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Mob Betting: Week #1 Ended, Prizes Paid, More Odds Added

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Posted on 21 June 2010 by "K".

Week #1 Leaderboard has now ended and top 15 players have been paid their prizes. Today a new week starts so it will be exciting to see if the same players can keep it going and also finish in the top on Sunday.

Remember that the Overall leaderboard covers the entire tournament, so there's no need to feel upset if you scored big yesterday but still didn't finish top 15 on the weekly leaderboard, since your points will also apply to the Overall leaderboard.

We have just added odds to a few more matches so you can now bet on the next few days as well. At this stage of the tournament, expect to come back every other day to place bets on new matches since we update on a regular basis.

If you're new to this Mob Betting promotion, don't worry, it's not too late to join. A new weekly leaderboard has just started and everybody has zero points, so it's equal for all. The later you wait to join, the harder it will be to gain a good position on the Overall leaderboard, though. But the weekly leaderboards reset every Sunday and week 2, 3 and 4 are still to be played.

Find the Mob Betting at the bottom of your Mob Account page - click here.

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18 comments on "Mob Betting: Week #1 Ended, Prizes Paid, More Odds Added"

 Kerdisas21/06/2010 10:53:16 GMT
this was a week of sencetions. It seems that now results must become more predictable, since grands have no more rights to joke.

my respect and congrats to mobsters who winished the week#1 in prizes!
 Kristan21/06/2010 11:03:19 GMT
Congrats to all the winners! Great promotion, great rewards BRM is EPIC Thumbs Up!
I finished week close to top 100, so Im glad with that result as I missed few matches in the end.

Good luck forum mobsters for upcoming week Blink
 cona8021/06/2010 11:16:47 GMT
yeah grt.i was 5.placeand know just 20.hmm next week im coming
 reinyse21/06/2010 12:21:50 GMT
thanks BRM i have received my 1000 mob draw tickets Big Smile

great idea btw,makes the WC more exciting Worship
 mazas21/06/2010 13:13:05 GMT
good odds all and hope we will have more fun in this weak Smile

ood luck all and enjoy football
 Hajinnho21/06/2010 14:09:58 GMT
Posted by Kerdisas:
this was a week of sencetions. It seems that now results must become more predictable, since grands have no more rights to joke.

my respect and congrats to mobsters who winished the week#1 in prizes!

it surely was a weird week...
I just hate my last days. I was on a good road but than got no points...
 catavl21/06/2010 15:30:18 GMT
There were a lot of surprises in south africa. Come on. England was one of them. And let's not forget Gana Smile. Serious now arggg
 schwabo21/06/2010 21:01:21 GMT
Hi,I was near 100 on leaderboard,results was strange this week,I hope week 2 will be mine Thumbs Up
Worship Worship Dollar Worship Worship
And good luck to all of you Thumbs Up
 oliver08229822/06/2010 04:53:44 GMT
nice 1
 Kerdisas22/06/2010 06:10:19 GMT
Posted by Kerdisas:
It seems that now results must become more predictable...

Tried to pick todays results. I guess I was mistaking! The group B is weird! Angry
 ZmxPowah22/06/2010 09:06:47 GMT
What was the prizes they won btw?
I think i missed that part ^^. Would be nice to know imho even if i know i won't stand a chance ;p
 watoba23/06/2010 09:55:06 GMT
congrats to all winners,was a very crasy first week,and to BRM was a very nice idea with the mob betting
 Piotrunnio23/06/2010 10:39:45 GMT
My computer was broken so I bet only from 16th June, from Argentina - Korea match, but mob betting is really good idea, and now i bet every day.
 teteban23/06/2010 11:05:50 GMT
Welll...not going strong this week Sad hope it picks up! some good matches yesterday though
 dule-vu23/06/2010 11:09:26 GMT
I finish on 3. place and won 3000 points(30 $),ty very much BRM!last game brasil and cote d ivoire 3:1 give me 3. position,so a bit of luck!hope this week also be good for me Thumbs Up
 cyberbabel23/06/2010 11:55:46 GMT
I made very bad bets, Committing to the logic and it is not always good.
So I opted for the second week of surprises Big Smile
I hope to better position.
 baniix23/06/2010 19:31:42 GMT
just logged in and SURPRISE... i'm now first in week 2 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaa!
and i missed todays games.... gotta continue, wish me luck... Dollar
 D9e7J0aV8u26/06/2010 23:10:31 GMT

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