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High Stakes: Swingy day for Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

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Posted on 18 July 2011 by "T".

Even though many of the poker world's biggest high stakes stars are in Vegas at the moment, there are still some decent high stakes games running online. Yesterday, for example, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom took on Rui "PepperoniF" Cao in heads-up match of Pot-Limit Omaha at PokerStars. The game was quite even at first, but after about 1000 hands had been played Isildur1 had full control over the game. When the match had been running for about 4 hours, PepperoniF called it a day and Viktor Blom left the table with a $271k profit.

However, Isildur1 had no plans whatsoever to stop playing since he took on Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky at the $50/$100 No-Limit Hold'em tables. Isildur1 took the command almost straight away and had a $100k lead after 500 hands. But then everything started going Sauce123's ways. Sauce123 won pot after pot and Isildur1 played worse and worse. After 1642 hands of play, the Swedish young gun gave up. In total, he lost $242k to Ben Sulsky, who ended up having one of his best paydays this year - all thanks to Isildur1.

Anyhow, Isildur1 still booked a $30k profit for the day. But he must have hated himself for not stopping when he was close to $400,000 plus.


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9 comments on "High Stakes: Swingy day for Viktor "Isildur1" Blom"

 shoveandtilt18/07/2011 17:58:15 GMT
My jaw just fell open after reading that...100kup after 500 hands...1100 hands later he is down 242k...342k swing in 1.1k [email protected] 50/100.. Holy shit.
 B1gfoot18/07/2011 20:04:04 GMT
A normal day in the office for Blom, I sometimes think he does not like/respect money only the game matters for him, sick so sick.
 SuperNoob19/07/2011 05:56:39 GMT
he could do himself a big favor if he can call it a day after having a big profit rather than waiting to lose it all and then stopping. but still profit is profit Blink
 mahdrof19/07/2011 12:24:07 GMT
Viktor Blom doing what Viktor Blom does best, high stakes up and down, playing the best for totally sick amounts of money and often blowing huge gains. Curious to see what the next five years hold in store for him! Either the best in the world or cleaning windshields under an overpass. Can anyone else use $271K?!!
 TUNGUSKANO19/07/2011 13:51:02 GMT
Man. How a boy just have so much to play. The guy is already a millionare. I hope the people around the world had notice a genious like that and give to him a royal congratulation. Nice and easy.
 Fakiry19/07/2011 20:31:53 GMT
There isnt any real high stakes player who believes the power of money. They believe in their power, and they dont care for what money that can win or loose with the game. Its just for saying that those are the highest values played, so are playing at the top, but the value of money doesnt means more than this... for them.
 TheMachineQC20/07/2011 01:28:18 GMT
He's a gambler, that's it! Sometimes he moves all in with just a K high flush draw and a pair in PLO, he's so agressive... If you run good against him you sure will gain a lot of money Smile
 Macubaas20/07/2011 14:54:21 GMT
I tend to agree with you on this one but only when he is tiltted, like today for example he is simply throwing money away to andreas torgbergsen...

As i'm typing this they are playing 4 tables of pot limit omaha heads up and skjervoy has almost 150.000 dollars on all four tables, and the buy in is 10.000 dollars so you can imahgine the profit so far Shock

Lets hope viktor will stop in time or he'll lose more than he won on the last sessions against rui cao and in the last superstar showdown Confused
 dusicahetzel23/07/2011 22:42:41 GMT
i cant forget his all in with 10 4 and wining that hand. He is crazy Smile))

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