazas22/01/2010 10:11:38 GMT
its really nice for big poker sites to help Haiti peoples and donating
because they earn a lo t of f money from us poker players so they can donate and they do that its really good
good luck all

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