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Benyamine and Mizrachi to take part in tournament with $100k buy-in

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Posted on 24 September 2010 by "T".

On Friday October 8th one of the most expensive live tournaments in the history of poker will take place at Es Saadi Casino in Marrakech, Morocco. The buy-in for the tournament is nothing less than $100,000 and there are 40 seats available - 10 seats are reserved for american poker pros. David Benyamine (highroller) and Michael Mizrachi (WSOP 2010 finalist) are two of the big names that have confirmed that they are attending.

The tournament will have a unique structure
Each player will receive 100,000 chips for the $100,000 buy-in, then they will be divided into 5 tables of 8 players. There will be a random draw for the poker pros and and another random draw for the non-pros, to make sure that there will be at least 2 poker pros per table. On the final table it will get really interesting as 100,000 of the chips can be exchanged for $100,000 in cash.

There will be satellites to this tournament for as little as €45 running at The Es Saadi Casino between September 22 and October 7. It will be interesting to see how many players that will qualify for the $100k tournament through these satellites. I suspect that many satellite qualifiers will exchange 100k chips for $100k cash - if they make it to the final table.

The event will be filmed and be aired December 2010.


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14 comments on "Benyamine and Mizrachi to take part in tournament with $100k buy-in"

 xxxbchxxx24/09/2010 12:06:20 GMT
WOW thats a high roller stake for sure.
But only 40 seats........they wont get filled i feel the buy in is just too high.
Maybe pre recession but thats a lot of smash to stump up, as for cashing out 100K i dont think so why would you lay out then cash up with out a profit????? no this ones for the true players, no cash outs for sure.
 JunkyMonkey24/09/2010 13:49:18 GMT
nice Big Smile
what's the first prize?
 AbuDhabi24/09/2010 14:28:26 GMT
It is hard to tell you the first prize - because of the possibility of exchanging chips for money even in the progress of the tournament - so you cant know the first prize if you dont know how many chips will last in the tournament till the end....
 w00zy24/09/2010 14:32:04 GMT
JunkyMonkey 9/24/2010 1:49:18 PM GMT
what's the first prize?

If you can change 100K chips for $100K in the final table, 1st prize is not set yet
 watoba24/09/2010 20:08:26 GMT
nice tournament when it´s filmed where i can see it.I think gus hansen played it too he needed money in moment
 groschen24/09/2010 20:10:22 GMT
very nice cash out Big Smile
 mazas26/09/2010 08:55:59 GMT
will be long way to the finale table and also long play all the game as i understood it will be 40 players its means 4 mln in prise pool Smile
it will be very interesting and long game
good luck all
 SuperNoob11/10/2010 18:29:50 GMT
100k as buyin for tournament wow :O :O
players qualifying from satellite will surely be in for a treat if they win or even get to exchange 100k of their chips. but i doubt they'll manage to get 40 players for this big game.
 MoeJoe11112/10/2010 00:27:37 GMT
thats just insane....just insane Shock
 mazas12/10/2010 08:24:22 GMT
how about the news who win this crazy buy in tournament 4 days then was finished no news Sad
 MANUEDO12/10/2010 12:20:28 GMT
Agree with Mazas; Question We are very corious to know what happened, who won and, most of all, how much Dollar Big Smile
 whamboozeled12/10/2010 16:21:32 GMT
i would have loved to play an online qualifier for that one Big Smile
 astra413/10/2010 09:21:18 GMT
would be fun to play this tournament, but i think the buy in is too much. is there not satellites in any site online. or do you have to go to the cacsino to play sat.
 capinheiro13/10/2010 18:15:43 GMT
Any news on this one? Smile

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