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Tom Dwan vs Phil Ivey - 2 insane bluffs!

Tags: bluff, full tilt poker, high stakes poker, phil ivey, tom dwan.
Posted on 20 September 2011 by "T".

According to many poker experts, Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey are two of the best cash game players in history. There are plenty of clips on youtube and other video sites where one can see Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey showing their skills at the poker tables. 

However it's not very common that they face each other in huge pots, and especially not when neither of them have anything and decide to bluff. Below is a video with two of their best bluffs against each other. Enjoy!

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16 comments on "Tom Dwan vs Phil Ivey - 2 insane bluffs!"

 Fakiry21/09/2011 07:42:45 GMT
This guys are completely "nuts"! Dwans bluff is something out of the sky, never seen anything like that, Ivey waiting to see till the end and then he quits the pot because he didnt got a flush... god, must be a very sick person inside, how can he handle this much pressure?
 B1gfoot21/09/2011 07:58:41 GMT
So 2009
 shoveandtilt21/09/2011 11:44:46 GMT
+1 b1g....old news, old news, read alllll about it!
 Macubaas21/09/2011 21:51:10 GMT
Old stuff but it's indeed really good stuff Big Smile If you ask me tom dwan durrrr always did the most insane bluffs out there!

Sometimes he managed to trick it's opponent with that look of his but again he also lost big many times.

I think we all miss those poker days when big cash games were played pretty frequent, i think it will take some time before we'll see that kind of madness again.
 SuperNoob22/09/2011 07:40:21 GMT
very old video but looks like bankrollmob staff is putting up some videos on youtube, anyway hope there are more videos in future
 awood8822/09/2011 11:46:55 GMT
Great hand but it kind of teaches idiot play. Amateurs see this and think playing low connectors and bluffing with air is standard play. Surely it's more trouble than it's worth, when two poker giants decide to lock horns for no reason. But it's great tv and I suppose that's what gives them their reputation and gets them lots of sponsorship.
 TheMachineQC22/09/2011 17:26:03 GMT
That bluff was amazing, I remember it!! He's lucky Phil Ivey didn't hit anything though Big Smile

8-9 or an up and down straight draw was pretty much the only hands Ivey could beat there!
 LooseKiddie25/09/2011 07:19:38 GMT
The first one was pretty standard, I think I would do the same playing vs Tom "82s or better" Dwan lol Smile The second one was good though.
 doomdy27/09/2011 07:19:35 GMT
Dwan needs a medal, every year he is getting better so sick, and still at the beginning of his poker carreer. have all faith in him, have no clue where it ends for him.
 jsantos7511/12/2011 06:19:45 GMT
amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg dwannnnnnnnnnnnnnn
 initiator11/12/2011 13:04:41 GMT
Well I guess he decided to shoot his 3 bullets: Flop Turn and river
If Ivey had something ( pair or strt)he would have probably raised because of the flush draw danger. So I guess one could fire 3 times. But still very brave. Especially because of his loose reputation.
 kwasac23/05/2012 16:33:14 GMT
Masters of poker!!!! You are the best guys!!!! Smile
 noonlion23/05/2012 18:11:42 GMT
Yeah I saw this.

Awesome stuff - a necessity of the game and yet so many people think that's how every hand is played.

Newcomers all start off bluffing like crazy. Great if you're at the table.

Thing is Dwan knows Phil is as likely to be bluffing with nothing as he is, so he has to bluff harder to get his money. Really insane.

these guys don't think of the money that much - until they cash out.

But you could see that pot really shook Dwan, his voice went squeaky lol and he went white lol. His motionless expression nearly didn't work.
 teddybears7323/05/2012 19:04:27 GMT
i really thought that ivey was going to call there,would have took some guts though!
durr is relenless when he gets going and you never know if he has it or not.
 39andyac23/05/2012 19:05:22 GMT
This was very interesting! indeed you could here in his voice that he was bluffing! it reminds me of pokerstars Tongue there most players are bluffing to Smile
 Greenmohave23/05/2012 20:47:01 GMT
Old news or not some of us haven't been around or playing long enough to have ever seen this and I'm glad it was posted. Very gutsy playing on both players part. I just couldn't do it! I don't want to give up $5 let alone some ridiculous amount of cash.

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