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Mob Members Help Donate $1,043 To Haiti

Tags: BankrollMob, Charity, Haiti, Mob Points
Posted on 22 January 2010 by "K".

During the past week, a total of 122 Mob members stepped up and donated a total of $543 for our Haiti Charity project. Add that to the $500 donated by BankrollMob and the total donation ends up at $1,043!

The money has now been forwarded to CARE through Google crisis response:

CARE plans to start food distributions using stocks of high-protein biscuits from CARE warehouses in Haiti. CARE has 133 staff who are on the ground coordinating with U.N. agencies and other aid organizations to gather more detailed information about the damage and will rapidly scale up response based on those assessments.

We want to thank all of you who took part and donated some of your Mob Points to this charity. Obviosuly we hope that we don't have to organize a similar fundraising in the future.

If you wish to make further donations, you can find more information at the Google link above.Read more » Mob Members Help Donate $1,043 To Haiti


PokerStars donates money to Haiti

Tags: charity, fund, haiti, help, money, pokerstars
Posted on 20 January 2010 by "T".

Lots of people all over the world have been very helpful the past week by giving money to the people in Haiti. And as always, when it comes to giving a helping hand to people that really needs it - lots of poker players around the globe have once again showed how big hearts they have. Take PokerStars for example. They started a Haiti fund almost straight away and promised to match the amount their players were willing to donate. So far, almost $480,000 has been donated (11 days to go before the fund is closed).

Read more » PokerStars donates money to Haiti


Donate Mob Points To Charity And Support Haiti

Tags: BankrollMob, Charity, Haiti, Mob Points
Posted on 15 January 2010 by "K".

Google crisis responseWe all know what's going on in Haiti at the moment, so based on an excellent suggestion made by Mob member kraemer, we have decided to allow you to donate your Mob Points.

You can donate multiple times but the lowest amount is 100 Mob Points ($1) and your maximum donation cannot exceed 5,000 Mob Points ($50).

BankrollMob will be donating 50,000 Mob Points ($500).

We close for donations on Friday 22nd, 2010, where after we will send it all to any of the approved charities by Google crisis response.

CLICK HERE to go and donate some of your Mob Points now. Your support will be appreciated!

Disclosure: BankrollMob may earn a commission based on the advertisement material on this site. #AD

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