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Isildur1's 2009

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Posted on 05 January 2010 by "T".

The hottest poker news of 2009 were mostly about one player, Isildur1 from Sweden. Isildur1 came from nowhere and won almost $6 millions in a couple of weeks and then lost it all + another $1.5 million in just a few days. After that, Isildur1 had another upswing and was plus for a day or two before he started losing again. Even though Isildur1 lost so much money, many of the world's best poker players praised the young Swede by saying that he is an outstanding poker player who just needs to avoid playing such long sessions and that he should stop playing PL Omaha and stick to NL Holdem instead.

The big scandal
Isildur1 made many poker players even richer when his game wasn't at its best. For example, he lost about $4 million dollars in one single session to Brian Hastings, and also a few more millions to Brian Townsend, Cole South, Illari Sahamies, Phil Ivey etc. Shortly after this, Isildur1 disappeared from the high stakes scene and it seemed like it could take long before we heard about the unknown swede again. However, it didn't take long before Isildur1 once again was in the headlines as a big scandal was about to be revealed. It all started after that Brian Townsend got his red pro status removed by Full Tilt for a month because he had used a non-allowed poker program to collect data from the games against Isiludr1. And according to different rumors, Townsend had shared this information with Cole South and Hastings. However, neither of them got punished in any kind of way by Full Tilt. After that Isildur1 got to know about this, he said that he will ask Full Tilt to give back some of the money he had lost, and that he probably wouldn't play at Full Tilt anymore.

Isildur1 playing $5/$10
It didn't take long before Isildur1 started showing up at Full Tilt again. But this time, it was at much lower stakes than before as he played $5/$10 NL Holdem. So how did it go? Well, not so good. Isildur1 played 30 hands and lost about $400. It seemed like the unknown Swede didn't care about the money (who can blame him?) as he made some crazy plays with some really bad hands.


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13 comments on "Isildur1''s 2009"

 shokaku05/01/2010 12:52:53 GMT
$10/$5 NL Hold'em. Lower(!) stakes.
 ih8usukouts05/01/2010 13:43:36 GMT
Look out micros' cause here he comes
 dozn0105/01/2010 13:48:04 GMT
could of been a warm up game lmao
 mazas05/01/2010 15:26:52 GMT
want to back good luck
anyway at that stack stage not win milions
 Davoodoo05/01/2010 15:59:51 GMT

A man with a serious gambling addict ... as soon as he get hold of a very small sum of money he HAS to hit the tables and play. He has probably lost all his money and owes a lot of money to other players.
 doomdy05/01/2010 16:04:38 GMT
He lost $400 lmao Big Smile Worship

Thats not even half a buyinn Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Even i dont get upset about losing $400 how will Isildur even feel this?? Big Smile Big Smile
 B1gfoot05/01/2010 16:43:09 GMT
Think hes just messing arond, if it is bloom, and Id guess it is as TonyG raves about him and wants to stack Isildur then I belive he is still playing NL400 on I-poker.
Did see 1 hand his Allin JJ VS callers AA.
 blazingpf05/01/2010 17:02:23 GMT
$10/$5 compared to $6 million is a whole lot different!
So isildur is really broke now?

Or he's trying to act normal again..
 Tchungpo05/01/2010 19:05:21 GMT
Im asking myself if he'll be able to build another bankroll (i mean, when you play one time with so much money, its hard to be patient and play on lower limits).
HOpe he will !
 LaBaiz05/01/2010 20:06:18 GMT
I just think that Isildur1 shouldn't be playing at FTP high stakes tables, because of the injustice he received there after being cheated on. But looks like to me too that he has an addiction.
 SuperNoob06/01/2010 01:57:12 GMT
think he's just playing at fulltilt to have some fun after losing at some other site. he surely won't care about 400$, and it will take a lot of time for him to rebuild from 5/10
 leroi2106/01/2010 22:26:01 GMT
i agree he wanted to have some fun 400$ is nothing if you compare it of the million he lose in 2009
 xxxbchxxx07/01/2010 13:30:37 GMT
5 / 10 must be a shit box for him... i rekkon he does not get the same buzz at the lower limits so try's to make up for crap hands by betting silly.
Still i dont think it will be long before he either gives up or raises the stakes again.
Still good luck to him.

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