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High Stakes: Gus Hansen scores 7-figure profit in Macau

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Posted on 17 January 2012 by "T".

Some time ago we wrote that Gus Hansen was on his way to Macau to check out the insane high stakes games. According to what Gus Hansen wrote in his blog then, he wasn't sure whether or not he would take part in the biggest games. 

Now we can confirm that Hansen joined the action in Macau last week and played against Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Andrew Robl, and several Asian businessmen at stakes of HKD$10,000/HKD$20,000 (USD1,287/2,574). According to an Asian poker site, Gus Hansen has crushed the games and he's up about $4 million already.

Gus Hansen writes in his latest blog post that the action in Macau never seems to stop and he's finding it hard to keep up with the other high rollers who can play multiple 24-hour sessions.

"Maybe I am just getting older but I never thought I would see an entire group outlasting me at the poker table? These guys have stamina like marathon runners - Session after session they keep on going and although I tried to hang with them for a while, I was so tired in the end I had to throw in the towel, give up and go to bed."

Only good things to say about Macau
"As far as the whole playing experience here in Macau I have only positive things to say - The game is very well organized by Poker King Club manager Mr. Winfred Yu and played in an extremely pleasant environment with good service for all the players. On top of that all the players have an unprecedented good attitude towards the game - the game is played in a good spirited way with a lot of laughs and giggles - and a respectful demeanor towards each other and the staff and dealers! I actually think a lot of poker pro's out there could learn a lot on how to behave at the poker table from watching this game!"


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7 comments on "High Stakes: Gus Hansen scores 7-figure profit in Macau"

 Fakiry17/01/2012 11:40:09 GMT
Chinese are always Chinese. They are used to work a lot, hard, and not with very good conditions so, giving them the possibility to play a game they also like (we just have to look at the number of casinos in Macau to make an idea of how much they like to play), they can be doing that much more time than they pass working. But looks like Gus didn’t had to spend that much time at the tables to win big. He is filling his pockets a lot. Will this winnings count for the biggest wins rank?
 pochui17/01/2012 13:54:53 GMT
i just wonder does gus really means what he says- would like to see the face of a guy who is losing million after million- not very likely to see a smile on his face imho. as far as the rich businessmen goes- probably they are richer than just rich- so million here, million there- they do not care that much...
 Macubaas17/01/2012 15:17:31 GMT
Big congratulations to the great dane, he should have gone there early instead of playing live in Las Vegas...

Now i think he will move there Big Smile
 SuperNoob17/01/2012 16:32:07 GMT
the rich chinese businessmen he's playing with are known to be big gamblers and with his skill level it was just a matter of time, he won big. lets see if there are more interesting stories coming from macau
 hulkborges19/01/2012 07:05:43 GMT
will be accompanied by the way, playing against very good opponents and beautiful women around, boring life that Gus Hansen, who has not?
 Macubaas19/01/2012 15:36:30 GMT
If i remember some pros actually was on minusafter some high stakes cash games, i think Tom Dwan was one of them..

But again, couple of session later they were on massive profits Big Smile
 kwasac15/02/2012 04:04:46 GMT
These guys living the dream, gambling=satisfaction=money=beautiful hostesses=pleasure=heaven... Big Smile

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