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Macau Businessman Wins Big in London!

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Posted on 01 October 2012 by "T".

While most of the poker world focused on WSOP Europe and PokerStars' WCOOP last week, a £100,000 buy-in tournament took place at Aspinalls, a private gaming club in London, England. Among the 21-players to show up for the expensive tournament were Phil Ivey, Sam Trickett, JC tran, Erik Seidel, Tobias Reinkeier etc.

Of course, many expected one of the well-known poker pros to take home the tournament, but instead it ended up being a 48-year-old man known as the "Macau Businessman" who came out on top. After all top pros had hit the rail, Big One For One Drop participants Richard Young and Paul Phua were playing heads-up. After some time of battle, Paul Phua had all the chips and received the £1,000,000 first place prize. This was Phua's first major tournament win/cash!

1.Paul Phua £1,000,000
2.Richard Young £570,000
3.Winfred Yu £300,000
4.Terje "Terken89" Augdal £200,000

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7 comments on "Macau Businessman Wins Big in London!"

 Doarulle01/10/2012 08:21:52 GMT
Wow... i can't understand what should i do for play a tournament live... internet sucks... any tournament like this on Romania ? anyway congratulations to Paul for that million 8-|
 Mysik8601/10/2012 08:50:39 GMT
Nice... ROI - 1000% Blink And £1M is very very nice prize!
 nipitiri301/10/2012 08:59:48 GMT
rich gets richer .. anyways good to see pros not win everyday and sunday players have chance (not get rich by being stupid)
 Fakiry01/10/2012 12:23:26 GMT
Thinking about where the winner of this event have been earlier, we can now say that this victory wasn't much of a prize for him, since it was only to pay the expenses from the participation Big One For One Drop. Of course that Paul Phua have done a great work here, but the million won here was equal to the million paid to enter One Drop, where he didn't won...
 liviusx01/10/2012 13:45:56 GMT
dude...he paid his entry to one drop in $ and his winnings from this one were in british pounds...this means aproximately 1.6 million $( slightly less than that considering his entry...but anyways more than 400 k $ won)
 pochui01/10/2012 16:39:08 GMT
Posted by Doarulle:
Wow... i can't understand what should i do for play a tournament live...

pay the buy-in

yeah nice win, great payday- especially considering the opposition. this is why poker is so popular- anyone can have a go at pro's. i doubt you would stand a chance winning tennis match against nadal, doesn't matter short or long run...but in poker you can outplay any pro and win big
 xdomagojx02/10/2012 12:27:06 GMT
Posted by Doarulle:
Wow... i can't understand what should i do for play a tournament live...

pay the buy-in

lold hard

Who cares if some rich bussinessman won anythings. He doesn't need it nor he is close to bust so care...

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