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Phil Laak aims for a new world record

Tags: Bellagio, Paul Zimbler, phil laak, world record.
Posted on 20 May 2010 by "T".

Last year, Paul Zimbler wrote history when he played poker for 78 hours straight without sleeping. To be precise, he played for 78 hours, 25 minutes and 45 seconds. In other words, about 3 days of poker. Phil "The Unabomber" Laak thinks that he can break the old record and therefore he's also going to try. The world record attempt will take place at Bellagio in Las Vegas this year. However, time and date is still to be confirmed.

"I have played many long sessions, but I have never tried anything at this level. I know that this will test my limits, but I love challenges and I'm glad I get the chance to break the old record at Vegas biggest poker room." said Phil Laak in an interview with a danish poker magazine.


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40 comments for "Phil Laak aims for a new world record"

 awood8820/05/2010 15:04:23 GMT
How do they count toilet breaks and breaks to eat? Is it 78 hours of play or 78 hours without sleep? I also wonder whether he'll be playing with his own money.

I could probably google the answer to these questions myself but I can't be bothered. Smile

I imagine loads of people will be queueing up to play him being that lack of sleep is bound to effect his skill, which is normally pretty high.
 iPOOPonU20/05/2010 15:30:51 GMT
Of course he's gonna play with his own money lol....the question is, will he be caught sleeping on the toilet??????? LMAO!!!
 lhpsanchez20/05/2010 15:38:51 GMT
78 hours! how much did he earn? I will search more onnline to see what the rules art!
 dianakyra20/05/2010 15:54:45 GMT
Always sunglasses. ADHD. Combination with medicines (legal drugs)

And otherwise he will talk himself awake all the time Smile
 Flippedchips20/05/2010 15:59:53 GMT
i dont if it will count with him as all he ever does is fold, sure he could break records for folding
 Hajinnho20/05/2010 16:11:26 GMT
Posted by Flippedchips:
i dont if it will count with him as all he ever does is fold, sure he could break records for folding

yeah and need 5 mins for any fold Big Smile

if he is playing and trying to win... he will need a loooooot of coffee and cola
 NANACONDA20/05/2010 16:18:12 GMT
Posted by Hajinnho:
Posted by Flippedchips:
i dont if it will count with him as all he ever does is fold, sure he could break records for folding

yeah and need 5 mins for any fold Big Smile

if he is playing and trying to win... he will need a loooooot of coffee and cola

Yeah i agree with both of ye. It's not goingto be that hard for him seeing as he's such a nit. There should be a rule that states you need to make a net profit imo
 tiagotma20/05/2010 17:22:17 GMT
very good
 leolook20/05/2010 17:42:02 GMT
Woow... 78 hours!!! i can play for more than 15 minutes... kkk //joke!
the maximun that i weve played was 10 hours in a MTT' =DD'
 Pitiless20/05/2010 17:47:43 GMT
I want to play with him after the 78 hours...
Should be easy, right?
 DAGOR20/05/2010 20:03:28 GMT
Hello everybody!
I do not think this record is super interesting. But after all this is his problem.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 teteban20/05/2010 20:22:25 GMT
Ok, just be sure to tell me when the challenge starts so I can know when it is safe to sneak on Jennifer Tilly without this guy lurking around Tongue
 MANUEDO20/05/2010 20:30:47 GMT
I'm not sure he will be able to reach his target, but he's rigged and will use his sunglasses to cover his eyes while sleeping
 NaziPal20/05/2010 23:04:30 GMT
Imagine olaying for more than 3 days, then again, my first day playing poker i played for almost 2 days straight! gO pHIL lAAK
 jessthehuman20/05/2010 23:23:01 GMT
lol... Im sad to admit I think I've done similar
 watoba21/05/2010 03:23:32 GMT
i´ve played for a few years more then 70hours i think it´s not a great problem to play so long but it´s a problem not to lose all u money after 40 hours and go out after 78 hours with any winnings
 minisizeme21/05/2010 08:16:13 GMT
That's amazing! Good Job Phil!
 Funope21/05/2010 17:34:23 GMT
i thought that the record would be much longer. I played non stop poker for a week.
 Flippedchips21/05/2010 19:46:57 GMT
Posted by jessthehuman:
lol... Im sad to admit I think I've done similar

lol yea i have to admit ive did it many times Big Smile
 Calmplay21/05/2010 20:19:08 GMT
Phil Laak is very sick and that's the reason why I do absolutely believe he'll achieve this amazing record...

