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The Simpsons Co-Creator Fighting For His Life

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Posted on 21 March 2013 by "T".

Sam Simon has written, produced and directed many popular TV shows (The Drew Carey Show, Cheers etc) in his life, but he's best known for developing the animated comedy series The Simpsons in 1989, along with Matt Groening and James L. Brooks.

When it comes to poker, he was a regular at the World Series of Poker of poker (6 cashes in total) between 2007 and 2011; he appeared on a 2009 episode of High Stakes Poker and has been married to poker pro and actor Jennifer Tilly, who's married to Phil Laak now.

Diagnosed with cancer
The 57-year-old American is now facing much tougher challenges than any TV production or poker game can offer as he's been diagnosed with terminal cancer. About a week ago he revealed on The Howard Stern Show (an American radio show) that he was diagnosed with aggressive colorectal cancer in 2012 and that it had spread to other organs. He also revealed that the doctors given him only a few months to live.

The battle against cancer
Simon is undergoing chemotherapy treatment in an effort to fight back. 
"The diagnosis was--I was feeling bad for a couple years, and I was diagnosing myself from television talk shows, so I was taking antidepressants and I was trying to get my testosterone levels up," he told the interviewer. "But then it turned out my primary cancer was colon cancer that had spread to my liver, kidneys, abdominal connective tissues and my lymph system and maybe my brain. They're not sure about that."

Despite the fact that the doctors estimate that he has only months to live, Simon is pretty optimistic about the whole thing.

"I don't believe in miracles," Simon added. "And I don't believe in 3-6 months [to live]. I think it's an adventure and we shall see what happens."


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7 comments on "The Simpsons Co-Creator Fighting For His Life"

 Fakiry21/03/2013 18:13:45 GMT
Some American professionals from the most diverse areas really knew how to relax and enjoy life and distress from their regular daily job. Playing real poker was a great option. Now we have online, it's not the same, although nice in the same. I guess he must have taken almost all he wanted from this life. And as things are today, he can dream with a new day tomorrow.
 demodawggy21/03/2013 21:29:54 GMT
Big fan of The Simpsons here,.... been watching pretty much right from the start back in the early '90s.

I had no clue that buddy was a fairly established and accomplished poker player.

It would be interesting to see an episode about poker complete with the cast of poker clowns like Phil Hellmuth, Tony G, Phil Laak, Esfandiari, Negraneau,.....maybe that Tilly chick too because she's a nut, etc....

They could all play in a tourney at Moe's Bar....or Homer's garage....
 Greenmohave21/03/2013 22:45:36 GMT
I've never watched one episode of the Simpson's nor any other animated prime time show. Just don't watch much tube at all unless it's documentaries or maybe a movie once in great while.

Still, wish him the best and hopefully he'll pull through to keep up his entertainment for a lot of folks.
 demodawggy21/03/2013 23:39:15 GMT
Posted by Greenmohave:
Just don't watch much tube at all unless it's documentaries

Frontline Thumbs Up

Nova Thumbs Up

Ken Burns Docs Thumbs Up

Various other PBS docs Thumbs Up

All top quality Thumbs Up

Tell me ya watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert,....not docs, but both at the top of my list... Thumbs Up
 RoninHarper22/03/2013 01:31:33 GMT
Well I never like the Simpson's but was a fan of Cheer's.
Still I wish him all the best with his recovery.
Lets hope he gets to play another WSOP soon and makes the money.
Be cool amigos and best of luck to us all.

Ronin Cool
 Macubaas22/03/2013 19:31:35 GMT
I'm sorry to hear about Sam, more than he is a poker player and the creator of the Simpsons he is also a great guy.

Not sure if you know but over the years he donated millions and millions of dollars to different child help and wildlife foundations!
 PokerDonV7325/03/2013 16:54:13 GMT
Cancer is a terrible desease. I wish Sam and his family and close friends lots of courage in this fight.

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