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Doyle Brunson about to leave Vegas?

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Posted on 20 January 2011 by "T".

A lot of people were surprised when they read in Doyle Brunson's latest blog that he's considering to hit the road and move from Las Vegas to California. What surprised people even more was that the reason Doyle is considering to move is because of poker. Yes, Doyle thinks that there aren't enough high-limit games to suit him.

"Las Vegas is becoming more and more a not very desirable place for a poker pro to live. There are simply isn't very many high limit games anywhere. What's with the economy, the world wide tournaments, and the internet poker, the outlook for live cash games are bleak. Poker is on the verge of making a very significant change and in my opinion very bad change.
I'm considering moving to California; at least there are a few mid level games that are played regularly"
, writes Doyle Brunson in his blog.


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7 comments on "Doyle Brunson about to leave Vegas?"

 B1gfoot20/01/2011 15:59:13 GMT
He aint going, possably a second home, but he is right in what he is saying about Vegas, I seen a good documentry on it a short while ago, basically saying its moved from cheap hotels free food and main stram gambling to a family holiday destination and big shopping complexes expensive food and accomadation etc.
As soon as he lands at Califirnia they will whip him a way, and give him the full works to fit in with Ego city.
 Hajinnho20/01/2011 16:09:10 GMT
hmm, i thought he might leave Vegas to quit poker, as he last time said, that he had problems with the game... but guess he cant ever stop Blink
 Cliffem21/01/2011 13:42:32 GMT
lol only Doyle can leave LV because theres not enough action!
 mahdrof21/01/2011 15:51:06 GMT
The US is definitely hurting economically, and Vegas has been hit really hard. Guess those mortgaging their homes to go take on the big guns have petered out now that things are down. Looks like Doyle's not showing too many signs of slowing down! Blink
 todd331122/01/2011 02:08:44 GMT
i cant see him leaveing,he loves poker to much to leave vegas
 Fakiry22/01/2011 20:38:54 GMT
I thought he was going to retire when i read the title. Only an old pro like Brunson can say something like this. Who has the necessary requirements to say he is wrong? Look at durrr and others. They are going to Asia to play high stakes: that's got to mean something. Either Obama asked them to bet on export or there's something wrong with Vegas. Brunson's justification looks fair to me!
 velja24/01/2011 17:39:09 GMT
las Vegas is definitely the best place on the world for poker player...I wish you all good luck

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