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Theo Jorgensen Talks About The Home Invasion

Tags: denmark, home invasion, pokerstars, pokerstars pro, robbers, theo jorgensen
Posted on 04 December 2012 by "T".

On Sunday, the Danish Team PokerStars Pro The Jorgensen was shot three times in the leg by robbers who forced their way into his house in Greve, Denmark and demanded money. Jorgensen's wife, who had to watch helplessly as her husband was shot multiple times, called the police, who searched the house and the neighbourhood with dogs, but no one has been arrested yet.

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BREAKING NEWS: PokerStars Pro Shot During Home Invasion!

Tags: denmark, home invasion, pokerstars, pokerstars pro, robbers, theo jorgensen
Posted on 03 December 2012 by "T".

Denmark's biggest poker star Theo Jorgensen was last night shot in the legs by three masked men who forced their way into his home in Greve. reports that he's hospitalised but not in danger of his life after the bloody drama that occured in his family home in front of his wife.

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EPT Berlin robbery: All suspects in custody

Tags: ept berlin, germany, poker, police, robbers, robbery
Posted on 23 March 2010 by "T".

During last weekend the German police arrested the 2 last remaining suspects for the EPT Berlin robbery, Mustafa Ucarkus and Jihad Chetwie. 20-year-old Mustafa Ucarkus was arrested at Tegel airport after his lawyer gave authorities a tip on where he was.

Jihad Chetwie, the final suspect in the March 7th heist at EPT Berlin, turned himself in at Tegel airport after flying in from Beirut, Lebanon. It seems like he was afraid of getting caught in Lebanon and therefore decided to return to Germany and most probably German prison.

There are very few details regarding the money from the robbery. But its probably just a matter of weeks before we get to know the full story behind the EPT Berlin robbery.



Casino in Malta robbed

Tags: Casino di Venezia, malta, poker, robbers, speedboat
Posted on 04 February 2010 by "K".

Casino di Venezia in Malta was yesterday robbed by 5 armed men who demanded cash from the casino workers. The 5 robbers got away with around €100,000 (probably much more) and then escaped on a speedboat. After that the police heard about the robbery, they rushed to casino with cars, boats and helicopters looking for the robbers speedboat. However, the only thing they have found so far is a car in the sea, which they believe was used by the 5 robbers.

The Swedish Championship of poker is supposed to be played at Casino di Venezia in April this year. Let's hope that this wont effect the tournament and that they will find the 5 robbers as soon as possible.



Robbery didn't pay off

Tags: Daytona Beach Kennel Club, poker, robbers, robbery
Posted on 26 October 2009 by "T".

An 18 year old and a 19 year old decided to rob a poker player after that they seen him winning lots of money from playing poker at Daytona Beach Kennel Club Casino. They waited until the poker player had left the casino, then they followed his car all the way to his house a few miles away. They went in to the poker player's house and threatened him with a knife so he would give them the money he had won. Unfortunately for them, and luckily for the poker player was that he only had $10 on him because he had forgotten his wallet in the car. The 2 robbers that thought they would make some good money, only got away with $10.

The search for the 2 robbers
The police were for a long time looking for the 2 robbers without any results. But in September the police finally got some information from an anonymous person that helped them arresting the 2 robbers. Both of them are now facing huge fines and also some time in prison. This is a great example of that crime doesn't pay off in the long run.

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