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Illari Sahamies In New Hip-Hop Music Video

Tags: hip hop, Illari Sahamies, music video, rap.
Posted on 28 April 2015 by "T".

Illari "Ziigmund" / "Ilari FIN" Sahamies is currently $594k in the black this year from playing cash games on PokerStars. Apart from poker, some of you might know that he's a big fan of hip-hop music and a rather talented rapper in his native language (Finnish).

In 2010, he starred in rap music video Pojat on poikii (currently has 6.1 million views). In 2014, he took his hip-hop career further by investing €50,000 to become a member of Teflon Brothers. On Monday, the band released a music video in which Sahamies shows his rap-skills.

source: highstakesdb and wikipedia

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7 comments on "Illari Sahamies In New Hip-Hop Music Video"

 bowie198409/05/2015 10:29:32 GMT
No doubt he's got [some] skill, not sure that would neccessary help him long time in the music business - hip-hop in finnish does sound a lot like when somebody reading out loud the names of the furnitures in an IKEA catalog backwards.
 luisexy6909/05/2015 12:15:30 GMT

Is not a first videoclip from this player that i see, but this one is not a huge thing, is not a good loudness, but maybe in his country him and their friends n the videoclip may have success on music or not, but because is not the first time that he joins on the music business maybe he had some friends and good part to get hits around there.

"IKEA catalog backwards" - ahahahahahah Tongue
 bowie198410/05/2015 10:37:27 GMT
I know IKEA from Sweden, but still...
None of the language from the north makes much sense for me, so there's that.
Hip-Hop is usually terrible on any other language than english IMO. Many times terrible even on english but that is an another story.
 Calmplay11/05/2015 14:14:51 GMT
Hahahahah his look appearance is like a rap fan but never thought he would appear in a clip ok maybe with him playing high skates poker with a group of gangsters etc...
 bowie198415/05/2015 12:02:31 GMT
I don't know any finnish gangsters but if they look just like the so called 'gangsters' in gangsta rap videos from the USA then I guess every country has it's own version of clown car full of these people to fill it up (ie: the prison system).
 Heskor15/05/2015 17:36:36 GMT
Hi, yeah always good to hear some new music even though it is not my type , anyway like rap musics but cannot listen to too much as after a while you always hear the same thing and your head can explode if you hear more of those lol ,anyway have fun at the tables if you guys playing, may the poker god be with you and hopefully you do better than me and so on at the tables currently. lol cheers see you around!
 bowie198416/05/2015 12:30:21 GMT
I think it's the most unimaginative music genre but the thing is when it's good - it's real good. But that is probably true on many other things where creativity and personal taste matter this much.

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