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French Parliament Members Caught Playing Poker

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Posted on 27 November 2012 by "T".

According to a recent article in The Telegraph, photographers from the Assembly's press balcony caught several, including ministers, playing poker, ordering clothes, reading adult cartoons etc on their tablets and mobiles in the chamber sessions instead of lawmaking. Below are parts from The Telegraph's article. 

Danièle Hoffmann, Socialist MP for Paris admitted to reading the papers via her tablet. "It's very practical. We're totally up to date and will soon receive amendments directly online, which will be progress," she told Le Parisien (a French newspaper).

Such distractions are apparently tolerated by Claude Bartolone, the Assembly's new Socialist speaker, who has declined to use the scrambling device installed by one of his conservative predecessors, Jean-Louis Debré.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph a few days ago, Mr Debré - now president of France's constitutional council, the country's highest constituional body - was appalled at the laisser-faire attitude.

"One doesn't elect representatives of the people for them to turn up and play cards. In that case, I'd frankly rather they didn't show up at all.

It's execrable for democracy," he said. "When debating a bill, an MP must be alone with his conscience and his ideas." He said he was "all for mobiles and computers anywhere else in parliament" and dismissed claims that it would be unfeasible to scramble only the debating chamber.


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3 comments on "French Parliament Members Caught Playing Poker"

 Impak00727/11/2012 15:40:12 GMT
i dont know, how it goes in France, but here, in Czech Republic, parlament memberes usually do anythink other, then lawmaking.If they were caught playing poker, it is not good for france people,but even better, then sleep like ours "lawmakers".

But for this Socialist, poker isnt cards, its sport Big Smile
 Fakiry28/11/2012 18:18:48 GMT
It's not easy for citizens to read this and then, when having again the chance to vote, they will remember this episode and taking it in consideration when voting again on those who they want to represent them. That happens to be good, because citizens will pay more atention to the person in question who represents them and not only the party behind it.
 Mysik8628/11/2012 18:30:10 GMT
Posted by Impak007:
i dont know, how it goes in France, but here, in Czech Republic, parlament memberes usually do anythink other, then lawmaking

I agree Blink I think in every post-communist country, parliament members do nothing...
Some time ago, in Poland was scandal, because some parliament members vote for their colleagues Tongue

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