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PartyPoker Premier League IV: Phil Laak in the lead!

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Posted on 15 February 2010 by "T".

A few days ago, PartyPoker Premier League IV in Las Vegas kicked off. 11 pros and 1 internet qualifier are now playing for a prize pool of $1,5 million dollars + a sponsorship contract worth $100,000. So far, three heats out of 12 have been played.

Heat 1: Phil Laak wins the first heat!

Phil Laak is a very good poker player. No doubt about that! Anyhow, even a good poker player like Phil can get lucky once in a while. Well, he got lucky many times in Heat 1 as he flopped sets numerous times when his opponents had big hands. Nothing could stop Phil this day, and after 8 hours of play, it was all over as JC Tran, last year's winner, was eliminated in second place.

Standings after Heat 1

1. Phil Laak - 16 points
2. JC Tran - 11 points
3. Yevgeniy Timoshenko - 8 points
4. Vanessa Rousso - 6 points
5. Luke Schwartz - 4 points
6. Roland De Wolfe - 3 points
7. Ian Frazer - 2 points
8. Daniel Negreanu - 0 points

Heat 2: Phil Laak wins again!

Heat 2 of PartyPoker Premier League IV ended up almost the same way as Heat 1. Even though Phil Laak wasn't running as good as in Heat 1, he still managed to stay in the action and also win the heads-up against Roland De Wolfe, who had played great poker the whole day and was a big favorite to win.

Standings after Heat 2

1. Phil Laak - 32 points
2. JC Tran - 17 points
3. Roland De Wolfe - 14 points
T-4. David Benyamine - 8 points
T-4. Yevgeniy Timoshenko - 8 points
6. Vanessa Rousso - 6 points
T-7. Luke Schwartz - 4 points
T-7. Giovanni Safina - 4 points
9. Phil Hellmuth - 3 points
T-10. Ian Frazer - 2 points
T-10. Tony G - 2 points
12. Daniel Negreanu - 0 points

Heat 3: Amazing comeback by David Benyamine

David Benyamine, the French poker pro, had been running quite well so far in the tournament. However, he hadn't been close to a win so far. Heat 3 seemed to be no different than the 2 previous heats as he was short-stacked many times. However, everything changed after that he got lucky river cards a few times and managed to build up a big stack. David Benyamine then made it to heads-up against Safina Giovanni.

This is how the final hand was played out.

David Benyamine limped the button with KClub 10Spade and Safina Giovanni raised from the big blind to 140,000 with KDiamondJDiamond.

Flop came KSpade 7Club 2Heart

This flop meant trouble for David - he had flopped top pair with worse kicker than Safina Giovanni.

Safina bet 150,00 and David raised to 340,00. Safina then moved all in and David made the call.

The turn 10Heart is a terrible card for Safina. Sudently, David Benyamine is the big favourite to win the hand.

The river card 2Spade was no help at all for Safina who was eliminated in second place.

Standings after Heat 3

1. Phil Laak - 32 points
2. David Benyamine - 24 points
3. JC Tran - 17 points
4. Yevgeniy Timoshenko - 16 points
5. Giovanni Safina - 15 points
6. Roland De Wolfe - 14 points
T-7. Vanessa Rousso - 8 points
T-7. Ian Frazer - 8 points
9. Phil Hellmuth - 6 points
T-10. Luke Schwartz - 4 points
T-10. Daniel Negreanu - 4 points
12. Tony G - 2 points


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8 comments on "PartyPoker Premier League IV: Phil Laak in the lead!"

 GabeKaplan15/02/2010 12:53:14 GMT
unibomber going to take it home this year, maybe, off to a good start so far, he learns good by playing the avg. joe cash players in vegas
 MANUEDO15/02/2010 12:57:08 GMT
Very strong player, brave and completely carzy.It'a always funny looking at him playing end it's good for hold'em he has good results Thumbs Up
 xxxbchxxx15/02/2010 15:24:46 GMT
T-10. Daniel Negreanu - 4 points
WHAT! I have a bet on with my poker pal that Daniel Negreanu would win this..Dam IThe bet was a poker night at the others all beer supplied by the host. (I dont mind loosing) but i thought DN would crush the rest.
Oh well.
Phil Laak is a class player for sure. I secretly hoped Vanessa Rousso would do a little better as she's hot1 dont you think?
 SuperNoob15/02/2010 17:07:59 GMT
Phil laak got himself a good lead and if he can continue like this, he'll surely win this one.surprised to see helmuth and negreanu so down but there's still enough games to be played
 shaded15/02/2010 17:35:33 GMT
I tought Daniel Negreanu whould win also, gues hes not in his top form Tongue how manny rounds to go?
 psycokiller15/02/2010 18:11:45 GMT
Laak had been pretty quiet on the poker scene the last couple of yrs, so this is a good way for him to get back in it. There's still 9 heats left to go, so it's still anyone's prize to claim.
 LaBaiz15/02/2010 18:40:44 GMT
Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth seems to struggle in this tournament, but maybe they were just unlucky. Great job Laak.
 ierons15/02/2010 20:06:55 GMT
lol phil laak ! he's just lucky .... i hate this guy !

he sucks !

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