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New Guinness World Record on PokerStars

Tags: guinness world record, pokerstars, Randy nanonoko Lew, world record.
Posted on 09 January 2012 by "T".

The PokerStars Pro Randy "nanonoko" Lew took a new world record during PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in Bahams. In a corner of the tournament room Lew sat and played not less than 40 cash game tables (PokerStars had to raise the table limit) on PokerStars, and in eight hours he managed to play 23,493 hands - about 2936 hands per hour - or just about 0.8 hands per second.

One of the conditions for the record to be approved by Guinness World Records was that Lew had to win something. The profit, however, just ended up being 7,65 dollars, less than one dollar per hour.

For quite some time it looked like he wouldn't make it. In fact, he was about $1,200 minus and decided to play higher stakes - something that quickly paid off and gave him a world record. This is what Randy Lew, who won APPT Macau a while ago, said in an interview after the record:

"To win APPT Macau was pretty big, then this straight after. These 2 things are on top of my list right now."

And this is what he wrote on Twitter:

"Thanks everyone for supporting me in setting a new Guinness World Record for poker! The support is what keeps me going so thank you again!"

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22 comments for "New Guinness World Record on PokerStars"

 Fakiry09/01/2012 11:32:12 GMT
Winning $7,5 isn’t much, but I really would like to know how much points did he made with this record? It must have been enough to give him a rakeback higher than his profit at the tables. This Sunday I had 4 tables opened and I was starting to shake a bit, no knowing where to look at Big Smile but I tried a little bit difficult. I had three cash games and a tourney! Does that gives me the chance to run for a record too Big Smile?
 lielanauda09/01/2012 13:50:21 GMT

FPPs earned: 22,784
 arthur7209/01/2012 14:04:27 GMT
Very nice win and I think that the world record in itself is the biggest accomplishment, the most tables I have had on my PC is 7 and I found that quite comfortable, if I ever decide to have duakl monitors like they use then maybe I will try 10 LOL just for a bit of fun. Smile Big Smile
 djtopato09/01/2012 14:05:40 GMT
LOL record, 7.5$ earned and >22000 FTP 1VPP probably is = 1FPP or 4000$ for PS if he recive more than 1 FPP per VPP then min 800$ profit for PS.Amazing VIVA la PS Worship probably Nanoko will by aprox 300$ for FPP (Tornament money) Bravo for nanoko but i sugest Giness next time to set level for example starting chips and 36 tables and 10 bye in for each table than count earnings.In this record he play some tables on high level to upswing previous downswings.I dont talk about Nanoko skils thats is obvuious Amazing.
 SuperNoob09/01/2012 14:23:01 GMT
he surely is a beast when considering multi-tabling, will be hard to break this one for some time for sure.
 Davoodoo09/01/2012 17:42:15 GMT
Look at the way his sitting in the chair Big Smile ... cant be healthy for his back. I bet he had to use some kind of eye drops and coolant for his wrists too !
 MaRsBMG09/01/2012 19:41:26 GMT
Congratz. Randy on your latest succes and who cares if he made just that little profit he has gained a verry respectable sum of money after all this publicity.

Congratulation from all across the world from Romania !!!
 djtopato09/01/2012 19:54:12 GMT
About medical problems...He canot have eny problem because he useuly play more than 8hours and i think he is starcraft player with many years pro competion on playing games.Next Giniss record i think will be how many hours he can stand out of any computer seat Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 GIOMi610/01/2012 00:36:57 GMT
Well now he is in the book of world records, I think he like to play turbo sit n' go tournaments. Congratulations on your record.
 inkognitoni10/01/2012 05:06:28 GMT
congratulation for this crazy action.
its amazing.
how he done it with the toilette? xD
had he a bottle under the table or a pail? xD
thats hard.

the people make everything for this book.
 pochui10/01/2012 10:42:24 GMT
ok let's think about this from this point: he was down about $1200, so he played badly, cards didn't run etc. now what is the worst decision you can make when things are going this way? of course raise the limit you are playing- of course it was a different story knowing that this was done just because of the record attempt, but generally speaking this is not a very good way of playing to advertise.
 Macubaas10/01/2012 14:12:43 GMT
Thats a really sick numbers of hands that he played, i wonder how he was able to be in profit/breakeven at the end of the session...

I don't think this record will be break too soon.
 Greenmohave11/01/2012 00:43:57 GMT
Everyone can laugh, but I never heard of this guy until the other day in a thread that was posted by afellow Mobster. Incredible to recently learn that this guy exist then read something like this. That's flying through hands on electronic / digital poker. Quick thought process to make decisions so fast. By the time the cards are showing he is already hitting the buttons. I mean you have to decide what cards to hold, plus deal. WOW!
 shaded11/01/2012 01:17:54 GMT
ye nanonoko is sick u should see his 2.2 milion graph or something like that and i think he made it from 100$ or so...also sick world record 23k fpp omg wish i could get that much daily Tongue
 grahamy2711/01/2012 04:55:39 GMT
well if you can do it why not.but i struggle on 4 tables never mind 40 tables.lol
wonder if he fronted the money himself or did PS front the money as part of an advertising deal?
 djtopato11/01/2012 13:58:43 GMT
About the record.
Bloom play with Berstein12 yesterday 12hours and 5000hands on 4-6 tables...that is amazing Up and Down -200000 to + 300000 that is for the Guineiss Worship
 marqis11/01/2012 14:28:01 GMT
I suppose you are required to play all tables at the same stakes? Otherwise you could concentrate on one high stakes table, and just fold all the other tables, with very low stakes...
 DaCapo7111/01/2012 16:59:00 GMT
I saw a video where he plays at two monitors somewhere in the lobby of the live tourney in Bahamas lol. Some day a player sits with a poker gameboy at a live poker table and wins a sattelite for the next live tourney Big Smile
 IceFingers18/01/2012 10:10:41 GMT
all taht work for $8, was it really worth it ??
 grahamy2718/01/2012 10:13:43 GMT
but not only for the cash but the world record achievement.

i wouldnt mind having an achievement like that and the gold record medal! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 wunogos1029/01/2012 18:45:05 GMT
that is insane! i find myself getting anxious and what not when i have only 3 tournis open on my laptop lol. i don't even want to imagine what this guy was feeling Tongue but sick job on getting the record and the millions of points he must have received Tongue maybe one day i'll step up and play 4 tables at once lol
 mahdrof29/01/2012 18:56:24 GMT
I have followed several players at PokerStars over the past few years, several of whom are just multitabling rakeback pros, but Randy has always impressed me for his ability to grind many shorthanded tables, some at midstakes and some at high stakes, and steadily make a profit. Now that he has won a live tourney he has shown everyone that he is definitely more than just a button clicking freak.

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