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Won $11.5 Million In August - Still Hasn't Received His Money!

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Posted on 09 October 2012 by "T".

According to recent reports by several well-known newspapers, the American poker pro Phil Ivey, 35, was at Crockfords's casino in London at the end of August and gambled for huge amounts. Ivey and a female friend (described as a beautiful oriental women) played the card game Punto Banco (a variant of baccarat) for about 7 hour over 2 days. Ivey had a really bad start and lost heavily, but then he managed to eliminate the losses and walked away with a nice profit after the first day.

During the second day things went extremely well for Ivey and he left the table when he was up $11.5 million. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Crockford's management assured him that the money would be transferred to his bank account before August 28. But as of today, says the Journal, all that has been transferred is his original stake of $1.3 million.

According to Daily Mail, one of the reasons why Ivey's winnings haven't been transferred is that he and his friend were accused of cheating by the casino. The main reason for this might be that Ivey's companion had her membership at another Mayfair gambling house suspended. According to another source, Phil Ivey wasn't paid because he didn't play as much as he agreed to.

Genting, the parent company of Crockfords, has investigated the case by checking recorded video from 10 overhead cameras and also by interviewing the croupier, but apparently they couldn't find any proof of cheating or wrongdoing.



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18 comments on "Won $11.5 Million In August - Still Hasn''t Received His Money! "

 qzmag09/10/2012 16:28:56 GMT
If Ivey does not receive money should be sued, especially since they paid $ 1.3 million, and then said he cheated.
Casinos are and will be some cheats. When you lose the casino congratulate you, when you win you're out and accuse you of cheating.
 pochui09/10/2012 17:01:52 GMT
wow thats epic sh1t. how can they say guy cheated if they ultimately admit that after they checked his play history and talked with the croupier they have no evidence of cheating? and why the hell they transferred more than $1 million if they say he has cheated? just makes no sense...casinos are so unhappy when they have to pay out
 WinAllDay09/10/2012 17:05:22 GMT
I'm not really sure what to say here. I am fairly confident that I will never be put in a situation where a casino cannot afford to pay out my winning bets. from a business standpoint I think its terrible business to take a bet you cant pay out.

ivey was eluding that there was an agreement between the casino and him as to an amount of time he would play these high limits in the room and it sounds like ivey left short. was this right or wrong because they had a deal? does that make up for the casino not being able to cover the bets?
 pochui09/10/2012 17:20:09 GMT
kind of strange agreement imho- if there was one indeed, then why the hell ivey didn't go by it, he was up so much, surely he could have afforded to lose a million or two more, so that the agreement would be met and he could cash and live happily ever after Big Smile i wonder was ivey really cheating is some way?
 Sorin88809/10/2012 17:37:02 GMT
Ivey was a one of the founders of Full TiltFT and owned a significant part of the company, while he didn't sit on the board of directors like Ferguson or Lederer he still got some fat distributions from depositor money. His involvement in the Full Tilt case post Black Friday is by no means non-controversial.
Poker player wins a tonne of money and the casino won't pay up.
Poker player in question = former owner of FTP, a company that ... wait for it ... wouldn't pay up.
 Mysik8609/10/2012 18:37:10 GMT
I have nice advice for him - buy nice firing weapon on black market, then shot casino's crew Smile
 teddybears7309/10/2012 18:58:38 GMT
seems to be the way with casinos,if anyone wins big they try any trick not to pay out.
there should be some law against them,fkin robbers.

 Greenmohave09/10/2012 19:43:26 GMT
Yes this one will be in the courts if I were to guess. I didn't win big, but one time playing roullette in Vegas the "skeeter" (I believe is proper for the one who spins the wheel" anyway raked my chips prior to paying out. The casino "Pit Boss" actually requested review of the overhead camera and I did get paid. Apparently it wasn't alot or I'd rememebr the amount. Always in the $100's though.
 Fakiry10/10/2012 12:50:59 GMT
Phil Ivey involved in scandal. Who was that Asian pretty girl? At first I thought about some poker pro, but her name isn’t revealed and, taking in consideration they were playing other game different from poker, perhaps isn’t a known face. If they don’t pay because of an agreement with the player, I can understand, but not paying because of problems regarding is friend, that seems absurd. Either they have something against him or not, I don’t think they can use the “As burgler is who steals the chicken as the one who waits in the car” premise in this case.
 Sorin88810/10/2012 15:48:46 GMT
Posted by Mysik86:
I have nice advice for him - buy nice firing weapon on black market, then shot casino's crew Smile

Nice idea wise man Shock .Like the crew has holding his money.Is the owners who make this sh..t happen.It was ok when Ivey was loosing,but after he start winning they hpe bad beat return. Thumbs Down
 occultum10/10/2012 16:49:18 GMT
Seems really suspicious stuff, poker pro with "beatiful oriental women", if it was a player with a worst reputation i would say it looks like one of those well made scams. But since there were several cameras and after reviewing the videos and talking to the dealer they couldn't find any evidence and it being Ivey a well know player who proved himself seems even more legit. It's a really huge amount and tbh the casino could be easily trying to pick on the fact that the suppose girl has been banned from another casino. Ivey not public talking about the subject can only mean 2 things, he's being further investigated, or he's planning the legal accusation against the casino with his layers. Let's wait and see, so much money :x
 weakminded10/10/2012 18:01:21 GMT
Holy ***** Shock I knew a casino could agree with a player to pay the winnings at a later time, but this is absurd! Looks to me Ivey got scammed himself and not the other way around ...

Problem is off-course is that it's his word against that of the casino, and I'm sure the casino has a thousand of small prints that states they can refuse to pay when cheating or fraud is suspected ...

 Macubaas10/10/2012 18:42:55 GMT
If you ask me the reason for which they originally accused Ivey is a non-sense...

Never heard of a casino to ask their players to play a minimum amount of time before they can leave the table Confused
 RomanArt77711/10/2012 00:51:16 GMT
the PROs are all cheaters...only those who play frerolls are genuine players
 Doarulle15/10/2012 13:59:35 GMT
LOL ... this is like Poker sites... when you deposit they don't ask your name... don't ask your adress... never ask a photo ID... but when you want to withdraw they ask your name of your granny before wedding... N facture of utilities... name of bank... IBAN... your school... all stup!d things... just just teht don't pay you ...
 SirPoncho17/10/2012 15:59:24 GMT
I think that the negative press gonna make the casino pay him because they dont want to have these things written about them especially in such things like'the daily mail'
 vitne22/10/2012 04:43:00 GMT
Phil Ivey is playing on stars now Big Smile 200-400 with 80 ante PLO
 Pitbullocks27/10/2012 14:50:28 GMT
should have took a cheque when he left ill never trust anyone to pay me later when i win that kind of money

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