But clearly we all know this is not good for your health doing this... Thumbs Down
 Miloutre22/05/2010 12:15:34 GMT
The key: lots and lots of Redbull
 leroi2122/05/2010 18:29:45 GMT
i dont think that he gonna beat the record he gonna leave to the hospital before lol or he gonna lose alot of money in the end of the challenge
 IslandJack22/05/2010 23:26:10 GMT
I'm guessing the record requires him to end up winning at the end of the session, otherwise anyone could do it.
 psycokiller23/05/2010 00:21:58 GMT
I wonder what the rules are. Is he allowed to have energy drinks?
 ZmxPowah23/05/2010 02:08:58 GMT
He is playing live because he know he would got owned by playing multitable or something online when he's to tired...
Now he can play really slowly... and even loosing not much he can brake it.
 shokaku23/05/2010 04:32:56 GMT
If Laak talks as much as he does in the High Stakes Poker tv shows, he will most likely play less than 100 hands in 80 hours. Big Smile
 $k23/05/2010 04:55:11 GMT
this is crazy but good luck to him ill be back in 3 day to see how he do
 Kristan23/05/2010 10:08:07 GMT
Unabomber is one of my fav high stakes players - when he joins the table, it gets alive.
 BBU23/05/2010 15:12:23 GMT
wow that's so much time really really hard to do in my opinion
 Yuki55523/05/2010 17:17:13 GMT
Let's hope he succeeds, Phil Laak is awesome Big Smile
 pokrindareer23/05/2010 21:19:49 GMT
I agree, I think hundreds of poker players will want to rape him for his money while he drowns his head in his last twenty chips after his second day there! (lol Big Smile ) I think it will be interesting though, I'm anxious to see what will happen and if he'll even make it the first 48 hours?? Does anyone know where he will be playing?
 mazas24/05/2010 08:50:49 GMT
think on the second half off playing poker he become the loosing position owner becouse was tired and loose concentration
anyway good luck all
 Divinitas24/05/2010 12:09:51 GMT
He should have done a record attempt in talking nonsense 120 hours straight while folding 99/100 hands. Thats what hes definetly good at. Sorry, but a weird image plus playing rocktight and always fold to big bluffs doesnt impress me that much.

I like the guy as a person, but when it comes to playing against the elite, hes definetly an underdog.
 Cliffem25/05/2010 14:11:03 GMT
Anyone wana prop bet against P.L being down or breaking even at the end? Smile
 kazman26/05/2010 07:07:29 GMT
Did he won some cash or just posted blinds lol
 ahhshucks05/06/2010 15:53:38 GMT
u can do it phil, I'll root for you as always, my fav. player by far
 MadMurkin06/06/2010 16:08:53 GMT
He can do it, he is one of the most entertaining players around and I am sure he will be doing lots of crazy things to stay awake. Will be a good test for him and will make interesting viewing if he is as normal as he usually is......bordering on crazy genuis that is!
 paulparadiis06/06/2010 17:00:50 GMT
My record is something like 35-36 hours, but it was online, where you have action all the time, that keeps you awake. Also every hour i brought myself coffee and had a cigarette. Club
 SuperNoob08/06/2010 07:25:25 GMT
what a stupid thing to do? if he continues doing this he will surely endup in mental hospital.
this is just an act to gain some publicity, but still gl doing this nonsense
 Tomic189109/12/2013 22:41:15 GMT
been there,done that.playing poker for 3 days in a row with a 5minute break every hour is what i do on a regular base and one time twice in the same week

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