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High Stakes: Finnish high-stake regulars won big!

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Posted on 25 April 2011 by "T".

There were some insane games at Full Tilt's nosebleed tables last Thursday. A player with the alias "ronnyr37617" (Switzerland) took on Gus Hansen in a $300/$600 PLO session that turned out to be very thrilling. For some time, Gus Hansen was down almost 1 million dollars, but thanks to winning a few big pots at the end of the session he "only" lost $427,000. "ronnyr37617" logged off when he was up $186,000. But most probably he hated himself for not quitting a bit earlier - before losing the big pots to Hansen.

After Gus Hansen and "ronnyr37617 had stopped for the day, Patrik Antonius, Skjervoy and Ingenious89 hit the tables. Antonius had a great run and ended up winning almost $600,000! However, he fell into the shades of his fellow countryman Jens "Ingenious89" Kyllonen. Kyllonen (born 1989 in Finland) is one of the most promising high stakes players at the moment. Even though his young age, he already seems to have the experience and skills as many of the big stars in the high stakes world. Anyhow, Thursday ended up being one of the best pay days in his career as he got away with a 1 million dollar profit. The norwegian poker pro Skjervoy had a really bad day and he he gave up when he had lost $1.1 million. It was mostly thanks to him that both Kyllonen and Antonius won big.  


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12 comments on "High Stakes: Finnish high-stake regulars won big! "

 LooseKiddie25/04/2011 10:18:25 GMT
Woot Big Smile I hope that some day I'll earn even 1% of their winnings/loses Tongue That would be great. And Gus is lucky that ronnyr didn't quit when Gus was 1 milion behind Smile
 chinasyndrom25/04/2011 10:24:27 GMT
Yes same here 1 million in one day that is insane i'd be happy $1000 a day could live pretty comfortable of that if i could do it every day of the year that is.
 SonFelix25/04/2011 10:36:50 GMT
Long live Finland !
 SuperNoob25/04/2011 14:04:53 GMT
wow 1 million$ profit for 1 day is insane.he must be jumping on his chair after the session,lmao
nice win for antonius too, guess the american pros must be jealous of missing all this hot action.
 GIOMi625/04/2011 15:09:42 GMT
That are awesome money prizes to win for one day, one day I will be one of them winning the millions online.
 Niklas9125/04/2011 20:47:21 GMT
Too bad for Gus Sad But again, a bit lucky he did win some of the money back Smile And Ingenious89 must be more than just happy for profitting one million dollar! Big Smile
 todd331125/04/2011 21:38:27 GMT
gus is not half the player most say he is
 mayea425/04/2011 21:47:26 GMT
Man 1 million, Just saying is something to think about, but winning it in a cash game online, Well gus i got to go, its been fun playing with you see another day, and im gone...Next on the phone with support umm can i get a withdrawl right quick...i just need 900,000, leave 100,000 to play with, look at me guided off that quick just thinking about it..Man and that was on line.. Worship Worship Dollar Dollar
 Macubaas26/04/2011 04:40:02 GMT
It's clear that the finnish are dominating the online high stakes cash games nowadays since the US players aren't allowed anymore to play.
As a more general description the nordics are dominating the games overall, not only from Finland. So far i didn't saw an official statement from Skjervoy but some say that $1.1 Million that lost in just a day was almost 20 - 25% of his entire bankroll, which is might be pretty accurate since online poker tracking sites show that his total winnings before that black day for him was around $5 Million. It was clear it was tilted but lets hope we'll see him come back and hit the tables again to recover something from his loss. After that day Jens hit the tables again but it booked only small profits with a low number of hands played.
It's great that mobsters appreciate high stakes report threads, i'll make sure to jeep you posted with the major results from this area of poker.
Good luck at tables!
 Tomislav26/04/2011 15:27:01 GMT
I love money
 SuperNoob01/05/2011 13:47:28 GMT
Posted by SharkSilent:
wow 1 million$ profit for 1 day is insane.he must be jumping on his chair after the session,lmao
nice win for antonius too, guess the american pros must be jealous of missing all this hot action.

are you one of my disguised disciples who want to spread my word around by copy and pasting my posts ????? Tongue Tongue

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