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Video: Poker moments we'll never forget

Tags: classic, Jennifer Tilly, Mabuchis, poker moments, Prahlad Friedman.
Posted on 18 February 2010 by "T".

We all know that almost anything can happen in the poker world, and probably that is why poker always has been so popular? A few examples, we are used to hearing about some really sick bad beats, people that become rich in no-time with a little bit of luck, people that start "fighting" in a big tournament when the cameras are rolling etc. The list can be made long.

However, here are 5 classic poker moments that occured during the 21st century. And you know what the best thing is? It was all caught on camera!

1. Prahlad Friedman rapping

After watching this clip, you will probably agree with me when I say that Friedman should stick to playing poker.

2. Jennifer Tilly's terrible play

The actor and the poker pro, Jennifer Tilly, picked up pocket jacks against Patrik Antonius. On the flop she got trips and decided to slow play the hand and act weak. Anyhow, even though the river card gave her the full house, she still decided to check as she though Patrik had 4 of a kind??!!

3. Jeff Lisandro threatens Prahlad Friedman

During 2006 WSOP, Prahaland Friedman is getting on Jeff's nerves as he believes Jeff didn't post the ante. It all ends with Jeff telling his opponent "I'll take your head off!!!"

4. Mabuchis 4 of a kind, beaten by a Royal Straight Flush

To lose with four of a kind can feel so unreal and sick that its almost a bit funny (well, maybe not when a lot of money is up for grabs). Just imagine if it would happen to you when you're playing the WSOP Main Event, which has a buy-in of $10,000! Well, it happened to Mabuchis in the 2008 WSOP Main Event. It would be interesting to know whats going through his head after losing that hand.

5. The $575,000 hand between Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen in High Stakes Poker

This is a hand I (and probably many others) will never forget. It used to be the biggest pot in high stakes poker history. You have to watch it for yourselves if you haven't seen it! A true classic!


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26 comments on "Video: Poker moments we''ll never forget"

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» Video: Poker moments we''ll never forget

 Avalonn18/02/2010 13:34:42 GMT
Daaamn that last vid from Hansen and Negreanu. I'd realy feel bad if I was Negreauni, you can see how pissed off he is Tongue
 Bizla18/02/2010 13:40:21 GMT
stupid bitch lol
 xzilvinas18/02/2010 13:45:27 GMT
omg... what is the chance for beating quads with royal flush... sick hand... omg...
 doomdy18/02/2010 15:17:41 GMT
TillyDonk cant stop laughing eevrytime i watch that.
''Thought u had fokin kings'' Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue
 SuperNoob18/02/2010 17:36:44 GMT
i think that tilly video should be on top of the list. everytime i watch it i can't stop laughing its so funny. though friedman clip is pretty good too.
 magatt96618/02/2010 17:55:45 GMT
Ivey face here is unprizable
 xxxbchxxx18/02/2010 21:55:45 GMT
Omg thats sick play....Poor Tilly cant belive see did that, what was she thinking?
vid from Hansen and Negreanu, nice......
 dorinba18/02/2010 22:37:08 GMT
A very nice vids, I liked more vid with Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen. If I was in place of Negreanu I fold, it was be posible stright
 BBU18/02/2010 22:47:04 GMT
dorinba you'll never be in Negreanu's place until you learn the rules, he has a full house so he's beating a straight he's only losing to 55, 88 and 99.
 DAGOR18/02/2010 23:18:22 GMT
Hello everybody!
The second video is really amazing. The other players watch Jennifer Tilly as an alien. After a hit really badly played. It's neckline to be sponsored. Not her lol.
See you soon for new posts! Big Smile
 duck_199118/02/2010 23:23:02 GMT
@dorinba lol , are you serious ? :-?? you put the T in tight =))

it's not micro stakes for someone to call that raise with 78 Smile ,anyway thats a nofold hand Smile
 leroi2119/02/2010 01:49:59 GMT
i agree the tilly wath the fuck way to play this hand was horrible but the face of other player after she show is cards look at the face of phil ivey :o
 DaMessiah66619/02/2010 07:49:46 GMT
I miss the video which Phil Ivey mucked winning hand in WSOP! My god!! It's really funny and it should encorage us when we make mistakes
 Chartoule19/02/2010 17:13:48 GMT
wow.. nice moments, great videos. Have you seen the face of Ivey when Jenny shows JJ.. no needs coment.
 jevo19/02/2010 20:42:23 GMT

You can add this one too... Godlike play from Yukon!

How do you inbed the videos?
 LanceP19/02/2010 21:32:53 GMT
doh! Big Smile
 GabeKaplan20/02/2010 09:54:39 GMT
Jeff Lisandro threatens Prahlad Friedman

who would of thought there might have been an extra boxing match lol
 mazas20/02/2010 13:03:52 GMT
good mix off really good stories so thx for that Smile
its really good moments off real poker play Smile
we all can learn more from this short movies
good luck all and enjoy video Smile
 smagaio20/02/2010 19:04:17 GMT
if i was negreanu ill blow mi head off lol
 LaBaiz20/02/2010 19:59:11 GMT
loved the 2nd video with jennifer tilly making a check with a full house thinking that antonio had a 4 of a kind. Thats unreal play.
 xarmanis20/02/2010 23:30:05 GMT
poor negranu Sad
 ierons21/02/2010 21:03:17 GMT
That was very sick indeed! Flopping set over set than getting a full house vs quads... Can't blame Negreanu for making the call. Great play by Gus by the way, he deserves it because he lost some money before this hand.
 Fakiry22/02/2010 14:19:17 GMT
Tilly didnt want to win more to Antonius! That shows the differece between a pro and an amateur! And Negreanu betting all, in his full house: when pots start gaining that dimension, players should get more aware of those type of events. Looking at the strength Hansen was showing, Daniel should have thought he could also have a full house, and that would be with pair of 8's or 9's. This shows the type of hands Daniel Negreanu will never quit. Now we know him more, and we can use this the next time we play against him!
 Airas10/03/2010 12:08:47 GMT
Love this, negreanu hahah Smile

You can always feel negreanus pain :/
 godoy03/05/2018 15:15:29 GMT
one of the coolest things in poker and this being able to see things in real time because the big tournaments and big dices are all filmed and you can see and review every time

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