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BankrollMob's WSOP FREEROLLS: Winners (May 19 & 20)

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Posted on 22 May 2010 by "T".

A big congratulations to the 6 players below who have qualified for our WSOP Final Freeroll. They now have the chance to win a WSOP Package worth $14,000 and lots of other cool prizes in the final on the 6th of June. Good luck!

  • krivitch

  • Snake777771

  • Jarkomistrz

  • Delboy2424

  • kontomi1
  • daiannabla

How to participate in BankrollMob's WSOP Freerolls:

  • Every day, all BankrollMob members get a free chance in our Party Poker WSOP scratch card game.
    (you can find it on your Mob Account page).
  • If you scratch 3 "jokers" you are going to win entry in one of our daily freerolls, two days later.

    (40 players will win entry every day)
  • Finish in the TOP 3 in one of the daily freerolls, and you gain entry into the Final WSOP tournament with a ton of cool prizes.

Click here to find out more about our WSOP Freerolls at Party Poker

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5 comments on "BankrollMob''s WSOP FREEROLLS: Winners (May 19 & 20)"

 NaziPal22/05/2010 20:25:27 GMT
Congratulations to you guys! I'm envious! I hope I can join your ranks one of these days! More power to you and to your game! See you at the tables.
 schwabo23/05/2010 07:34:52 GMT
Congratulations guys,see you 06.06. at final freeroll or maybe on final table Thumbs Up ,good luck to all players in final freeroll Worship Worship Dollar Dollar Worship Worship
 pauldefined23/05/2010 12:14:39 GMT
i have scratched the card every day since it began and i have never won an opportunity to even attempt to reach the final. I understand and appreciate the purpose of a random draw but i believe only the best players here on BRM should be represnting the website in the final, not the luckiest! I thaught that I would have had atleast one opportunity to date, but i never get more then 2 jokers and im sick of reading the same bonus promos you see when you loose! not to mention that patronising fan fair that welcomes your loss! Perhaps BRM should stop people who have won on the scratch card already from being eligable, allowing more players to have one chance! Fair is fair, I have read about people who have won 2, 3 or even 4 times on the scratch cards, SPREAD THE WEALTH!!!
 BBU23/05/2010 15:05:33 GMT
congratz krivitch, Snake777771, Jarkomistrz, Delboy2424, kontomi1, daiannabla
 fasterisco31/05/2010 23:41:23 GMT
Congratz to all of you guys Sleepy

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