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3 poker legends and 3 classic prop bets

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Posted on 06 August 2010 by "T".

Proposition bets have been around in the poker world for many, many years. It seems like poker players/gamblers always have had the need for something else going on when they are not sitting at a poker table. If you ask me, the most interesting and fun prop bets to read about usually are the ones that don't have anything to do directly with poker, and of course lots of money has to be involved. It adds to the fun!

Here are 3 of my all-time favorite prop bets. ENJOY! Smile

1. Johnny Moss gets beaten up (R.I.P.)

Johnny Moss, 3-time WSOP champ and legend from the times when the western still was wild. In his younger days, Moss and some friends were at a saloon for some drinks. They ended up at the bar next to a guy who told them that he'd never lost a fight before.

It didn't take long before Johnny Moss' friends offered him 15 times the money if he managed to knock down the guy. Johnny Moss accepted almost straight away and went up to the guy and gave him a good punch. But unfortunately it didn't end up the way he had planned since he ended up at the hospital himself with a few broken bones.

"The odds were to good to turn down" said Moss afterwards.

2. Stu Ungar - the man who betted on everything (R.I.P.)

Stu Ungar was an extraordinary talented poker player throughout his life. Every time he stayed away from drugs and sticked to poker, he was a big winner. But unfortunately Stu Ungar never managed to hold on to his money for long. Ungar gambled on everything, absolutely everything there was to gamble on. Most of the time he lost but then there were some periods in his life when he won huge amounts on money on for example horses. Regarding prop bets, the golf stories are the best ones.

For example, first time Stu Ungar ever walked on a golf course in his life he wanted to bet money against his friend Jack Straus (also high stakes gambler and poker player) who had played for years. Incredibly, Ungar didn't even make it to the first tee before he had lost $80,000. Stu Ungar lost millions of dollars on crazy golf bets, however, we can be thankful for that today since there are so many great stories about him.

3. Doyle Brunson and the weight watchers bet

Doyle Brunson used to have a serious weight problem back in the days. And over the years, he has lost thousands of dollars on wagers involving his weight. But in 2003, he was offered 10/1 odds by a group of gamblers on a $100,000 bet. Doyle had to get below 300 pounds to win the bet. Using the Atkins Diet and weight watchers, he managed to get below the target and took home over $1,000,000.


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4 comments on "3 poker legends and 3 classic prop bets"

 Kristan07/08/2010 08:43:31 GMT
These are all goodones I agree.

But I think the sickest Ive red is still between Matusaw and Ted Forrest first in 2008 wsop when Matusaw had to lose weight and accomplished and now in 2010 wsop where Ted amd Mike prop bet 2M $ witch required Ted to lose nearly 50 pounds in less than 2 and half months and he fkn did it lol. Looked like a skeleton.

I red from one blog his passport was seizes and he wasnt able to access to a plane because everyone thought it wasnt him on the picture lol.

Most famous proposition bets ever in gambling history I think Thumbs Up.
 dozn0107/08/2010 11:22:08 GMT

Every time he stayed away from drugs and sticked to poker, he was a big winner. But unfortunately Stu Ungar never managed to hold on to his money.

hahahaha he was never away from drugs he won all the WSOP off his head, but god damm could he play, one of my fav
 spootbv07/08/2010 17:52:25 GMT
loo... don't let him travel Smile)) that is just not wright ... Smile) and funny lol Tongue
 Odium08/08/2010 19:36:24 GMT
the first one is the best

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