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"Some people say that I'm an alcoholic"

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Posted on 26 March 2010 by "T".

Rumors that Scotty Nguyen has problems with his alcohol use has been circulating on the web for a very long time. That he was really drunk at the televised final table in the 2008 WSOP HORSE-event didn't really help him prove people they were wrong about him and his "so-called" alcohol problems. However, a few days after that Scotty won the HORSE event, he realized that he had done something wrong and therefore he apologized to all his fans in his blog.

Lately, many have claimed that Scotty cant play poker sober. Scotty now wants to prove them wrong as he said in a recent interview that he wont drink anything in the next few poker tournaments and show everyone that he's as good sober as drunk.

"From now on, I will skip alcohol when I play tournaments. I want to show people that I can play poker sober and still win. Some people say that I'm an alcoholic, but I want to show them that I'm not."

Next tournament Scotty will play is in the World Poker Tour (WPT) at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

"Im really looking forward to the next tournament and sipping on my alcohol-free beer."


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33 comments on ""Some people say that I''m an alcoholic""

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» "Some people say that I''m an alcoholic"

 Kristan26/03/2010 17:23:43 GMT
Guess hes been playing drunk so long he cant think clear with sober head Big Smile. Ihave never really had any interest to Scottys profile and results, but sure will check it out now.
 Chartoule26/03/2010 18:06:30 GMT
When some many people say some thing... Some of them see Scott playing drunk?
If he do that, well, maybe he must go to an alcoholism-clinic.
 B1gfoot26/03/2010 18:25:33 GMT
To the tune of spacecowboy...

Some people say that I'm an alcoholic
Some people think I`m the Prince of HORES.
Some people call me Thuan
Cause I speak of the pompitous of baby.

Nothing to prove in my books, GL Scotty.

 twinsun26/03/2010 18:38:30 GMT
Posted by watoba:
go scotty,go scotty i've see a head's up with scotty and both players was drunk that's was very funny

Yeah, that would be very funny Big Smile
 DAGOR26/03/2010 19:46:49 GMT
Hello everybody!
I love this guy. He has too much class to win drunk lol. Even if it irritates his opponents. But for him it is not an advantage so it just be even better.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 leroi2126/03/2010 20:26:44 GMT
lol i dont kwon how can someone can be better in a games like poker where you need all you concentration when your drunk. scotty is just a good play even when is drunk
 Flippedchips26/03/2010 20:38:36 GMT
with somethings u can concentrate good when out ur head lucky guy he can do it and make money gl to him and once he proves it he can go on getting wrecked and playing poker Smile
 Davoodoo26/03/2010 20:44:41 GMT

I couldnt care less what he says ...
 xxxbchxxx26/03/2010 21:36:26 GMT
What loads of us like to play poker whilst having a drink. Even if some of us like to have a game whilst drunk thats no shame! Poker is a game, some people have the skill and attitude to make money from it but its still just a game of cards. If it wasnt for the drunks and donks some of us wouldnt be able to dominate so
Any way Scotty is a fine player and im sure he will prove his doubters wrong.
 911insidejob26/03/2010 23:43:57 GMT
meh I guess if you're aloud to play drunk and it seems to help his game Aww crap!
 ILI_00227/03/2010 02:38:53 GMT
I've seen this player a lot of times on tv poker and he was almost always smiling... Always nice to the others, full of positive energy... cracking a few jokes here and there.. he wasn't giving the impression of a man being drunk, but rather of someone in a very good mood. I wish more players were like him... Go Scotty, go!
 RMBKK27/03/2010 11:44:19 GMT
Hahaha, scotty IS an alcoholic... Love the youtube-clip of the HORSE-tourney where he's so friggin drunk and pissed off lol Big Smile
 pmgignac27/03/2010 13:27:47 GMT

Some people say that I'm an alcoholic, but I want to show them that I'm not."

does that sounds like a alcoholic speach or not....
 jach2427/03/2010 15:45:10 GMT
he have problems but hhe have money have girls and have fun,he is a funny boy in the tables,and he is one of the best players of poker in this world.........
 dozn0127/03/2010 15:55:18 GMT
Posted by RMBKK:
Hahaha, scotty IS an alcoholic... Love the youtube-clip of the HORSE-tourney where he's so friggin drunk and pissed off lol Big Smile

i think il watch that right now its very funny Big Smile
 schwabo27/03/2010 17:20:03 GMT
maybe he is braver when he is drunk and I thik all of us are semi-alcoholic,maybe he is only in a good mood Tongue Confused Dollar Dollar
 ierons27/03/2010 22:37:22 GMT
Scotty gives alcohol a bad name. This is scottys problem not the alcohol.Most ppl can drink a skinful and still behave, but u have to know urself and what u are about.I am surprised the kiddo didn't pop him one he thoroughly deserved. "Love for the game not the ppl"
 valerica12328/03/2010 14:44:47 GMT
lol maybe it wasn t drunk, maybe he pretind to be drunk to trick the opponent, and maybe he work, i saw he won. good job Big Smile
 Hajinnho28/03/2010 14:51:30 GMT
Posted by IslandJack:
Posted by Hajinnho:
"I want to show people i can stay sober and still win" looool, thats sounds like alcohol won his tournaments... i thought it would harm and not help^^

That's what I got out of it..;strange.
Hasn't he played sober for soooo long?

guess so... after a downswing he tried the safe way again Blink Big Smile
 Calmplay28/03/2010 15:51:04 GMT
No doubt Scotty can win a big tourney by plying sober, yes a someone said above when he drinks while playing, he make some brave decisions which are often the right ones...

So better not bluffing a player which is drinking while playing... Smile
 joulukinkku28/03/2010 16:26:06 GMT
I try to avoid drinking alcohol while playing poker but today I could make a exception and bust couple of beers before entering FullTiltPoker Big Smile Hope to see ya on the tables tonight! Heart

Workday tomorrow Aww crap! So I have to relax before the 5days of working hell. Worship
 MuradMurad28/03/2010 19:14:53 GMT
hahah lol let him drink his ass off if thats is what he wants, right? Tongue
 BBU29/03/2010 17:53:01 GMT
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL THIS IS FUNNY and I can't see what's wrong with drinking Big Smile
 SuperNoob30/03/2010 09:27:39 GMT
well this just the type of comment expected from an alcoholic who is not ready to accept the fact that he is alcoholic, but lets see if he manages to remain sober or not
 jporp30/03/2010 13:40:15 GMT
If he is good playing drunk i think he need to continue playing drunk. lol

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