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Guinness World Records: Phil Laak crushed the old record

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Posted on 08 June 2010 by "T".

In the middle of May, we could read about Phil Laak and his plans on breaking the world record in staying awake as long as possible and play poker. The old record was held by Paul Zimbler who last year managed to stay awake for 78 hours. Anyhow, a couple of days ago, Phil Laak Laak started his world record attempt at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Lots of poker players around the globe have been following Phil Laak's struggle via live streams on the net. His fans must be really happy with the outcome as he managed to break the old record with almost 2 days. Phil Laak stayed awake and played poker for 115 hours straight - almost 5 days of poker! 


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25 comments on "Guinness World Records: Phil Laak crushed the old record"

 Dimitrii8708/06/2010 14:24:45 GMT
now thats really sick!! go UNABOMBER!!
 T3ddyKGB08/06/2010 14:31:43 GMT
i can imagine some freaks do that "online" day for day Big Smile

sick...yes and no. why not try something extraordinary once in your life.
curious to see his last hour. on u tube ?
did he asleep on the table or how did the record end Big Smile ?
 kazman08/06/2010 14:42:17 GMT
did he won something or just posted blinds?
 Tchungpo08/06/2010 14:52:49 GMT

But well its not really intellect to do such things (i think you can have a heartbreak).
And what they didnt say is : did he made money?
 blipblop08/06/2010 15:00:48 GMT
That´s sick.... is it even possible without drugs ??? I was up for 25 hours on weekend trying to play a tournament on ps i could not even see my cards the last hours
 T3ddyKGB08/06/2010 15:10:57 GMT
Posted by blipblop:
That's sick.... is it even possible without drugs ??? I was up for 25 hours on weekend trying to play a tournament on ps i could not even see my cards the last hours

haha, there is the first proof for my "i can imagine some freaks do that "online" day for day"

 mazas08/06/2010 15:50:37 GMT
to many times he spent on the poker site but he one take tha lead here hope in future hewill try again to claim more time

good luck all Tongue
 B1gfoot08/06/2010 17:41:08 GMT
Is that 2 records held by the unabomber, most games played and the longest time played. Or was the outher beat?
Anyway, pointless if you ask me.
Try most money won Laak.
 NaziPal08/06/2010 17:56:59 GMT
More power to the unabomber!!!!
 Kristan08/06/2010 19:08:07 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
Try most money won Laak.

Big Smile Man you can be mean B1gfoot. Made me laugh lol.

Laak is one of my fav high stakes cash game players, because every time he sits down the table gets alive. He do plays a lot of abc, but thats only to make table image for himself before he starts fireing off.
Still makes me laugh how he raised with AA in HSP 50k preflop, just to get 4-5 limpers off the pot and take the money lol.

Well done Unabomber Thumbs Up
 KoldShadow08/06/2010 19:32:12 GMT
Lucifer bless Americans . . . I used to have stay-awake contests with my cousins back in the day, and I could only go a day and a half. I can't even comprehend how he was able to make it past 3 days, doing something mentally intensive like playing Poker. However, when I first started playing cash games, I would play for 9 or 10 hours straight. Still, this is a beast of a feat, even if technically anyone could replicate it.
 Yuki55508/06/2010 19:55:13 GMT
Haha well done Phil Laak Smile And nevermind haters, if he wants to do it he does it, I dont see how do you have a problem with that
 DAGOR08/06/2010 20:48:55 GMT
Hello everybody!
This player is super funny. But when I think of him often for something other than a great poker.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 ZmxPowah08/06/2010 21:08:06 GMT
Hehe yea some online freaks will read it and...
Who cares? Only 115 hours? What a noob ^^.
 Pitiless08/06/2010 21:16:13 GMT
he was like 5k$ UP
well done
 watoba09/06/2010 02:02:21 GMT
wow 115 hours i think is not possible without drugs.When he make it without drugs he is a alien or cyborg lol.
Anyone knows what for blinds he´s playing
 youngbaboon09/06/2010 03:17:12 GMT
I frickin ridulous. He was 5k up? Holy crap. I know that at Harrahs casino in Indiana, the dealers say there was once a guy who was there for 6 days. By the end his skin was pink and he was shaking. Yet , he was 15k up just playing 2-5 no limit. Is it worth it?
 shokaku09/06/2010 05:00:57 GMT
Posted by T3ddyKGB:
i can imagine some freaks do that "online" day for day Big Smile

Yep. Joe the pro would just say "standard" Big Smile
 Pjot09/06/2010 11:11:17 GMT
Damn amazing he made a profit! You would think ha was sitting with matches holding up his eyelids making bad calls the last 48 huors. Me, I start playing bad after about two hours!! Shock
 MANUEDO09/06/2010 12:15:42 GMT
Very impressing, what a strenght. I was thinking on his girl taking a parrot for pee just not to distract him fromhi goal Blink Blink
 xxxbchxxx09/06/2010 23:45:47 GMT
what 5 days...with out sleep, thats crazy.
So did the thing stop when he called it a day or did he just fall asleep at the table?
Cant imagin even trying anything like that.
The mans a lunitick for sure.
 Cliffem10/06/2010 16:33:17 GMT
iv been playing solid none stop since 1996,bit tired now tho
 captainmono10/06/2010 18:34:11 GMT
LOL at cliffes comment.

that's an insane record. my record is 10.5 hours straight at the casino.
 SuperNoob13/07/2010 10:52:42 GMT
well done phil laak - playing poker for 115 hrs , but imo its just pointless act done just to get some publicity. try doing that at high stakes regularly and he'll be bankrupt in no time.
 Tomic189109/12/2013 22:49:30 GMT
i crushed phil's record a million times before he ever dreamed of breaking the record.
i bet thousands of other players have had longer sessions too.3days is very nice and long but not long enough to impress me

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