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Scott Seiver Grinds 32 Hours Straight at Cash Game Tables

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Posted on 07 August 2018 by "T".

And he says he's gonna do it again.

Poker pro Scott Seiver shared on Twitter about his hardcore grind session at the cash game tables.

Seiver had been successful so far in his quest during this year's WSOP. He defeated a field of 114 entries and won Event #52: $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship for $296,222, getting himself his second career bracelet in the process. He also cashed three times more at the WSOP.

However, the 33-year-old from New York is hungry for more action, and so he went on to complete a 32-hour sesh at the poker table which he posted on Twitter.

It sure is an incredible feat to be able to go on 32 hours nonstop playing poker, but there was one poker player who holds the world record for this kind of thing - in 2010, Phil Laak played for 115 hours straight! Laak astonishingly ended the nearly 5-day long marathon playing $10/$20 NLHE with a profit of $4,000.

Phil Laak on left side of laptop

Even though Seiver's 32-hour grind is far from Laak's run, it still caught the eye of Joey Ingram who said, "Very GTO decision not to sleep at the table (maybe you did that at some point during the session tho)."

Falling fast asleep while playing poker could be quite ridiculous to imagine, but it can actually happen, even to the best of the best out there. Take for instance, Daniel "Jungleman" Cates fell asleep during a $5K / $10K session last month and the evidence had been duly noted by Patrik Antonius' Instagram post.

Overall, Scott Seiver has 12 cashes at the WSOP. He won his first bracelet in the 2008 WSOP $5K NLHE event for $755,891.



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19 comments on "Scott Seiver Grinds 32 Hours Straight at Cash Game Tables"

 Mober07/08/2018 13:54:09 GMT
Grinding for 32 hours straight, playing poker? Why? Is there a reason for it ?

And the other guy with the record of playing 115 hours straight.
All i can say is, that it is a silly record.
One of many out there. Smile
What an accomplishment that is....
 erru910707/08/2018 22:51:21 GMT
It sure is an impressive thing to accomplish, even tho it isn't the record. What I would have liked to know tho is if he made a profit and if so, how much. And if he's gonna do it all again after just 4 hours of sleep, it would be really interesting to know how that session turned out.

All I know for sure is that I wouldn't have the patience for a session that long, I would probably go crazy!
 doubletop77708/08/2018 07:04:28 GMT
I don't think i could stay awake for 32 hours let alone play poker for that long. These poker players' really do love their craft and are very dedicated to it. I wonder how much he won or lost during this session?
 Gerimantas08/08/2018 10:43:44 GMT
Yes it is very hard to think it can be do, but i personally no can do this thing and i talk about 32 hours non stop play and not even think about this 115 hours game. These guys must use a lot of coffeine
 Serpang08/08/2018 11:32:10 GMT
Why didn't mention finally he win or lose ? useless if finally lose some money. Was he intend to or cause he lost before and catch up his losing ? like when we play slot, lol. Or he train his stamina and focus ?
 Gerimantas08/08/2018 13:23:14 GMT
Yes very good question from serpang, i too think thst not many good things from play 32 hours and not win any money, better situation to play judt one hour and make more money. But no information about his win or lose stats
 CALICUL08/08/2018 13:36:17 GMT
It's no shame to fall asleep at a poker table after 32 hours of play. The human body resists better with different things, but if you do not use it, then you will fall asleep like Daniel "Jungleman" Cates. This is not ridiculous but next time should get up from the table to make a little move ( exercises ).
 Mober08/08/2018 13:56:26 GMT
Why exactly is an impressive thing to accomplish? I dont really get this.
SO he stayed awake for several hours, days if you like playing poker. And ? ....
He was sitting on a chair playing a card game.
I dont see anything impressive here.
 magatt96610/08/2018 06:19:10 GMT
Our forum mate yout85 used to make challenges like those oner and if I remember correctly they were also profitable for him.

I could barely keep focused for a couple of hours last times I was still playing poker then I got bored or distracted: so my congrats goes to players able to do that.
 Mysik8610/08/2018 06:49:41 GMT
I like those records only when guys who break this kind of record, do that for some purpose. For charity, fame, etc. But playing 32 hours without sleep just for playing is silly.

And like your guys already wrote, it's hard to focus and concentrate for more than couple hours, and in this case is also lack of sleep. And I remember, when I serve for army, and I don't sleep for whole night. It was massacre... The next day, I will be out of my mind... So I wonder, how he managed to not only to fall asleep but also mantain some level of focus.
 pochui10/08/2018 15:03:48 GMT
well I am not sure what is the point of playing 32 hours straight, unless this involves some sort of a side bet, you are just trying to generate some publicity, but you can do that more quickly by for example playing with trousers which have cut outs for your balls, and have them visible Big Smile
 Calmplay10/08/2018 16:18:55 GMT
Damn the longest duration I play poker without stopping was 9 hours and I felt sick too afterwards... These guys are sick especially Phil Laak's challenge which ended with only 4k profit lol

 Mober10/08/2018 17:24:06 GMT
Felling sick afterwards is the lesser of the two evils. The other one is, to start playing
crap due to fatigue. Smile
I start losing after a couple of hours playing only, since i get tired and really bored.
It must be a no no for many players, playing that long Smile
 bowie198411/08/2018 23:19:48 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well I am not sure what is the point of playing 32 hours straight, unless this involves some sort of a side bet, you are just trying to generate some publicity, but you can do that more quickly by for example playing with trousers which have cut outs for your balls, and have them visible Big Smile

Yeah I can imagine how well based decisions can be made after playing all day especially if you are in the 32nd hour. This man is insane to do this, but probably it was not his first time.
 nilsh00712/08/2018 03:38:28 GMT
sure thats right
 misteriopj26/08/2018 19:00:38 GMT
What session of Scott Seiver, last more than 32 consecutive hours playing cash table is strong because it hits the fatigue at some point but I achieve it, hopefully in the end it was positive in his bench.

As others say it is not impressive clear that if you do not do what you like and beat the dream on the way.
 Gerimantas26/08/2018 19:46:44 GMT
Yes like some people in this forum say i too think it is not good to play poker for so long, 32 hours is bad to your health; see sometimes people play in my local casino play for very long and in end they are tired and make bad decision and lose money
 CALICUL27/08/2018 17:45:25 GMT
This must be forbidden by casinos because is very tiring. Casino owners should make a new rule and maximum allowed to be 16 hours. In this way, the players would be more restful and no one will fall asleep at the table. I do not understand why they accepted this option. Confused
 dule-vu27/08/2018 17:59:06 GMT
this si not so bad,if he had good sleep day before and then to play 32 hours ,but to play over that,even 115 hours like phil laak,that is crazy and not good for health!ofcourse that some tournaments need to be played for longer time,but not for two days or more in one session!

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