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Ziigmund's new career.

Tags: hiphop, Illari Ziigmund Sahamies, music, pojat On Poikki, rap.
Posted on 18 June 2010 by "T".

There are quite few successful people from the music industry that have made an attempt to start a poker career (mixed results usually), however, it's not that common the other war around - poker players getting into the music industry. Probably there is a reason for this. Well, there are 1 or 2 that have been quite successful. One of them is the finnish poker pro Illari "Ziigmund" Sahamies. His new song, 'Pojat On Poikki' - means something like 'Boys are always boys', has been running hot on youtube and myspace lately. Maybe Ziigmund should quit poker and become a full-time musician instead? Judge for yourselves.

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26 comments on "Ziigmund''s new career."

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» Ziigmund''s new career.

 doomdy18/06/2010 10:00:17 GMT
I like this 1 better Smile
 Kristan18/06/2010 10:46:41 GMT
lol yea, very hot stuff in here Thumbs Up Blink
 Funope18/06/2010 11:26:22 GMT
Marcel Luske, Netherlands most famous poker player also made a music CD with cover tracks. Actually its quite nice. He really can sing. He also famous for singing at the poker table at WSOP, singing: "give a little bit, of your chips to me!".
 dozn0118/06/2010 13:46:43 GMT
very good beat but fack knows what he talking about
a english verson would be good
 Hajinnho18/06/2010 20:39:01 GMT
Posted by dozn01:
very good beat but fack knows what he talking about
a english verson would be good

you want to understand him? Something he might not had in mind Big Smile
 SonFelix18/06/2010 21:21:28 GMT
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH These are funny News !!! Who has posted this one god damit!!! This song isn´t from Ziigmund. His ferrari is in that music video but Sahamies and Uniikki aren´t the same ppl... Little bit accuracy now guys plz.

 teteban18/06/2010 23:35:48 GMT
OMG....please please stay on the poker career...
 NaziPal19/06/2010 02:47:38 GMT
A Professional poker player that's also a professional artist? This you dont see everyday! Now I've seen it al!!

 ZmxPowah19/06/2010 05:54:41 GMT
Omg that sound like crap for me....
He shoudl really stick to things he is good with... i know in that days everyone can be singer programs , stupid people etc... but gimmie break.
 DAGOR19/06/2010 07:08:49 GMT
Hello everybody!
Yes it's not bad I was expecting worse. At your Jennifer Tilly is best known through the movie lol or through poker? And she DID play good on one of 'em?
You soon for new posts lol!
 SonFelix19/06/2010 07:54:14 GMT
It´s not Ziigmund.
 mazas19/06/2010 08:59:16 GMT
try try but something kidding on this maybe the man looks like zigmund but i think he wasnt zigmunt
good luck all
 Piotrunnio19/06/2010 15:59:03 GMT
He won a lot of money, maybe poker is boring for him Smile So he want do something new, good luck ziigumnd Big Smile
 SonFelix19/06/2010 17:17:03 GMT
His just with those rap artists in that music video! He is advertising PowerPoker so you can see on the stickers on every boob in the musicvideo(search that official music video by your self Big Smile)
 Kristan19/06/2010 17:52:00 GMT
LOL - it really is Uniiki, not Ziggy - the yare not the same person. Looks like people get it wrong as whoever made up that story should of checked whos behind the mic. Him being into music industry yes, but not singing, but advertising like Felix said.

I thought its about him making a scene on that vid, but never red the artickle thru lol. Now I see writer of this says its Sahamies whos singing lol - NOOOT! Cool
 shasekay19/06/2010 23:16:43 GMT
PAC PAC JAJAJAJJA>>>f spanions
 xxxbchxxx20/06/2010 02:18:32 GMT
What thats not very good at all...hahaha
Not that i could do much better... but still,
Hes gat a happy poker carrierand he shopuld defo stick to it.
Good luck to him for having a go, i dont know many people that would like to step out of there comfort zone quite that easy,,, but then i dont know him and maybe he was a singer befor poker found him?
 Fackinas20/06/2010 07:21:42 GMT
Posted by Hajinnho:
Posted by dozn01:
very good beat but fack knows what he talking about
a english verson would be good

you want to understand him? Something he might not had in mind Big Smile

Big Smile
 Tchungpo20/06/2010 11:40:02 GMT
Hell yeah Big Smile
 micke_lezee20/06/2010 23:51:13 GMT
ooh yeeah Tongue
 KoldShadow21/06/2010 11:56:31 GMT
Another horrible, misleading, barely poker-related article. However, I can't wait to start playing on PowerPoker. I've heard good things, and it will most likely be my first rakeback campaign in online poker.

Dude . . . your English is pretty bad, so I'm gonna have to ask you to cease and desist your comments on EVERY NEWS ARTICLE. Tongue
 Brochet8921/06/2010 15:37:50 GMT
Zigmund is crazy.Best omaha player and great vid
 TheRoboDuck23/06/2010 00:55:15 GMT
OMG - Thats so pretty sick! Blink
 Cliffem26/06/2010 17:11:00 GMT
Pretty tight,and at least Ziggmund is a real millionaire G
 D9e7J0aV8u26/06/2010 23:12:02 GMT
lol thats funny

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